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HUGE Crazies News! Full Preview As Top Cow Announces 4 Issue Comic Prequel Plus Motion Comic Plans!

There’s just something about Overture films upcoming remake of George A Romero’s grossly over looked “THE CRAZIES” that has me expecting great things. Maybe its the gigantic marketing campaign, or the fact that Timothy Olyphant has very rarely been a let down in even the worst of roles, but whatever the case the aggressive marketing just took a huge leap forward. Inside you’ll find the full details on Top Cows’ huge plans to release a 4 part prequal comic starting as soon as this Wednesday! “The Crazies tells the story of a sheriff whose small town of Ogden Marsh is infected with an unknown toxin, turning the residents sadistically violent. The sheriff and a small band of friends and family, including his pregnant wife, must somehow find a way to avoid the bloodthirsty masses while escaping from the town.”

John Geddes of the USA Today writes,

“The four comic books, produced by Top Cow Productions and American Original Press, will come out in two-issue installments on Feb. 17 and 24. Written by industry rising stars Ivan Brandon, Josh Fialkov, Brian Reed and Marc Andreyko, the comic book tie-ins present deeper preludes to some of the events depicted in the film.”

In addition to the actual movie, there will also be four comic books, digital motion comics, a Facebook game application, an e-mail game and an iPhone application based on the film. Here’s what USA Today is reporting,

The digital-motion comic version of The Crazies , co-produced by Starz Digital Media, will be available on Feb. 23 through iTunes, Playstation Store and Amazon Video On-Demand Store.

In addition to digital and traditional comics, the movie has also tapped into social networking and mobile devices to spread its campaign of horror and hype. A free Facebook application is available called The Crazies Tower Defense . Produced by Starz Digital Media and Merscom, the game’s goal is for players to put up defenses around Ogden Marsh to prevent attacks from the infected citizens.

The iPhone application, Beware the Infected , allows users to “crazify” their own photo portraits and insert those altered images into “wanted” posters. There is also an interactive game called Battlemail which allows users to become one of the infected characters from the movie and challenge their friends to a battle via e-mail or Facebook.”

Here’s a first look at the mini-series coming from Top Cow over the next few weeks…


“The exclusive four-issue prequel to the upcoming blockbuster horror film THE CRAZIES from Overture Films begins here. Meet Rory Hamill, aka ‘Patient Zero’, the first victim of a pathogenic rage that will change the world as we know it. Something is wrong.”



“The raging pathogen continues its vicious course of destruction as its origin is slowly unveiled. Bill Farnum, a mild mannered husband and father battles a slow descent into rabid craziness. What chance does an average family man stand when the monster inside is revealed?”



“Water and terror flow downstream to the banks of Black Pond and the spookiness of the town morgue. Charlie Finley, proprietor of said establishment, is a good and decent man – until confronted with the limitless rage of a biological pathogen.”



“It all comes down to this, the fourth and final issue in this exclusive prequel to the Overture Films release THE CRAZIES. Terror and destruction has finally come downstream to the small town of Ogden Marsh and panic is spreading faster than the pathogen.”


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