Sweet Create Your Own ‘Primeval’ Poster Contest!!

Today we’ve kick started my favorite type of contest here at Bloody-Disgusting, it’s the create your own Primeval poster contest! Inside you’ll find all of the details and assets to create your own poster for Hollywood Pictures’ upcoming horror film – but read carefully, this time you also need to create a tag line to go with your sweet creation. So read on, get started while you’ve got nothing to do and win some amazing prizes to kick start 2007!


PRIMEVAL Film Poster and Tagline Contest:
-Create your own poster — Horror fans will have the opportunity to create a unique film poster for the upcoming horror/thriller, PRIMEVAL (Hollywood Pictures).
-Add your tagline — Add the most graphic tagline that best describes the terror that PRIMEVAL’s killer sets on his victims.
Email your creation to us (details below) — one winner will be selected from various sites.
-Filmmaker judging — The filmmakers will choose the grand prize winner — who will receive an autographed mini-poster print of their creation and a DVD pack of five of the greatest serial killer movies (SEVEN, SAW, SILENCE OF THE LAMBS, THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE, and FROM HELL). The grand prize winning entry will also be showcased on the official film site at primeval-themovie.com

So here’s the skinny, download the assets, make your poster, put PRIMEVAL in the subject line and then EMAIL ME the poster with your full name, full address, e-mail address and age.

Failure to include any of the listed results in disqualification. Deadline for entry is January 19th.

PRIMEVAL hits theaters everywhere on JANUARY 12


Source: Visit the official website