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Original Dark Horse ‘Predator’ Comics Getting Hardcover Collection

Celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of Predator with this collection of original comic book sequels to the film.

In celebration of Predator‘s big anniversary, Dark Horse is releasing three now-classic tales in one oversized, deluxe hardcover volume that collects together ’80s/’90s mini-series’ Predator: Concrete JunglePredator: Cold War and Predator: Dark River!

Before Predator 2 was ever conceived as a film, writer Mark Verheiden and artist Chris Warner created an acclaimed comic-book sequel to Predator, Predator: Concrete Jungle, which took the alien trophy hunters from the jungles of Central America to the concrete jungle of New York City – where they face Dutch Schaefer’s big brother, an NYPD detective.

Also included in this volume are Verheiden’s two subsequent Predator stories – Cold War, which finds the Predators crash-landed in Siberia, and Dark River, in which the hero of Concrete Jungle traces the path of his younger brother to find out what really happened to him after the events in the movie Predator.

Each series spanned four total issues apiece.

Predator: The Original Comics Series will be available on June 27th.




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