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Warner Bros. Still Planning ‘Justice League Dark’ Adaptation

Even though Warner Bros. and DC’s Justice League has topped $600M worldwide, it’s still only halfway to recoup. The film’s release is an absolute disaster, one that was completely avoidable. After the disappointing release of Batman V. Superman, as well as the poor critical response, we’re told the studio soured on Zack Snyder and had discussed shutting down the project just a week before filming was to kick off. Shareholder pressure pushed the film into production and Snyder was removed not too long after.

While Snyder was the biggest behind-the-scenes issue, the studio rushing their “universe” (in order to compete with Marvel) is what put them in this precarious position. Warner Bros. and DC have been moving so quickly that James Wan‘s Aquaman is already in post-production, while the studio attempts to figure out if they’re moving on without Ben Affleck as Batman (he’s 100% not directing or starring in the next standalone film, our sources tell us). The success of Wonder Woman has made it even harder to construct a new future because now they have an established franchise that’s begging for sequels. What do they do?

Since they can’t start from scratch, the best option is to both focus on adapting strong comic arcs (Flashpoint being one of them) and to make sure they’re truly, honestly director-driven.

Here’s the focus of the next wave of DC films:

  • Wonder Woman II
  • Aquaman
  • Flashpoint
  • Justice League Dark
  • Suicide Squad 2
  • Shazam
  • Batgirl
  • Green Lantern Corps
  • The Batman

Wonder Woman has become their tentpole franchise; Wan’s Aquaman is done filming and the next to be released; Shazam! is to be directed by Lights Out and Annabelle: Creation‘s David F. Sandberg (I hear the script is incredible); and then there’s the long-gestured Justice League Dark.

There’s a bit of weird irony in this story because of Guillermo del Toro. You see, Warners and DC really need to make these films director-driven, so it’s hysterical that del Toro is no longer attached to Justice League Dark. It’s even funnier when you take into account that he’s looking at potential Oscars for his The Shape of Water, which is making waves among the top critics. Del toro is exactly what the studio needed, but instead focused on Snyder’s obtuse and flatlining vision.

The irony is that this isn’t the second time this has happened to del Toro, who was developing The Creature From the Black Lagoon for years before Universal Pictures decided to take that “universe” in a different direction. Now, they’re going back to director-driven films and bailing on their universe, all the while del Toro’s Creature-inspired Shape fo Water wins awards. WILL THEY EVER LEARN?

I’m a huge comic fan (there’s no DC vs. Marvel in my house), and I feel burned by all these wasted years. I’m praying that Warners and DC have learned their lesson and can right this ship that’s so close to sinking. The aforementioned list suggests they’re heading in the right direction. If anything, they need to get over Batman and Superman and let both franchises breathe a bit before rushing more of those into production.

As for Justice League Dark, it needs the right director and del Toro was it. Hopefully, there’s someone else exciting to take the reigns (they had been discussing with IT director Andy Muschietti), but it’s nice to know that they’re still focused on getting their own R-rated franchise off the ground. We deserve to see Swap-Thing done right.



  • Morgan King

    Hopefully is still ends up scrapped – Swamp Thing deserves an R-rated, mostly-Horror non-DCEU film, probably based on Alan Moore’s brilliant ‘The Anatomy Lesson.’

    • They can still go back and make a standalone Swamp Thing film, especially since Warner Brothers is now developing a line of non-DCEU director driven R-Rated films based on DC Comics (such as the upcoming Joker film). Really, Justice League Dark has too much potential for them to just ditch it.

      • Morgan King

        I mean , the DCEU couldn’t handle a team-up movie with established characters, I can’t really imagine there’s much chance of these guys getting the treatment they deserve – it’s just going to be Suicide Squad all over again. I just don’t see any potential here.

        • Good point, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be in the DCEU. The future of that universe is questionable, which is probably why they announced a line of auteur-centred standalone films. Though, admittedly, the fact that this film has gone through so many directors (including Del Toro and Andy Muschietti) is a major red flag.

    • SillyPeddy

      I’m sure he will be used much like Groot was in the 1st GOTG. Of course he will have more lines tho. They could easily make a low budget R JLD movie like Deadpool

    • Jarle Solbakken Fremstad

      The upcoming Venom and Spawn movies could maybe help with this, depending on how they do financially of course. Venom will no doubt rake in more cash than Spawn though and I’m unsure of how horror-like Venom will turn out so maybe I’m just spouting shit but I still see it as a possible scenario. Unlikely but possible.

  • This film has been confirmed to still be in development. That’s nothing new. Hopefully they still do it (ahem) justice, even though they lost Guillermo Del Toro, Andy Muschietti, and Doug Liman as directors. Seeing Swamp Thing, John Constantine, Zatanna, Etrigan, ETC, all on the big screen together is a big deal.

  • Christopher Nickerson

    Yo editors can you at least redo the article and spell Swamp Thing right (it is Swap Thing in the article)

    • And why did they use a gif of the Swamp Thing movie from the 1980s? That movie wasn’t exactly accurate when comes to the character.

      • Christopher Nickerson

        I think that was the TV show

        • It’s hard to tell them apart. Either way, we have yet to see a proper Swamp Thing in live action form.

          • Christopher Nickerson

            TV show and 2nd movie were more campy, I can’t see Swamp Thing looking right at the camera and giving a thumbs up in the first movie

          • I’ll need to revisit them. It’s been a few years.

          • Christopher Nickerson

            There was the original movie, directed by Wes Craven that was serious. They then did a made for TV sequel for USA which was also a pilot for the live action series (same actor played Swamp Thing in all 3). You are correct that there was also a cartoon, but I never watched it

          • Yeah, I’ve seen the two films and bits of the cartoon, but it’s been years. I’m going to have to revisit the films.

          • Jarle Solbakken Fremstad

            I watched the animated show a great deal when I was a youngster and remember it fondly. Tried watching it more recently and felt it was kind of awkward how enviromentally preachy it was. I mean, I get it though, it IS Swamp Thing so it’s a fitting place for it but maaaybe they could’ve been just a teensy bit subtle about it? Hahah.

    • DukeStKing

      Good eye!

  • Dead2009

    Justice League’s release was a disaster because let’s be honest, nobody wanted the film to succeed to begin with. Also, I thought Snyder left the movie because of a death in the family? So which is it? Either he was forced out or someone died?

    • LOL. We’re in the middle of a comic book movie renaissance and Justice League is the first film to feature all of the major DC superheroes on the big screen. A LOT of people wanted it to succeed… It just wasn’t good. And Zack Snyder did leave the movie because his daughter died. The film was already mostly finished, and Joss Whedon finished it. Did you honestly expect them to drop a near-completed major release just because the director had an emergency?

      If you are going to make big claims, at least know what you’re talking about.

      • Simon Allen

        it’s the same with his statement about projected losses …….just NO basis in fact at all .

  • RedNeoCon

    It can’t be that hard to do a Justice League Dark movie.

    FFS, everything they do doesn’t have to be on such a massive scale.

    • Iosh Evens

      Tune in next week when THE WORLD IS ENDING…again


    I actually liked Justice League but Inhve to admit there were so many issues. The graphics and script were just all wrong. Why are they messing this up so Badly? The smart thing to do is make a really good Batman movie.

  • Nahuel Benvenuto

    DC did not rushed their universe, the problem was that wb mutilated the footage of the movies making them terrible, also, no Del Toro, no party

    • Chance LeBoeuf

      They DID fucking rush. Like, in what world do you look at all this and say with a straight face they weren’t just eager to have what Marvel was already balls deep in after taking years to build up? Also, even without studio interference, movies like Batman v. Superman were always going to be the abysmal dumpster fires they are because people behind it were always unfit for these things. They’re shit film makers who made fundamentally shitty films no matter how you dice it.

      • Evan3

        It seems like you are making good points, but I just don’t trust anyone with the last name LeBoueuf…

        • Jarle Solbakken Fremstad

          Could a Norwegian name help?

          They DID fucking rush. Like, in what world do you look at all this and say with a straight face they weren’t just eager to have what Marvel was already balls deep in after taking years to build up? Also, even without studio interference, movies like Batman v. Superman were always going to be the abysmal dumpster fires they are because people behind it were always unfit for these things. They’re shit film makers who made fundamentally shitty films no matter how you dice it.

  • Chance LeBoeuf

    They just need to stop kidding themselves. Most of the movies they had planned are just not going to happen.

  • Evan3

    I have always thought the hatred of Snyder was a bit overblown. He’s proven he can do damned good work with the right script. But in this case, shlock-meister David Goyer was in charge of most of the films and it shows!

    • Iosh Evens

      I’ve only seen his Dawn of the Dead remake, 300, Superman, BvS and Watchmen. Personally I thought they all sucked except the Dawn remake. I don’t know man, I think Snyder’s a one trick pony personally. To each their own though.

      • Evan3

        I’m not saying he’s a visionary, but he has some nice visuals and when the story’s good, he can execute it. FUnny enough, I thought all of his DC work looked like crap, which is the most disappointing thing.

    • Simon Allen

      I think visually he can be great but when it comes to characters and storylines ….forget it .

  • Joshua

    Suicide Squad 2, Shazam, Batgirl, and Green Lantern Corps should be axed. Those sound like complete box office bombs.

    • Iosh Evens

      I think they’ll be in development hell until Aquaman under-performs. Then they’ll be axed.

    • Only because they’re set in the DCEU.

  • Simon Allen

    OK …..I’m not sure where to start …
    Firstly Justice League is projected to lose maybe $100m max which is nowhere near the massive loss that is falsely projected above .
    I’m so sick of reading that the movie is a TOTAL disaster .
    Yes it didn’t do nearly as well as WB hoped but is that any wonder with all of the fuckery that went on behind the scenes but it is still the 10th biggest earner of the year .
    Speaking as someone who is not a big DC or MARVEL fanboy but just as somebody who enjoys a good Superhero movie in general (like a lot of the cinema going public) …..
    Yes you could tell there was a bigger better movie in there somewhere BUT for 2 hours I was thoroughly entertained and seeing it in IMAX 3D it also didn’t look terrible and by the time it ended I wanted to see more of all of the new guys .
    The bunch of friends I went with also enjoyed it a great deal and so have a hell of a lot of other people I know and the general opinion is that is was really unfairly lambasted .
    I realise I’m probably going to get attacked from all directions for this but I’m so damn sick of the total negativity being reported about this movie that I wanted to provide a different vantage point ……there ARE positive reviews of this movie out there and they pretty much seem to think the same as me and my friends .

    • I agree that it wasn’t a complete disaster. But it wasn’t really good, either. It was only entertaining, which is very disappointing considering this is the first time the heroes appeared on one screen in live action. But yeah, people are exaggerating how bad it is (and the box office), as they always do when there’s a superhero film that doesn’t meet expectations.

      I do think that @Dead2009’s statement about people “wanting it to fail” was laughably misinformed. We’re currently in the Golden Age of comic book movies and these characters appearing together on the big screen for first time is a big deal (and something that we’re never getting back). The vast majority of the public didn’t “want” it to fail; WB just needs to clean their act. Wonder Woman is their only film that isn’t divisive, and they already botched Batman and Superman’s first encounter in a live action film (which also should have been a big deal).

      • Simon Allen

        I think it was more like the critics and press wanting it to fail ….it was called a bomb and a mess in the media before anyone had ever seen it .
        I think one of the main reasons Wonder Woman got such amazing reviews and they didn’t lay into it (because it did have a few faults) was because it was directed by a woman and in Hollywood this year it appears to be “Year of the Woman ” just like last year was “Year of Diversity ” .
        A hell of a lot of people paid (and still are ) paying to see Justice League …….It’s no The Mummy or Geostorm or even Blade Runner 2049 which people just didn’t go and see .
        The bottom line is it just didn’t make what the studio hoped it would and the fault lies with WB .

    • Evan3

      This was pretty much a complete disaster. It didn’t capitalize on the Wonder Woman good will. It isn’t going to break $700 Mil globally (it’s performance essentially is mirroring that of “A-lister” Dr. Strange). It didn’t generate a single character to get psyched about going forward. And DC doesn’t still have a clue.

      It may be unfairly maligned, but I don’t see any way that this wasn’t a critical and commercial disaster.

      • Simon Allen

        If ya say so . 🙂

        • Evan3

          I do!

  • Iosh Evens

    I’m so tired of DC, except Wonder Woman. More WW please!

  • Bloody-Disgusting Readers deserve to see “Swamp Thing” spelled right!

    • Baron Tentecula

      This is not entirely a reply to this specific post but I have noticed much intolerance for simple grammar and spelling mistakes. Much of which is due to someones like or dislike of a particular post or poster. Unless of coarse your truly concerned about to state of the education system and feel it’s your duty to help out. In that case I’m wrong, go about your philanthropic mission.

      • Baron Tentecula

        see … I meant to say the state of the education system, I’m a jackass.

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