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5 Played Out Costumes – Think Twice Before Wearing These Tonight!!!

I Know I Know I know! If you’re on the West Coast you’re rushing to wrap up your workday and your costume is laid out on the bed waiting for you. You’re gonna hurry home, throw it on and head out to whatever plans await.

If you’re on the East Coast you’re probably already wearing the damn thing and checking out Bloody-Disgusting while your significant other is in the bathroom getting his/her hair just right. The keys may even be in your hand.

Problem is, if you’re wearing one of these five costumes – you should probably stop what you’re doing. Just take it off and improvise something new. If nothing new comes to mind, just go in your regular clothes. You’ll be way more popular at the party.

Hit the jump to see what I mean. And let me know what costumes annoy you in the comments below! THE JOKER

Come on. The Dark Knight rises is a rad movie. I love it. I even fall into the Joseph Kahn school of those who defend the editorial decisions in the film’s action sequences. But if you’re dressing as The Joker you’re coming across as one of those people who take the movie way too seriously. It’s akin to the mentality of a child who is bragging about seeing his first R-Rated movie (yes I know Dark Knight is PG13). Especially if you’re really inhabiting the character’s mannerisms – don’t be that guy who tries to utilize the “seriousness” of Nolan’s films to justify your fandom. You’re trying to make something inherently silly (you in the costume) into something adult and it’s not working.


For real? First of all, are you even old enough to remember him when he was alive and what that time felt like? If so, you should know this costume goes 100% against all of that. If you’re younger, I’ll just say that the dude made ‘In Utero’ in order to alienate the portions of his fan base that would wear this kind of costume.

Bonus? His hair didn’t even look like that. Want to scream “I don’t get it” at the top of your lungs? Wear this.


It can’t rain all the time. Except if you’re one of the people wearing this costume again. It wasn’t even that great of a movie. Why are you clinging to it? Stay in and eat some candy. Wait, no candy. Eat a salad. And go to the beach tomorrow. Or hiking. Something.


I know, it’s a FANTASTIC movie. But you can’t pull this off. No one can except Ryan Gosling saying nothing in the right lighting with a great soundtrack. I live on the East Side of Los Angeles and I expect to see at least a dozen of these on my way to the store later. And it won’t look good on anyone.


Even Slave Leia. Especially Slave Leia. What message are you trying to send with that costume? That it was down between this and the sexy kitten costume? You’ve seen Return Of The Jedi? Me too!

This goes for every other Star Wars costume. This franchise is dead. Murdered by it’s own father and sold back to you as ashes. All you’re doing is announcing that you’ve heard of these movies (akin to hearing of oxygen) and that you had no other ideas.

Have fun tonight guys!



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