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Awesome New Comic Book App Aims to Target Hot and Collectible Issues

Hardcore comic book collectors need to download the excellent new FREE app, Key Collector Comics (available on iTunes and Google Play), which helps collectors quickly identify which books are valuable without the clutter of non-valuable issues!

Key Collector Comics is a comprehensive database and price guide of ONLY key issue comics: 1st appearances, iconic cover art, origin stories, character deaths, artist and writer debuts, costume redesigns, World War II cover art and many other categories of comics from the Golden Age to today.

In addition, Key Collector also offers price guidance* for each of the 7,000+ comics that comprise the database.

You can read more at the official website or download the app at the above links.

*The proprietary, copyrighted database was a two-year effort of intensive research with each entry manually entered with meticulous care. The pricing values associated with each comic are averaged over a 6-month timeframe of auction sales.



  • But doing your own research and hunting them down is part of the fun.

    • Nick Coglianese

      You can use the app as research…and of course, still hunt them down

      • What I meant is that the app tells you which ones are worth hunting down. To me, deciding which older comics and storylines I want to collect and then tracking each issue of those storylines down is part of the fun. And then it makes it more satisfying when you finally have the entire story arc, and can sit down to read it (especially if it was never collected in graphic novel form). Just my opinion from my own experiences, though. In all fairness, this app might give new readers a place to start in the sea of comic book lore.

        • Nick Coglianese

          i could not have said it better myself! Seriously…I might actually quote that last line as my own. Haha. Hope you’re okay with that. And yes I can see your point in discovering and hunting down arcs you’re interested in. There ain’t no wrong way to do it. Thanks again man

  • Gray Michael

    This is a cool app. Funny that most of the comics I loved as a kid and held on to have no value or at least there not “key” issues.

    • Nick Coglianese

      Thanks Gray. I know, its a bummer when you look through the collection and realize nothing has the value you thought it did. But that’s when you can consolidate your collection and add comics you find that are inexpensive speculative issues or find a gem in a $1.00 box. Check out the picture. I found the recalled copy of Action Comics #869 where Clark Kent is drinking a beer in a dollar bin at a comic store. Put that on the “want list” – have fun! Nick

  • bigval

    Are we going to see any reviews on BD of those horror comics Eibon Press put out of old horror movies? The artwork is beyond awesome. Being in another country I just wish they were available on comixology.

  • jurgmandr

    Hah I doubt any of my comics are worth anything… Unless there’s a market for the Predator vs Terminator/Superman/Batman/Tarzan or Punisher and AVP comics.

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