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12 Bloody Days of Christmas: Day 11 ‘Ghosts of Christmas’

Ghost stories aren’t just a Halloween thing. Watching shows like Paranormal State, Ghost Hunters, and even movies like Paranormal Activity prove that ghosts can, and will, happen at any time of year. They aren’t discriminatory, and they sure have a thing for being spooky. Whether you believe in spirits or not, it’s always fun to watch those crazy YouTube videos and judge for yourself. I scoured the Internet and found a bunch of fun `ghost’ photos and videos that make you question whether or not the spirit of Christmas goes beyond the grave. On the eleventh day of Christmas, Bloody-Disgusting gave to me- “Ghosts of Christmas.”

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Day 11: Ghosts of Christmas
I’m an avid Ghost Hunters viewer. I like Paranormal State too, but there’s something about those plumbers that make me come back every week for another dose. That’s why, when I was thinking up fun ideas for our holiday series, I thought ghosts could be a fun topic. I know I’ve already shoved A Christmas Carol down your throat… so today, I’m taking on reality. These are `real’ photos and videos of Christmas ghosts- now YOU be the judge.


Santa came to visit, but did he bring the ghosts of Christmas past with him?


The owners of this tree are convinced the angel on their tree isn’t the only one.


I found this picture on a bunch of different websites- ghost or bad reflection?


They categorize this as `haunted’- but I just think it’s an awesome shot. If the tree had been clearer, this would have made for a great holiday card.


This one has `potential Paranormal filmmaker’ written all over it, but it’s fun just the same!


You know I had to throw one of these in there, right?

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