WIN ‘The Addams Family: Volume 2′ On DVD!

Finding new life on DVD March 27, 2007 from MGM Home Entertainment, The Addams Family Volume Two delivers even more irreverently morbid antics from the family that turned the established formula for situational comedy on its ear and became a monster success during its 64-episode run. The DVD collection features the next 21 offbeat episodes from the classic series, as well as audio commentaries by Thing, Cousin Itt and “Addams” historian Steven Cox, Tombstone trivia and Guest Star Séances. Want to win a copy? We’ve been proved with FIVE copies for you lucky readers, look inside and see how to enter.

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“The Addams Family” Volume Two features even more ghoulish humor from the wickedly funny clan as they attempt to blend in with polite society… despite their own uniquely bizarre roots. Based on Charles Addams’ single panel cartoons that originally ran in The New Yorker magazine, the Addams household featured a grisly array of inhabitants, including dark and dashing Gomez (John Astin, “The Adventures Of Brisco County Jr.”); shadowy Morticia (Carolyn Jones, How The West Was Won); creepy Uncle Fester (Jackie Coogan, The Kid); problem children Wednesday and Pugsley (Lisa Loring and Ken Weatherwax); ancient Grandmama (Blossom Rock, Abbott And Costello In Hollywood); hilariously hirsute Cousin Itt (Felix Silla, Spaceballs) and, of course, the ever-faithful silent manservant, Lurch, and Thing, the roving severed hand (both played by Ted Cassidy, Butch Cassidy And the Sundance Kid).

To enter just put ADDAMS FAMILY VOL 2 in the subject line and E-mail me the following info:
-Your full name
-Full address
-The full Addams Family opening theme song

Winners chosen at random on March 27.

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