[Closer to Death] ‘Chernobyl Diaries’ and The Death Zone

  • BelaManiac

    Great post once again, Mr. Marrone. Always an insightful read!

    • John Marrone

      Thx – the children video is hard to watch but fascinating just the same – and that dog – looks like something from The Thing – terrible. And think of how many nuclear reactors there are in the world, just waiting to do the same thing (like Japan recently, during the earthquake). Reality immensely more fucked up, once again.

  • killrobot

    Thanks John, what a great way to start my day haha

    I’m in Chicago and surrounded by 6 nuclear reactors, it’s honestly the only reason I ever even think about moving.

    • John Marrone

      I dont blame ya – I think of similar situations like THE STAND (different but the same) where you wouldn’t really know what was going on until it was too late. Spent most of my life on Long Island less than 10 miles from the Shoreham Nuclear Power plant that was built, closed down and never opened because of massive protests. It was on the beach, where people swam!? Plus I was in a dead “zone” where if shit went redline we were fucked. We were scared of that thing going live, so I can only imagine what you’re attempting to accept LOL. I dont know if anyone from the area will ever read this, but there are these woods/fields between Ridge and Shoreham on long Island that are weird deadlands barred to the public and nobody is allowed in there – I always imagined it was some sort of waste/d zone.

      • killrobot

        Yeah I should add that’s 6 LIVE nuclear reactors, there are at least 10 if you count ones that aren’t currently active… ugh

  • diapers

    Wow, that was depressing. Hey John, off-topic question… your avatar pic with the missing eyes, what is that from?

    • John Marrone

      Its either Cannibal Holocaust or Cannibal Ferox I believe…

  • Joe-Banger

    The description of Chernoble diaries sounds like a modern day “The Hills Have Eyes”. No wonder why it sounds so aweful! The remake was way better! Thanks for the review John.

  • gordongirl_18

    Those doctors that travel to work on those children are modern heroes. I know it’s cheesy but I love the show Destination Truth. A while back they did an episode where they went to Pripyat to investigate. The entire atmosphere was terrifying. It’s one of my favorite episodes.

    • UndeadZamiel

      I love that episode and that show. It’s what I always think about when I see a trailer for this movie. That and S.T.A.L.K.E.R..