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Nacho Vigalondo is Making the Coolest Time Travel Thriller

Nacho Vigalondo, who broke into the mainstream with the excellent Anne Hathaway monster movie Colossol, is time traveling with the creator of “The Walking Dead”.

Vigalondo, who also directed one of our VHS: Viral segments and the awesome Timecrimes, is teaming with Robert Kirkman to adapt the Image comic book “The Comeback”, says THR.

The comic, written by Ed Brisson, tells of two men, Seth and Mark, who are agents of Reconnect, a company that, for a hefty fee, will rescue a loved one just before they die by going back in time. It’s also an illegal venture that has come under the scrutiny of the FBI. When one mission goes south and Seth meets a future version of himself, the men find themselves on the run from both the FBI and their employers, who want to protect their dark secrets.

Sony Pictures has the rights to the time travel thriller package that will see Vigalondo write and direct the project that Kirkman will produce via his Skybound Entertainment banner.

Vigalondo’s creative partner, Nahikari Ipiña, will also produce as will Kirkman’s Skybound cohorts David Alpert, and Sean and Bryan Furst.



  • zombie84_41

    He broke onto the scene with Timecrimes.

    • sailor monsoon

      Timecrimes is not mainstream

      • zombie84_41

        neither are his other movies lol

        • sailor monsoon

          Very true

          • zombie84_41

            But even though they aren’t hit’s they are damn well entertaining. And that to me is a good director. Timecrimes needs another watch for me though first time I saw it wasn’t to much into it.

          • sailor monsoon

            I think he’s a fascinating director that’s never quite lived up to the greatness of timecrimes

          • zombie84_41

            I loved collosal alot though it was very different and had a really good meaning too.

          • sailor monsoon

            I liked parts of it

          • zombie84_41

            it was just very weird.

  • Black⚡Cat

    Timecrimes was Amazing!, with a few dollars and a solid line you can do a awesome movie.

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