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WIN a Copy of Unrated ‘Shutter’ on DVD

Arriving on July 15th from Fox Home Entertainment is their remake of Shutter (review), which hit retailers on both Blu-ray and unrated DVD editions. This week we were provided with five copies of the DVD for you guys to enter to win, read on to see how to enter!
Based on a 2004 Thai horror flick, this surprisingly effective Hollywood remake is actually set in Tokyo. That’s where newlywed hubby Joshua Jackson has taken bride Rachael Taylor (Transformers) for an ill-advised honeymoon. They hit a woman standing in the middle of a spooky road, after which all sorts of ghosts seem to emerge from Jackson’s camera (he’s come to Japan for a fashion-photography gig). Can our plucky heroine, a fish out of water in a confusing city, find the answer to this haunted puzzle? Well, yes, but she won’t like what she finds. Shutter is distinguished by director Mayasuki Ochiai’s compositional eye, which favors the empty, creeped-out spaces in which ghosts might dwell. The movie also gets into the phenomenon of “spirit photography,” which suggests that the dear departed make their presence known as white flashes in snapshots. That stuff’s kind of fun; unfortunately, Ochiai’s ear for dialogue is as clunky as his eye is sharp, and Jackson and Taylor are saddled with some truly unfortunate exposition. The actors don’t leave much of an impression either, although Megumi Okina (leading lady of Ju-on: The Grudge) is sufficiently spooky as a woman who will not be ignored.

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To win one of (5) five copies on DVD put SHUTTER in the subject line and then send the following to

-Your full name
-Full address
-What your favorite Asian horror film is
-Why you want this DVD

Winners chosen at random on July 19th



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