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‘The Cabin in the Woods’ Director Joins Fox’s ‘X-FORCE’!

If it weren’t cool enough that Fox gave us an R-rated Deadpool as well as the forthcoming horror-themed New Mutants, the studio is now spinning the universe off into the hotly anticipated X-Force. Not only that, but Deadline is reporting that it will be directed by Cabin in the WoodsDrew Goddard (who also wrote Cloverfield and World War Z)!

The X-Men spinoff film revolves around Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) and Cable (Josh Brolin) leading a Black Ops force of down and dirty mutant warriors who are far more ruthless than their X-Men counterparts.

The Fault in Our Stars helmer Josh Boone has completed the spinoff X-Men: New Mutants for release April 13, 2018. David Leitch wrapped Deadpool 2 for June 1, 2018, and the Kinberg-directed X-Men: Dark Phoenix gets released November 2, 2018.

If Logan is any indication of what’s going on over at Fox we’re in for one helluva 2018!

Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) reacts to Colossus’ (voiced by Stefan Kapicic) threats.



  • Daniel Anderson

    I understand it might be tiring to play the same character over and over again for an actor. But given Logan and the wolverine we’ve seen on a few occasions, I really hope Hugh Jackman changes his mind. I want to see the anger and ruthlessness in wolverine without the lack of his regeneration and being so tired. It sounds like he’s seriously considering coming back at least once more for a deadpool teamup/fight. IMO wolverine wasn’t really done justice except for the 2 instances I saw in X-Men 2 and Logan.

    • Jay Bennett

      I’d be down with a wolverine/deadpool team up, but Logan was a fantastic final chapter for his era with the claws, it would be a shame to kinda ruin the full stop that movie created by bringing him back.

      • Daniel Anderson

        Granted, that was in the future. Now I’m no comic guru, but as it was explained to me.

        ***SPOILER ALERT****

        Logans ailment and ultimate conclusion was set in an alternate timeline in the comics. So it wasn’t necessarily something that was in the base chronology but in a separate thing, but they loved the idea as Hugh Jackman was ready to hang up the blades.

        There were more recent interviews where Hugh Jackman said he’d do it again for the fans, but it’d have to make sense. If anyone could talk him into it, I’d assume it’d be Reynolds considering he’s about the fans as well…at least at face value.

  • Drew Goddard was also involved on Daredevil (Netflix) and the cancelled Sinister Six film, so he’s no stranger to these adaptations.

  • zombie84_41

    Will this be R too

    • I hope so, the more the merrier

      • zombie84_41

        I feel the R superhero flicks are better.

        • Hell yeah! Most of the others have gotten pretty derivative at this point. GotG is an exception for me lol

          • zombie84_41

            I love GOTG cus its different and feels like it belongs in the 80s. Capt America and Thor I can watch too. But I’m sick of spiderman’s, iron man’s. I’m hoping the new avengers movie kills off most of these super heros.

  • Runciter

    I’ve loved the guy since he was a writer on Lost, he makes cool shit.

  • Lady Bathory

    A group of morally questionable mutants? Sounds fun. If only Deadpool wasn’t involved. I just dislike that character a lot and his film was unwatchable (to me at least).
    Logan on the other hand is a masterpiece! I actually teared up a bit at the end. I would’ve never thought that could happen with an X-men film, especially since I used to find Wolverine kinda silly.
    An 80s horror themed New Mutants and an R rated X Force (especially the director involved) both sound great!

  • HeWaTcHeSnOeYeS

    Take out Deadpool and you have a promising movie.

    • Blood Boil


    • Saltoner

      Yeah. X-Force certainly doesn’t need him and I feel he’ll be more of a distraction than anything else.

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