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[OMFG] Traumatic Anal Devastation Hits Newt Gingrich Rally

Last Thursday, Newt Gingrich was holding a rally in Las Vegas to garner support for his presidential bid. Well, local grindcore band Traumatic Anal Devastation didn’t take too kindly to that idea and showed up to the rally, plugged in, and were able to get off about five minutes of song time before the police showed up and shut them down. According to Gingrich staffer Terry Foley, it was like, “…the sound of a tank driving through a minefield.” Meanwhile, band vocalist Chip “Gravelthroat” Corbin stated that the band did this as a statement regarding their agenda for equal rights, animal rights, and support of anti-war movements across the world.

No matter what, I can’t stop laughing at the band name. Absolutely ridiculous. Check out some more information here.



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