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5 Horror Games That Deserve Sequels

Have you ever fell in love with a television show, spent more time than you would care to admit binging on each of its episodes, only to find out that it’s been cancelled, prematurely and without any real warning? I have, I’ve been burned numerous times, and it never gets any easier. This problem isn’t limited to our favorite TV shows, video games can cause that same abrupt stop, and it often hurts just as much.

As much as I’d like to see another entry in the Condemned, Dino Crisis, or The Suffering series, at the very least, those games got one or more sequels. I’ve decided to eschew horror games that have already seen a follow-up in favor for those that haven’t — the one-offs that deserve to be more than that.

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  • Blood-Sicles

    I WANT SHADOWS OF THE DAMNED 2. Seriously, I can’t believe it didn’t do well (especially with the positive critical reception), and am surprised that horror gamers didn’t pick it up just to support a risky effort from some of horror gaming’s greatest talents. I’d like to add Jericho and Undying to this list- Jericho was far from perfect, but the environments and atmosphere were some of the greatest in any horror game ever made. Undying doesn’t need to be justified- that game was awesome. If you do another list for horror franchises that died, D2 needs to be on there- one of my absolute favorite survival horror titles.

    • eupfhoria

      Loved Jericho! It was a mess at times but I agree that the atmosphere was incredible.

  • ozzy

    i would really like a next gen the thing game in 1st person mode with better ai and more variants of the creatures maybe a multiplayer mode like lfd but one character can become infected and has to assimilate the others while they have to survive

    • Adam Dodd

      I fully support The Thing’s return to video games in really any form.

      • Pav

        I’ve found very interesting article about cancelled The Thing 2 game here:
        Is in german, but there are tons of computer artworks that were supposed to be used in this game…

  • ozzy

    even be able to assimilate other animals to create your own thing to work to your own avntage to get other players but the only way is you have to get them alone out of sight of others then they are part of your team. plus of course you can do the blood test to the other players

  • ohitsmerenz

    No deadly premonition? 🙁

    • Adam Dodd

      Ooo, that’s a good one. Last I heard, DP was getting a sequel.

      • ohitsmerenz

        Really? That’s cool. I’m interested on how are they going to take the story, or is it gonna be a prequel? I kinda like the idea of how he met “Zach” lol

  • eupfhoria

    Undying 2? Or just remake 1?

    • Adam Dodd

      I would love either, though I think they’ll need to remake the original first, since there’s a whole lot of people who have never played or even heard of Undying, before they can sell a sequel.

      • eupfhoria

        That’s true. I’d love to see the mansion recreated with the technology we have today.

  • Chandler Of-Adelaide

    You listed Cold Fear and Shadows of the Damned the last time you did this.

  • IronicglassesWearer

    l’m missing Rule of the Rose, perhaps remake would be good enough, still l would love to play it again

  • REP

    Fatal Frame

  • Guest

    Clock Tower 4 that resurrect back the Scissorman. And the 2002 The Thing video game really deserve a much better sequel, of the resident evil 4 quality.

  • Guest


  • Blood Moon Riot

    Clock Tower 4 that resurrect back the Scissorman. And the 2002 The Thing video game really deserves a better sequel or a proper reboot instead, of the resident evil 4 quality.

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