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[NSFW] Society 1 Releases A Seriously Controversial Video For ‘Kill Me’


Society 1 has never really seen a point in steering away from controversy and their latest video for Kill Me proves that. Featuring singer Lord Zane as both Jesus AND Hitler, the video is a chaotic, frenzied montage of blood, breasts, swastikas, and sadomasochistic violence. In an interview with The Guantlet, Zane explains that his demise from crucifixion, auto-erotic asphyxiation, and blood-letting during an orgy are relevant to the theme of the song. As for his portrayal of Hitler? Apparently it’s a nod to an inside joke between him and several of his friends.
Check out the NSFW video below.

Okay, so here’s my issue with this video: I don’t care about the crucifixion. That isn’t necessarily something one can connect specifically with Jesus Christ. Countless people were crucified over time. All Jesus did was just make it really popular. 
I don’t care about the auto-erotic asphyxiation. Yes, David Carradine died that way. However, it’s part of a lifestyle that people embrace and, if they are safe about it and well informed, know how to control.
I don’t care about the blood-letting during an orgy. Blood play is a known fetish, so…whatever. Don’t be an idiot, get plenty of fluids in your body, and know your physical anatomy well enough to avoid hitting anything major. 
But Hitler? Really??? What was the point of portraying him in the video aside from causing controversy? Zane himself said that it was a representation of his bad karma over the past several years (source) but that doesn’t explain the need to portray him. Even if there is some greater message that I’m apparently not getting, why not change the swastika a little bit, change the appearance a tad (a full moustache wouldn’t make the image suddenly indecipherable), and there ya go! You’ve got the tyrannical dictator down pat and people can make their own associations. Trust that your audience can figure things out. People aren’t as dumb as the Internet makes them out to be. Quite the opposite actually.
Using Hitler to incite controversy and attract attention is a shallow move. Putting a bit of thought and effort into creating something that people have to think about is far more effective than shoving the obvious in their faces. 
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