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The ‘Hatchet’ Franchise Will Continue With Comic Book Series

Red ink. So much red ink.

Many fans, including myself, have been wondering if we’ll ever again see Adam Green-created monster Victor Crowley slash up the big screen, and though we don’t come bearing news of that sort today, we are very excited to announce that the Hatchet franchise is very much alive and well. Just announced on the Movie Crypt Podcast, a comic book series is soon on the way!

Green revealed the details over on Instagram (@Adam_fn_Green):

Victor Crowley is coming to comics next year! Just in time for HATCHET’s 10 year anniversary, ArieScope and American Mythology have partnered to bring you a SERIES of comics based on the slasher film franchise. That’s a whole lot of new Victor Crowley stories and probably ALL of the red ink the printers can get their hands on. More details and a sneak peek at some of the artwork coming wicked soon!

Yes, you heard right. Brand new Victor Crowley stories!

Fans of the Hatchet franchise may remember that Crowley crossed over with Hack/Slash for the mash-up comic book Hatchet/Slash, which saw the bayou monster do battle with Cassie Hack. The one-off issue, released in 2011, is to date Crowley’s only foray into the world of comic books.

We’ve missed you Victor. We’re glad to have you back.

SCENE 58 / EXT HONEY ISLAND SWAMP - CROWLEY HOUSE: Crowley kills Winslow and Amanda, finale. / Photo: Skip Bolen



  • Lord Elric


    But still want another movie…

  • Flu-Like Symptoms

    The Hatchet films are slash FUN. Perfect popcorn flicks on a lazy day. Would love to see a new one as well.

    • Saturn

      Indeed, I’d like to see a Hatchet/Lesley Vernon cross-over at some point too, seeing as both characters exist in the same universe.

  • jj wright

    Where is out Hatchet Porn Parody?

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