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[Contest] Comment to Win One of Four Eye-Popping Horror Movie Prints!

UPDATE: You now have until Thursday, May 29 to enter!

I didn’t want to say anything because I know you’re sensitive about this subject, but your wall is barren, man. It’s not a lost cause, all I’m saying is it would benefit from a little something to spice it up. Oh, you agree? Good, because it just so happens that we have some horror movie prints to give away, and any of them would look fantastic with the color scheme you have going on. There’s a chance one of these babies could elevate your feng shui to an entirely new — and possibly even dangerous — level.

If danger is your middle name and you have room on your wall to spare, you may want to listen up.

We have four fantastic prints to give away inspired by a few horror movie classics, including Pumpkinhead, Scanners, The Thing, and Day of the Dead. They were created by the ridiculously talented Aaron Crawford, an artist who runs the horror art and apparel site Cavity Colors.

For a chance at winning one of these fine prints, I’ll require the following:
1. Comment on this article telling me which print(s) you’d like to take home.
2. Include your Twitter handle so we can contact you, should you win.

The winners will be chosen and notified via Twitter on Thursday, May 29th.

Feel free to check out the gallery below for a better look at what you could potentially win.

You can find more of Crawford’s work over at Cavity Colors, which you can also follow on Facebook.




  • part6productions

    I NEED that Print of The Thing PLEEAAASEE! I deserve it! My twitter account is @Part6production PICK ME PLEASE!

  • jesse flores

    I love the thing print! (Twitter-Jesseflo)

  • Jason Adams

    Scanners! @jamnpp

  • FreeRangeZombie

    Pumpkinhead has always been a favorite of mine. It and the The Thing prints would look fantastic in my place.

    @freerangezombie:disqus awaits your message 🙂

  • Adam Michael

    Pumpkinhead! @GurgleMuppet

  • Shayne

    The Thing @bauer141414

  • MySodaIsPregnant

    The Thing print! My twitter is @goodsirmurdoc

  • Paul Buchholz

    I am all about Dr. Tongue. @paulbuchholz

  • Jay

    Nice Art! The Day of the Dead print is pretty bad ass. @kingjay2000 feel free to Twit away!

  • Jesse Boyer

    I really liked the article you wrote. It is so true; I often stare at the dead space in my new place in Detroit, and wonder if I could ever find anything worthy, until now! I would love to take all four prints and blow them up wall size. I love these classic films, but Scanners and The Thing prints would make great additions to my barren landscape. Escpecially nice to look at when my Mother eventually comes over for dinner! HaHAhahaha….

  • Jesse Boyer


  • Travis Sherman

    I need that Scanners print. It would be the perfect final piece for my torture chamber. @travisdean_

  • rgold

    Scanners!! Its so bad ass!! no twitter. It email is

  • Keith Richardson

    The Thing or Day of the Dead! It would look wonderful on my barren wall! The twitter handle is @savehorror.


  • Pierre Mosbey

    Scanners for sure!! All look great though. @chaseisbest

  • Tough choice, but I’d opt for ‘The Thing.’ @GourmetHorror

  • Marcy Lauren Dice

    I’d love The Thing one, that’s amazing! @Marsbert

  • follower117

    New house, what better than a Scanner print as the first wall decoration! @follower_117

  • Anthony Dixon

    Pumpkin head print I need it soo bad. @acompletefreak

  • travis daniel

    I like the pumpkinhead and day of the dead ones the best! @gnomexchomsky

  • Keven

    I’d go for the Scanners one but they all pretty awesome. @ThisIsTwittaaa

  • Ollie-ver Grace

    The thing poster would be bomb to have on my wall! (: my twitter handle is @inhalingthrillz (:

  • Sara Nicole White

    I love the Pumpkinhead print!! One of my all time favorite movies!! @Snow_White1989

  • Kuuri

    The ‘Day of the Dead’ print is very eye-catching and beautiful in my opinion~! I would love to have that one. @ReiraShizumi

  • Sam

    That print of The Thing is incredible, definitely wouldn’t mind that on my wall @wetmackeral

  • Daniel_Plainview_Milkshake

    I love the Scanners one! @DarthMaximos

  • chipotlazer

    Definitely Scanners for me. @chipotlazer

  • AshFR

    I’d love the Scanners print! @AshFR


    I have a perfect spot for the Scanners print, right next to my Cronenberg movie collection. Yes please! @deexoni

  • Dale Bullard

    i also like the pumpkinhead print its it an awesome movie @dalejr123

  • Derek J. Lang

    The Scanners print is amazing. David Cronenberg would be proud.

  • Dustin Bramlett

    Pumpkinhead or Day of the Dead. @dustinbramlett

  • Deborah Payne

    The Thing… cause really, it IS what is inside that counts! @sanguinaryqueen

  • Brutha Tom

    The Scanners print and The Thing print are amazing. @wc_tom

  • Cameron Joseph Edgin

    The Thing, Pumpkinhead or Day of the Dead @jx3prd

  • Asaki Okamura

    I would love a print of Scanners. @asakiokamura

  • Kane Soto

    @KaneSoto but yo that pumpkinhead print is BOSS i’ve always loved the original (and even the not so loved sequel) i wish there was a decent revive to the series that didnt involve the syfy channel

  • pierides


  • johnny15w

    Day Of The Dead @Noyorker_Anon

  • Jawesome87

    Hard to pick but I’d have to choose The Thing!! @Jawesome_87

  • Ryan Schwartz

    The Thing print kicks ass! @schwartz666

  • Luca Galli

    The Thing Print and I will assure I will wrap my girlfriend into it and share a photo with you all. @Leyart86

  • WinnieDaPoobah

    I’d pick “The Thing” so hard. So very hard. Ugh.
    I f***ing love that movie. In the most sensual way possible.
    You can find this deviant teddy bear @winniedapoobah:disqus but be warned, his obsession with John Carpenter movies runs deep.

  • Alexandrea Ybarra

    Scanners all the way!!! @fuzzy_pookah <3

  • ErikaInstead .

    I love Cavity Colors and have some of his art on my wishlist! @lottie_rot

  • EliteGamingUnlimited

    Scanners @JuggaloGamer90

  • Matthew Schwartz

    Day of the Dead FTW @beebooba

  • SHC

    That Scanners-print! It would sit perfect next to my Mickey Mouse-poster. 🙂 @echolalioplasia

  • Dakota Chilton

    That Scanners print is exceptionally gruesome. If I had to pick between any of these, that would be the one. @ShatterTheSky

  • Jarric Miller

    Dude I don’t have twitter, but you can reach me on FB. The Thing is one of my favorites, but that Scanners poster is great!

  • Alexis

    I pick Scanners @Daeminium

  • Fred Bloom

    All…but my faves are The Thing and Day Of The Dead. What an awesome chance for some talented works @s0n0fanarchyNY

  • Timothy James

    Duuude those are effin saaaweeeeet!!! MUST HAVE THEM ALL!!! Muuuhahahahhaa 😛

  • Jacob Lloyd

    @jakelloyd88 day of the dead or the thing!

  • Sceptic03

    Id love the day of the dead print and the scannerd print but id want the day of the dead more. They are so killer!!!

    My twitter is @sceptic03

  • Koreginald

    Destiny itself decrees that this awesome poster of “The Thing” should share a room with me!

    Adam Dodd, be the agent of destiny you were born to be and fulfill this prophecy. @Koreginald:disqus

  • weirdarchives

    I’ll pick THE THING print. Always had a soft spot for spider-heads. @WeirdArchives

  • Spanich Scott

    It’s hard to choose, but I would like The Thing print. @GodHatesBoners

  • Nick Seabrands

    I’d pick scanners, the thing, or pumpkinhead. Mostly scanners or pumpkinhead though

  • Brian Ashley

    The Thing … @D1RTYWH1TEBOY

  • hncreature

    Tough choice between Scanners and Pumpkinhead…but the Scanners will go good with my Criterion Collection Blu-Ray…so Scanners it is – @hncreature66

  • Jessica Howell

    Pumpkinhead is my favorite would love to frame that one!! All rule tho ;D. @essicajboom

  • BornVillian

    I would have to devote all my attention to the Day of the Dead print. I love all four but Day of the Dead would be my choice. It was one of the first horror/zombie movies I ever saw. I know a lot of people see it as a week entry in the series but it is personally my favorite (I might actually just watch it right now in fact.). Because of this movie (and The Thing) I have become hooked on the horror genre. I can’t image life without horror. So it would be awesome to have this artwork hung on my wall. @RoxasVonSixx

  • disqus_VQi3VqjowI

    pumpkinhead! @alienxog

  • stu anderson

    The Thing is the canine sphericals! @stujoanne2

  • sixxer

    Definitely The Thing print! @sick60sixxer

  • Megan McCoy

    Pumkin Head or Day of The Dead would both be amazing additions to my collection! This would be a great Birthday present for myself! (5/25) …Aaron Crawford is amazing! @lifecurseband 😀

  • nightraven

    Pumpkinhead!!! I have always loved pumpkinhead. @price_theatre

  • Angela

    I would Love and appreciate any of these awesome prints! Crossing my fingers and extra toes that I get one @Black_Lung

  • Fluffy Nick Jones

    I would love the The Thing print.. It would look awesome on my “barren” wall… @thx1981uk

  • Ivo Wilson

    The Thing(one of my favorite movies ever!) or Day of the Dead(my othe rfavorite movie!!) haha
    I don’t have a twitter but my bother has

  • Lana Del Gay

    what if you do not have a twitter?:(

  • Jam76

    I would gladly take any of the magnificent prints,hopefully that’s not being too greedy?

  • Michelle Mariscal

    The thing! Amazing artwork @Zombaby1031

  • Briana guerra

    I need Need NEED The Thing poster, I already have the shirt 😉

  • Steven Bramley

    I would LOVE to win the SCANNERS….@StevenBramley38

  • Mary

    The Thing or Day of the Dead

  • Michel Raymond Rabideau

    I would love to win the scanners one, or the thing one. @thebifftannen

  • Jenny R.

    scanners for sure! @squish322

  • Alex DiVincenzo

    I love them all, but my favorite is The Thing. Not only is it an awesome design of what is perhaps the film’s most iconic moment, but it also doubles as a motivational poster.

  • Jake Robison

    pumkin head , scanners , day of the dead , they are all top notch , CAVITYCOLORS can do no wrong ! @jakerobison1

  • Troy Blake Carman

    Scanners is magnificent. I want that one!


  • Jay Raisanen

    Day of the Dead print. @zombiology420

  • Jill Houser

    pumpkinhead, please!!!

    • Jill Houser

      don’t have twitter account and i don’t want it! please don’t exclude me!!!

  • Ryan Johnson

    These are all AMAZING! But I think I have to side with Scanners! I have a thing for exploding heads… @humidorryan

  • Tyler Koykas

    Holy macaroni…day of the dead. Pretty please.

    @ woozytribe

  • Jassassin

    Yeah!! “Danger” is my middle name, on my wall there is always room for terror, Aaron Crawford is the most amazing creative and delirious mind !! Please Bloody Disgusting, I have the perfect place to plant the art of horror I love this print of Scanners!! @jazzidlab

  • Daniel

    Scanners please! @Daniel71618893

  • Michael Toth


  • Letty A

    All of the prints are AMAZING! If I had to choose I would have to go with Day of the Dead or Pumpkinhead. Romero is my hero (saw Dawn of the Dead 1978 when I was about 5 years old, been a fan since) and Day of the Dead has my favorite zombie, Bub. Pumpkinhead is one of my favorite creatures of all time. At the same time I would love The Thing print because of the same reason. John Carpenter is my other film hero afterall… X)

  • Bones

    I fucking love Aaron ! I would we honored to win any but I love pumpkin head and Dr. Tongue! Twitter is @bonesart13

  • Kris Goosby

    Hum if i was. To win. I’d say. The thing print is nice. And so is the pumpkinhead one.

  • Kurtis Callahan

    I need that scanners please @ trukahan

  • Carrisa Infante

    Dude, that Pumpkinhead print is legit and I would like to take it home and make sweet loving to it. Maybe take it out to the Red Lobster and let it order anything off of the 2 for $20 menu.

  • Palmer

    The Pumpkinhead one was is amazing and would look great on my wall. I have been a huge fan of Stan Winston since he did this movie. Its greatly underrated.

    Twitter @breakelectro

  • Archi Asis

    The Scanners print. Totally rad! @archimaera

  • Antisocial95

    I love them all but that Pumpkinhead is my favorite! @antisocial95

  • Chad Spiegel

    Day of the Dead! That’s my favorite zombie in the whole movie!! @LivingDeadChad

  • Sylvia Cook

    Pumpkinhead @sylviacookvic

  • Zac

    Day of the Dead!!! @ZacCavender

  • Peytonleigh

    Pumpkinhead!! Been a fan of it since I was a kid, not to mention it’d look sick on my bedroom wall @necrom0rph

  • Mary

    I would LOVE the Scanners print! It would be great in the new apartment – you’re right, our walls ARE barren. @porchauthority

  • Beck Goodroad

    Pumpkinhead! @Beckgoodroad

  • Seikotik

    Day of the Dead @Seikotik

  • Abraham Scíence

    SCANNERS!!!!! That looks pretty sick. I need it! @Visitor__Q

  • deadrowan

    Carpenter’s The Thing. Hands down. Whistles through mutating laryngeal holes to my innate urge to bring out the inner beauty in others.with my bare hands…..

  • The Pumpkin Head one is pretty freakin awesome! Love how so many colors are crammed into that hideous thing! @ZProductionz

  • David Hollingsworth

    I think the SCANNERS one is pretty cool, because it does represent to me how I feel most of the time. @_dhollings

  • Lisbeth Süskind

    One question: Is this only for United States? Or someone in Argentina, like myself, can participate as well?

  • Megan Miller

    I need the Scanners one : ) @bcofmachete

  • Feyd Darkholme

    I love them all, but if I had to choose, The Thing followed closely by Scanners! @Feydakyn

  • braindamagefilms

    We’ll take the “It’s what’s inside that counts”!! @braindamagefilm

  • Perry Platypus

    Scanners! @BloodySpyOnHold

  • Goldie_Hawn_Golden_Shower

    Scanners @baconsodaisgood

  • Jason Stolarik

    SCANNERS @Quilt_Maker_420

  • Michael Benjamin Jim

    Scanners. Thank you for your time!

  • Pumpkinhead. ^_^

  • Julie V.

    SCANNERS!!!!!!! @julie_vill

  • Greg Canzio

    The Thing poster would be an amazing graduation gift for my best friend!!! @joobies2

  • Zack Parks

    It’s what’s Inside that matters!!! Got to be Carpenter everytime. every poor film student (A.K.A. ME) needs a crucifix like poster like that representing the film god that is JOHN FUCKING CARPENTER – @zacktylerparks

  • Spacecadet

    Scanners!!! It’s mind BLOWING 😉 Or Pumpkin Head, love the colors.- @Janecadet

  • Blakkake

    I’d love to own the Pumpkinhead print! Day of the Dead would a close second because that image gave me nightmares as a child. @blakake (yes with one less “k” than my B.D. name)

  • Faith S

    I would love to win the Scanners print. These are all awesome. I bought the Videodrome print last week and it is even more stunning in person. @svfuu

  • Toby

    the Thing! @tobally

  • Michael D. Goscinski

    Day of the Dead… @barkingcrow

  • carol munro

    i would be proud to hang anyone of these up in my house, but im in a toss up between day of the dead and the thing <3 @carol_baby85

  • Martin MolinaHernandez

    The Thing is legit. @sleazypmartin

  • Damia

    Scanners! So very cool – great movie, and I LOVE the colors on the print. @thrughamirrordarkly

  • Scanners.. Because it’s Scanners! (And the drawing is great)

  • Jason Miller

    Awesome prints, as a avid horror fan I love them all. Thanks for the contest. Pumpkinhead and Scanners 🙂 @ThrillEasy

  • Jose Hernandez

    Oooooooooooh, I want the Mind Blown print, it’s just so amazing & beautiful, I love it ^.^

  • Matt Denny

    Scanners, The Thing. Such awesome prints would love to win! @zombieguitarist

  • Scanners print and Day of the Dead print! @Popebonerface

  • magicjaguar

    I’d love the Scanners print, but I’d honestly take any of these. They are simply gorgeous. @nmonroetry

  • Carlos Alberto



  • Jessica Margaret Ploof

    Either the Day of the Dead or The Thing would be the perfect print to cover up that blood splatter on my wall! @PLOOFthereitis

  • Tony

    The Scanners or The Thing prints would be rad. @JoyfulCitrus

  • Stephan Gray

    day of the dead or the scanners! they are awesome!! @napets0

  • Guest

    I really like the scanners but since Pumpkin head exists in my area of Appalachia I am inclined to go with him! Nothing like death and monstrosity lurking in the shadowy hills! @Kydistortion35

  • I really like the scanners…since Pumpkinhead exists in my area of Appalachia I am inclined to go with him! Nothing like death and monstrosity lurking in the shadowy hills! @Kydistortion35

  • Leigh A. Wertz

    the carnage on scanner was awesome…i was just a morbid little kid back then

  • Karl Madsen

    Day or the Dead or The Thing would be top choices.

  • Jesus Muñoz

    I would be happy to win any of them I love your work and my instagram handle is STFUJESUSISTALKING

  • don’t have twitter 🙁

  • Daniel Kern

    All the prints are awesome, but if i had to pick a print…I would like the The Thing print or the Scanners print. Awesome work as usual for cavity colors!!! @dankern303

  • Eve LO

    Im so torn to choose one! Ok ok, I would like “The Thing print” because it combines with my living room colors. Twitter @chevelia

  • J-SiN

    Love them all. Top two would be The Thing and Pumpkinhead. @brakius

  • Kenner³

    Love CavityColors! From the four, would definitely pick Scanners as my first and The Thing as my second choice. Twitter: @frennek

  • TJ

    I’d love Scanners or Day of the Dead. Twitter handle is Disciple13

  • Jess

    Honestly I’d be great to even have any of these. But ‘Day of the Dead’ or ‘Pumpkinhead ‘would be awesome!

  • Jordan Cox

    I have been looking for something to put on my wall for months but couldn’t find anything I liked! The scanners one is my favorite! It’s awesome. I don’t have a twitter but my Facebook is

  • I love that Scanners print. Great stuff all around, cheers! @AnthonyJRapino

  • Lilith

    The Thing is my favorite film! These prints are all rad, but I’d love The Thing tribute. Twitter handle is @rottenrozen.

  • Lisbeth Süskind

    Scanners or The Thing @Polly_Herzeleid

    PS: Thanks Cavity Colors for answering my question on Facebook!

  • Jassassin

    Really…i cannot look away from that Scanners Print.. @AliathVersus

  • Wesley Smith

    All cool I like the alien or the thing best.

  • Ryan Wheeler

    Mr. Tongue or Pumpkinhead, please! @UnclePony

  • Mike Stewart

    Tough decision but I would love to take that Scanners print home!! Twitter handle is @stuntmanmike72

  • Travis Brown

    Probably scanners, the thing, or pumpkin head. Any of the for would be amazing. Don’t have a twitter but Facebook is

  • Stina Marie

    Pumpkinhead or the Thing would be AWESOME, but they all are amazing. @stina_marie333

  • superfox1

    Day of the dead or scanners.
    Twitter @superfox1

  • Tyler Harris

    The Thing @ Pumpkin head

  • Jennifer Manalili

    Would love a copy of The Thing or Day of the Dead!
    Twitter: @jennyhorror

  • Anoop

    I would love a copy of The Scanners print. @anoopkbhat

  • Shawna Odorizzi

    The Thing is my favorite movie!!! I watch it at least 2-3 times per week. I would love the head painting, it is so great. @mo_shawna

  • Oh my lordy! I gotta have the HEAD SPIDER! It would go so perfectly on my pathetically barren walls. Finally my feng shui wont suck! @baldsasquatch

  • Womp Thing

    I’m really digging The Thing print! @Spiritualgorila

  • kspencer81

    Love all of them but the Scanners one is my favorite! @kjs609

  • Glynise Ibsen Kuzell

    i love them all – any one of them would look effing amazing on my zombie apocalypse green living room walls! please and thank you! @glynisekuzell

  • FranticCreature

    All of them are amazing but Pumpkinhead is my favourite. @franticcreature

  • Amanda Bulmer

    I would love to win the Scanners one! It would be an excellent present for my Brother. Please please please!! 🙂 @MuskokaMaryJane

  • HorrorFreak

    I would like to win either the Pumpkinhead print or The Thing. Thank you very much. @garetpayne.

  • Christina-Chaos Landino

    The Thing print is awesome! All of them are superb though. @TheRealWrapStar

  • Veronica

    I would like to win the Scanners print please. Thank you. @latenighthour

  • Brad Hanson

    Scanners print please @deadjilldando

  • Alicia Faye Thompson

    i would like to win any of these. they are all just great. but i don’t have a twitter account. is there any other way to do this other than twitter?

  • Sara

    I would like to take home the Pumpkinhead print. Pumpkinhead is my all time favorite Horror movie. I got the honor of meeting Lance Henriksen a few years back. Definitely a favorite moment of mine. @Chubby13

  • Chelsea Neil

    I would love the Pumpkinhead print! My twitter is @cwneil

  • Flip Onethirtyeight

    I would love ‘The Thing’ print as its my husbands all time fave movie. My hubbys bday and our anniversary is next month, and would look snazzy with the original 1 sheet I bought him ^_^ @flip_138

  • Devon Steele

    The Scanners poster is amazing would love to have it on my wall @deaditedevon

  • Jason D Nickolay

    The Pumpkinhead Print is Sweeeeeeeeeet! Thanks for the chance @parkerozgood

  • S. Spielberg’s JOE’s

    Pumpkinhead was the only horror movie Aaron Crawford drew inspiration from that I’d never seen before. His art actually made me wanna watch it and i’m glad i did cause it’s a killer !!!
    Keep it up, man. Make some crazy new shit and in the meantime gimmz the Pumpkinhead so i can piss off my girlfriend by hangin it in our living room.

  • Rob

    Day of the Dead and Scanners @bob78741

  • Justin Dickson

    The pumpkin head print would look so good on my wall! @xdwx22

  • Cole Martin Owen

    I would love to win the Scanners print because it looks freakin awsome!!!

  • oksanie

    I’d love to frame that Scanners print! I love Cavity Color’s work, it demands so much attention

  • Boomenstein

    SCANNERS! @boomenstein

  • Beer Cruiser

    Scanners would be bad ass hanging in my horror room. @beercruiser

  • Nina Markin

    The pumpkin head and Scanners print are both amazing prints I would love if they were hanging in my remodeled room! @NOperson56

  • Darkness69

    I’m in love with The Thing poster!!! @Darkness69

  • Jassassin


  • Chris Bossom

    I just turned myself inside out on the toilet for 20 brutal minutes.

  • Jason Green

    @J_R_Green80 SCANNERS!!!! Great Work!

  • Josh Bourne

    Day of the dead looks amazing!! @R_Butternubs1

  • Brendan Minckler

    The print of the Norris/Spider Head Creature is the best thing I’ve seen in a long time! Just looking at it makes my blood jump. I’ve seen a lot of different copies of this piece but they’ve all just been cheap imitations. You can’t help but feel taken over by the raw, burning emotion this print portrays. The colors are out of this world! I can definitely see this hanging in between my windows. @Melancholy42

  • Lewis Bayley

    The Scanners and The Thing prints look pretty tasty! The Thing is one of the films that got me loving horror when i was younger! Love It!


  • Jason P

    That Pumpkinhead Print Is Visually Stunning So I’d Have To Go With That One. @JP_FREELY

  • Tim Murr

    Crononberg is one of my biggest heroes and I LOVE that Scanners print! Crawford’s work is great.

  • Thank you guys so much for all of the comments and kind words so far. The horror community rules!!! – Aaron / Cavitycolors

    • Jassassin

      Aaron Crawford, Master Gore, you are great an artist horror of the most awesome! See your prints becomes insane and mad by them!!

  • Dick Pickman

    I’d be proud to hang any of his work in my house, which is already a small museum of movie related artwork. I can see why you chose the Scanners image for the headline, but they are all wall worthy.

  • Sailor Galaviz

    These are so rad! I’d love the Day of the Dead print most of all. My twitter name is @SailorGalaviz !!

  • Fantasma George

    The Thing and/or Day of the Dead, super please!
    The Thing made my high school years, I once took the Blair Monster action figure to show my pals and when an ill informed bully glanced at it he remarked: “I swear man, this guy hangs with Satan…”

    I’m on Twitter @destroyfusion

  • Ntmyslftdy

    I’d be willing to perform morally questionable acts for that Scanners print. A thing of beauty. @theflickist

  • Stephanie McQuillen

    Like most others here, I’d love any/all of these, but SCANNERS is blowin my mind right now. Get it? I’m sorry. I’m just so in love with how the painterly technique in these lends itself so effectively to the post-Scanning head-explosion. Plus, I JUST got a Sam Kieth Wolverine print that would compliment it perfectly.

    I’m @KeithDavidHess on twitter.

  • Logan Mazerolle-Fry

    Pumpkinhead and Day of the Dead. I love them both so much and I currently live in the dorms in the Air Force and my walls are so plain I need something to be able to walk into my room and appreciate. Don’t have twitter, only IG, Loganisalpha.

  • K. Woolf

    Pumpkinhead and Scanners! The Thing is also amazing, and plays more into my favorities in terms of movies but the scanners one is just so freaking cool and visceral. Twitter sheismadeofgold

  • Angie Toxica

    Scanners <3 @AngieToxica on twitter

  • Aaron Alper

    Pumpkinhead Baby!

  • Jassassin

    All Work and No Scanners Print Makes Jassassin a Dull Girl… o _ o @AliathVersus

  • Sutter Cane

    I’d love to own that THING print. (Or any of them really…) Let me know if my name comes out of the top hat of fate @osomir

  • Lyubimiibogom

    I’m a huge fan of The Thing so I’d really like to own that. Twitter same as my username @lyubimiibogom

  • Jake Tyler Wisnosky

    Really dig the Pumpkinhead print and would love to have that to spice my living space up a bit @JakeWisnosky

  • WCP

    As per a micro-meme I created among the horror community the other day (5/19! 90+retweets!), I have to go with the work of art honoring the Mighty J.C.’s output. That and verbiage totally feng’s my shui. Which will be obvious if you check out my twitter page: @tvsa1001. Trust me, it’ll be worth the 40 secs of your day. = ) m/

  • amanda febrianti

    wow these are really hard too choose, but yooo i love that scanner print tho, its really eye popping (haha im funny). it’d be perfect to fill my empty wall so pleaseee, my twitter is @mandafebrianti

  • Brittany Manson McKinley

    The Scanners print is my kind of artwork. Twitter: @BrittanyLuv5om1, if that doesn’t work, try @brittanyluv5om1

  • Laura Kelley

    Would love the scanners one! My twitter handle is @laurakelleyyy

  • Ronald Oliver

    I think they’re all really cool! But I would love to take home, both, ‘ITS WHATS INSIDE THAT COUNTS’ and the ‘SCANNERS’ prints! Thanks for having the contest!

    Twitter: @Haunted_Lair

  • Cali Marie

    Scanners, all the way. Reminds me of Alex Pardee’s work. Twitter username @californ90

  • Martin Burstow

    Got to agree with plenty other people on here – the Scanners print looks amazing @Martin_F1B

  • Elliot McKenzie

    They are all amazing but my favourite would have to be the Scanners one. @delusionaI ps thats a capital ‘i’ on the end not an ‘l’

  • Joey DeAngelis

    My first choice would have to be The Thing, and then, along with everyone else it seems, the Scanners print seems like the next best one. @joeydeangelis 🙂

  • Jared Hernandez

    Pumpkinhead all the way!!! These are all classics. Good luck everybody. But fuck you if you win instead of me. @jaredsteel

  • Rose Nørskov

    Definitely scanners.. It’s my favourite movie, it’s so incredibly good.. Can’t get enough of scanners!! @cupffincake

  • Danny M Thompson

    That scanners poster is making my dick moist.

  • Santiago Cuellar

    Day of the Dead! or The Thing! or Scanners! or PumpkinHead! Awesome work! Would love to hang one of those in my wall. @babosaconsal

  • Byron von Rempel

    Crite Bite Sundae and MINDBLOWN would look great on my walls – so would The Thing and Scanners. @ByronvonRempel

  • So myself and BD have decided to extend the contest until Thursday! So there’s still some time to get your entries in! 🙂 Thanks everyone!

  • Jassassin

    I love your work… get one of your prints would be really really awesome…whatever!! Thanks for the opportunity!! 🙂 @AliathVersus

  • Nick

    I love all of them but would love to win the Pumpkinhead one just because its one of my favorite movies @wolfpak999

  • Mandi Marcus

    They are all awesome, but I would love the Scanners poster! @metalgoddess36

  • David Birney

    Day of the Dead, but they are all awesome @David_Birney

  • Alyssa Kate

    I would love to win the Day of the Dead poster for my father. He’s in failing health and has been collecting horror movie masks (made from the original molds) for years. He even has the Dr. Tongue mask. This would make me more than happy, and I’m sure him as well. My twitter handle is @viciouslyss

  • Summer Smith

    All of them, but Day of the Dead is my favorite! @summersmith80

  • Phil Bragg

    Yes, my walls are looking a little bare. I enjoyed the article on these prints. I would love the Dr. Tongue print cause I know my wife would question it…perfect

  • Patrycja Nowacka

    All of them are beautiful but if i had to choose 1 i go with the EPIC scanners one ♥

  • Tombomb421

    Oh boy. These are just full of awesome. I think I’d have to pick the Scanners one. Something about it just really stands out to me. Love them all though. @milligan_tom

  • RobertBayley

    Well, because the Scanners piece is brain-explodingly good, I’d like my brain to be exploded every day by looking at that piece on my wall. Please notify me if I win on my Twitter @RJBayley

  • benshki

    1) Has to be that glorious print of Dr Tongue, look at that colour work! 2) Would defintely have to be The Thing print, it shows the inner beauty in people.


  • John A Revicki

    Scanners and The Thing. @johnnyreee

  • Pumpkinhead @Undead_Raziel

  • Kathrine Ann Sullivan

    The thing print has to be the best! so creepy with a chuckle of a joke on the print 🙂

  • david c

    The Thing! @davidcthompson1

  • Oh wow, they are all so awesome! I’d love to win the Day of the Dead one! It’s my favourite movie! @richmwaters

  • omnibot

    It’s a tough call between The Thing and Scanners, but I think I’ll go with… with… Scanners.


  • Glynise Ibsen Kuzell

    any one of those would look epic on my zombie apocalypse green living room walls! thanks! @glynisekuzell

  • Jason Burkett

    Day of the dead oh my gawd thats so badass i dont have a twitter fml.

  • Jenn

    I love the pumpkin head one. @jenjen860515

  • Patti Forrest-Johnson

    Love Love love Pumpkinhead @pattijojohnson

  • Sean Moran

    scanners, pumpkinhead, and the thing @1AngelFlesh

  • H3153nb3rg

    I would love to win the “It’s What’s Inside That Counts” I love The Thing and Aaron is one of my favorite artists. My Twitter is @S1rB3a5t5a10t

  • @PaigePlague I like all of them. If i win, I would like a random print. I love your work Aaron!

  • Kyle Guerin

    Pumpkinhead because I have a new apartment and not a single thing hanging on the wall @bonelessbeef

  • Kalib Baggett

    I would like the Scanners one please! They’re all great but that’s the one I like best. @psychobilly138

  • Johnny Bones

    It’s whats inside that counts!!! AAAHHH its awesome. Aaron Crawford is the man! @johnnybonesprod

  • Anthony Prieto

    Any of these would be awesome to have on the wall! That Day of the Dead is my fav. think ill make it a horror movie night for sure. good work man

  • McKenzie

    SCANNERS! Twitter is eat_brainz (and rarely used but handy for instances like this!).

  • CurlyBurl

    The Thing, please! @kyle_milner

  • Bret-Gammons

    For all you know, I am The Thing, so you should probably just go ahead and give me the print. @bretgammons

  • Charlie Johnson

    Always loved the Scanners poster, great piece of art that is in many ways better than the average B movie Scanners (which is my my personal list of Best of The Worst). @docsimageshop

  • canneryrowdoc

    My favorite is the scanners but a close runner up is the Blair head. “You gotta be f$&@’in kidding,” @likeashoebox

  • Leo Rock Starr

    That “the thing” print needs to be on my wall it’s sick! @KiLLiOughta18

  • jtravisa

    1.Love Scanners!!! Then Day of the Dead, Pumpkinhead, then the Thing… All cool, but dig Scanners the most. @la_jt

  • Jeordy McFee

    I would just LOVE the pumpkinhead print. I have always been a fan. And this piece is amazing. The artist is very talented. I hope I can be that good one day 🙂

    Plus, the colours are trippy 😛

    Twitter: Porno_Corpse

  • Jackie Moon

    Would dieeeeeee for Dr. Tongue – Day of The Dead print!! Such an awesome piece! Its so visually appealing <3

    Twitter: GlamourGhoulina

  • J.N.T.

    The ‘The Thing’- print would make great on my walls. I love the colour scheme. I also love the ‘Scanners’. I own this already as a Shirt…

    Twitter: CyberExistenz

  • Atothamotherfn J O’Connor

    I love art, I promote creativity, these are fantastic pieces, day of the dead and pumpkin head

  • Kelsey Sanchez

    You are very talented, just saying 🙂

  • Nathan Barnes

    Love The THING print! @TheReaperVirus

  • Hannah Joy Gauthier

    The Thing print is so rad!! xx @leopardbitchxx

  • Eric Joshua Guerrero

    Scanners, day of the dead, and Pumpkinhead. I’d say the thing too but I’m not entirely fond of the caption. Yippie! @ejectofficial

  • Jassassin

    You art…keeps me sane… (Scanners Print… i need) @AliathVersus

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