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12 Bloody Days of Christmas: Day 12 ‘Happy Horror Holidays’

Here we are- Christmas Eve. Tonight is the night when Santa rides his sleigh through of the dark of night. As we learned, though, Krampus may be in tow. Shoppers finish up last minute gifts, but buyer beware: there are some crazies out there. And, of course, let’s hope your children open up their gifts to find dolls and trucks, not a shrunken head courtesy of Jack Skellington. On the twelfth day of Christmas, Bloody-Disgusting gave to me – “Happy Horror Holidays.”

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Day 2: Christmas Characters Gone Wrong
Day 3: Horrifying Holiday Decorations
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Day 12: Happy Horror Holidays

Day 12: Happy Horror Holidays
Just in time for Christmas… some fun tidbits for the horror community to enjoy. A special thank you goes out to our readers who read our STOCKING STUFFERS and the entire 12 BLOODY DAYS OF CHRISTMAS series- may all of you have a wonderfully bloody, horrifying and absolutely tremendous holiday!

A special message from Kane Hodder…


Ever wondered what Jason Voorhees does on Christmas?

Trimming the tree with my family- but using my lucky machete to cut off the wild branches.

Sexy Demon

Courtesy of Eli Roth’s Twitter, I found this video. It made me laugh, especially with some of the comments- “Definitely scared away my boner.

Maybe It Was Krampus?

And finally, for those of us who are convinced Santa may be more frightening than flesh-eating zombies…

Happy Holidays guys! See you in 2011!

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