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Resident Evil Title To Be Revealed at Spike VGAs?

Through a little detective work Gamerzines looks to have uncovered a game waiting to be revealed at Spike’s VGAs next month. Somehow they noticed a similarity between the zombies shown in the teaser for the awards and the undead silhouettes on one of Capcom’s Resident Evil t-shirts.

Is it true? We won’t know for a few weeks but unless there’s a shortage of zombie silhouettes on the Internet the evidence is pretty solid. Check out exactly what they found and what game could be waiting to be unveiled, after the jump. It’s more than likely that this Resident Evil title, assuming there is one to be shown, is that multiplayer game in development by SOCOM developer Slant Six we reported on earlier this month that may or may not be the Outbreak game we’ve all been waiting for.

It’s either that or Resident Evil 6, right? Capcom’s said they’ll be churning out more games in their biggest franchises and that the wait for the sixth installment in their non-zombie slaying series wouldn’t require as much patience as Resident Evil 5 did. Those were the longest years of my life, waiting for RE5. But I managed to pulled through.

So here’s that proof I was talking about; the first image is the frame from the VGA teaser and the second is the image found on one of Capcom’s Resident Evil shirts. I suggest you focus your keen eye on the zombie silhouettes.

Do the arrows help? I think so.

Do you see it? I knew you would, so what do you think? Could a Resident Evil title be waiting to be revealed or is this all a bunch of rumor mongering? Whatever it ends up being, this and Guillermo Del Toro’s Lovecraftian project are getting me pretty damn amped for the VGAs.

Wait, did I really just say that?



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