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[Remake vs. Remake] ‘Fright Night (2011)’ or Rob Zombie’s ‘Halloween’?

I know for many of you this will be a loaded question and you will quickly chime in with, “they both suck.” But let’s pretend for a moment that this isn’t an option. Let’s pretend that you have to choose. After all, even if neither film comes close to matching the classic film they’re attempting to riff on – they each have their own merits and weaknesses.

That’s right, I said “merits.” While I still can’t say I really love Craig Gillespie’s 2011 take on Fright Night (scripted by Marti Noxon), I don’t hate it with the fiery passion I did when I first saw it. The film actually makes a few interesting choices and, having seen a few of this summer’s upcoming blockbusters, I’m getting closer to admiring films that make any choice at all. I sort of applaud the decision to set the piece in an abandoned Las Vegas housing development, even though they don’t actually end up doing much with the idea. And while the film ends in a haze of video game pixelation (along with that stupid, stupid pebble throwing moment), the majority of the first two acts consititute something of a fun lark. It’s reasonably well shot, the actors are appealing and even though the script likely suffered at the hands of studio notes (I’m hoping that’s the reason), it’s far more coherent than your average Kurtzman and Orci joint. Again, nowhere near as good as the 1985 original, but not the total cinematic abortion I once considered it to be.

This “choices” paradigm carries over to Rob Zombie’s Halloween. I’m a bit stuck here, since I think the decision to spend the bulk of the film dealing with the nurture argument of evil (showing us Myers’ ret-conned childhood vs. Carpenter’s 1978 “evil just exists” nature argument) is pretty bold. I would actually say it’s an interesting choice, but it’s just so incredibly wrong. It’s ballsy to remake a movie from the ground up, especially if that means inverting its central thematic conceit (which is what Zombie is aiming for here). But when the original’s thematic conceit is so resolutely perfect, you have nowhere to go but down when you decide to reverse it. Also, in tacking a cliff-notes version of the first film onto the final act of the remake, Zombie essentially backpedals on his reimagining. His new theme is intact, but any declarations of singularity go out the window. It’s something new, until it isn’t. Zombie delivers a satisfying amount of violence, with a lot of bone-crushing wall-smashing force. But that’s also the antithesis of the largely bloodless 1978 original. Again, I applaud the impulse to go in a new direction – I just think it’s the wrong one. It also doesn’t help that many of the performances (Dr. Loomis in particular) feel sort of misguided.

So I guess I’ll have to come down on the lesser of two evils and declare Fright Night (2011) my favorite out of this round.

But what about you? Which film wins out? Let us know!



  • Nymfomania

    I liked zombies verson, dont recall seeing fright night remake.

  • Halloween, of course!

    • EvanDickson

      what makes you like it better? Not saying you’re wrong — just curious.

      • i begin to make preparations about your question but i saw Nate’s answer above my post. I love Zombie’s vision too. I think Halloween remake has some old school sensibilities but Fright Night is a CGI junk.

  • NateMcCheezy

    I much prefer the Halloween remake. I know I am in the minority here, but I love Zombie’s vision for Myers and his story, and I think the cinematography is great! I understand how fans of the original could be upset with someone playing with the film’s universe, but I welcome remakes/reboots like this and I wish more filmmakers would take the chance to do so.

    Also, I think the studio interfered a lot with Rob Zombie and what he was going for, and if he had more creative control, I think the film would’ve made more of a positive impact on horror fans. His sequel, which was even more hated by the community, was also extremely fun. I guess it’s just something I’ll never get.

    • Christopher Decker

      I agree!!!

    • Saren Nevac

      Im no really Halloween fan, always preffered Friday the 13th and Nightmare. But knowing that the character was just evil and Zombie making Michaels parents a nightmare of abuse which made him is what pissed them off the most. I think it would have played better if his family life was golden, yet he still became a killer because he is evil. I guess its that nature vs nurture questions – and in michaels case its nature. Other than that he did a great job i thought, and i would rather re watch that than the remake of Fright Night.

    • Jon Phil

      my problem is with how horribly the girls in the movie were handled. I get the feeling that Rob Zombie wanted the girls to be annoying and wanted us to side more with Myers,
      but in doing so he made the movie almost unwatchable. Rob Zombie tends to make his characters bigger than life and overly dramatic and t works for the most part, but when it comes to Laurie Strode he Destroyed that character. completely ruined her

  • David Birney

    Halloween for sure.

  • Krug09

    The only time i may say “Halloween remake was a better movie”

  • Dave

    I actually think the Halloween remake was good. Not great like the original, but still one of the better remakes. Fright Night remake was just bad.

  • Samuel Real

    No comprendo el decir que Halloween 2007 es mala . . . es MUY DIFERENTE, pero es maravillosa.

  • RidleyScottIsADirector@gmail.c

    What?! Are my eyes deceiving me? People are actually choosing Halloween? Fright Night is the only correct answer. It’s charming and entertaining, has a REAL director behind it(Craig Gillespie is a REAL filmmaker who actually makes GOOD movies, see Lars and the Real Girl) and has a REAL cast behind it with a REAL script. Farrell, Yelchin, Ms. Collette.

    Rob Zombie makes movies about: grease, violence, long hair, and bad words. Back in the good ol’ days, we didn’t have people like him walking around making movies like THAT. What a shameful thing.

    Fright Night obliterates Zombie’s McDonalds movie.

    • Yeah, Fright Night is totally the victor. I’ll be saying for the rest of my life how terrible Zombie’s Halloween is whenever it comes up against the original or against another remake, such as a much better one like Fright Night.

    • Jon Phil

      yeah I am speechless. I am baffled by this. Fright Night is obviously much superior.
      the new Fright Night was successful in bringing that story to a new era,
      It was successful in fixing things from the original and it managed to look original.
      It is differently enough to be its own film, they could have name it something else and it would stand as its own movie. Which is what remakes should be.
      Halloween was a mess. The first half was interesting but once he became The Shape the movie goes downhill fast.

  • harrynico4

    I actually really liked the Fright Night remake. Great cast, and I liked the different choices they made away from the original. The Halloween remake on the other hand… ugh, don’t get me started.

  • In my humble opinion, I think the Fright Night remake was a better one compared to Rob Zombie’s Halloween. I was happy to see that Tom Holland was the writer. Even though it was scripted by Marti Noxon. I just liked the fact that the person who created the characters was involved with the new retelling of Fright Night. I liked the updating and choices made vs. what Rob Zombie tried to do with Halloween and Michael Myers as a whole. So for me, it’s Fright Night.

    • EvanDickson

      Holland wasn’t really involved. I think the credit was for his 1985 screenplay. But I agree.

  • amp69

    I actually liked the Fright Night remake – I thought Zombie’s Halloween was pointless.

  • Zombie’s Haloween all the way! Not only it is one of the few favourite new remakes there, the positives outweight the negatives! The jump scares are well done, the actors are doing a great job and Tyler Mayne is particularly frightening as MM. Fright night was just meh and remotely good

  • Bob Marshall

    The Fright Night remake was quite decent and didn’t shit on the original. Zombie’s Halloween is a mixed bag, personally I prefer the remake portion as I felt the gothic tone and Mane’s brutal Myers were great for a remake however the explanation prequel half just completely lost me, the theatrical version is a better watch than the uncut version. For me Fright Night wins by a decent margin.

  • Acealley

    Halloween was brutal in a good way. Fright Night was just plain brutal!

  • Saren Nevac

    Prefer the Zombie remake to the Fight Night one. Now with the Zombie remake, if you take out all the “my family is abusive and thats while im an un emotional killer” stuff and gave Michael a happy and perfect upbringing it would have been better. The Fright Night movie was ok, it had a crappy evil ed and the horrible Vincent Price character (preferred the original) but really i would give it almost a tie with Halloween just in front.

  • James

    I like the original Halloween but it’s not the masterpiece that everyone believes it to be. It was good by mere accident and you can’t really go “wrong” with a story that has no story. The remake is fantastic in my opinion because it took a story that teenagers today wouldn’t sit through and gave it a foundation, shocking visuals, a believable back story, and turned unbelievable characters into those that make sense. I think the psychological breakdown of a child with an abusive home life is far more interesting than a child who stabs his sister to death for no apparent reason and then grows up to never speak and stalk teenage girls. Why did he pick them? None of it really makes sense in the original. It just happened by chance to be memorable mostly because of the title and yes it was atmospherically eerie. The Fright Night remake wasn’t necessarily bad in my opinion, it was simply forgettable where the original was such a fantastic experience.

  • Josh Batchelder

    I actually loved both remakes, but I prefer Fright Night here. I feel like it has more rewatchability and it’s just fun.

  • marley’s chains

    To be fair, they were both good remakes, I liked both for the same reasons I liked the originals(halloween was straight up horror, fright night was fun horror), this is an argument that could run and run. When me and the missus sat down to watch the fright night remake we both loved it but when we watched the halloween remake she said ‘im not into this’ and went to bed after half an hour, but I loved it. Each to their own mate. If I had to choose a favorite though it would have to be halloween(myers is my favorite killer so im biased maybe) but fright night was a damn good remake too. Damn these choices. Both were good, lets all agree on that eh?

  • Zombie’s 2007 Halloween, easily.

    I know the approach to give Myers an origin story annoyed a lot of people, because Myers is supposed to be evil incarnate, so you’re killing his mystique, but I didn’t have a problem with it. I’m very critical of Zombie 9 times out of 10 (still a fan, though. lol), but it was a bold move on his part. It feels like you’re watching two movies in one: The Rise Of Michael Of Myers & a Halloween film.

    Colin Farrell’s Jerry is fun to watch, and I don’t hate the Fright Night remake. Hell, I have the thing on DVD, but they turned Charley into this unlikeable hipster douchebag, and until he accepts the fact vampires are real, Charley is a VERY unlikeable character.

    And Christopher Mintz-Plasse’s Evil Ed annoys the crap out of me. Stephen Geoffreys’ Evil Ed was funny, but Plasse was unbearable for me, and things really went downhill, when he transformed into a vampire.

    “We could’ve rocked this evil shit together!” Ugh.

  • lion7718

    Rob Zombie’s Halloween

  • David J. Booshty

    To be fair they BOTH were horrible. I would if HAD to pick Rob Zombies Halloween , despite Myers is TOO tall , too big. Gets to nonchalantly walk all around unquestioned , unchecked. Plus Zombie should us parts of Myers’s childhood that now makes us HATE Myers seemingly? And his backstory seemed unnessacary overall and took up way too much time on screen. Malcom McDowall was so awesome as usual , Brad Dourif too. The theme song redone sounded good. But the girl who played Laurie Strode was SO boring of a character. And Aidrienne Barbeau was “cut” from the movie in a cameo type scene? Huh? Jeez Rob , I love your music , House of 100 corpses was okish fun. Devils Rejects was good-ish. But your Halloween remakeish’s are really terrible. Part 2 was almost uncomphensible , even with the commentary track BY himself none the less.

  • Halloween is one of the worst remakes ever made so I’ll go with Fright Night, which I really like. It may be way too CGI heavy but it’s fun and doesn’t completely shit on the original like Halloween does. So many people talk about how Zombie’s Halloween made more sense and the original didn’t. Sounds like some people who haven’t actually watched the original in a long time. Sure, the sequels take it into the realm of nonsense but the original film does make sense. I’ll take comical CGI vampire next door over Zombie’s boring, generic, suspense-free slasher with its white trash characters and the identity crisis it suffers from.

    • marley’s chains

      Mate I watch the original halloween film all the time, its my favourite slasher of all time, but as remakes go, Rob zombies version was a well made remake. If he had made it a scene for scene remake it would have got a lot more flack, at least he tried something new. Dont get me wrong though, a new shit your pants scary reboot is needed.

      • I understand what you’re saying and I certainly didn’t want a shot for shot remake. I’m all for doing something new but new doesn’t always mean better. I love the original Halloween and I was very excited to see a new take on it but not the one we got. I’m not trying to slam you or anyone else when I talk shit about the movie. I’m just putting my opinion on the matter out there. I’m glad that even though you like Zombie’s film you love the original, too. So many people today have no respect for the original and praise Zombie’s movie as if it were some unbelievably original work of art. If it wasn’t for the original movie they wouldn’t even have his fucking remake to hold in such high regard. I also hate how so many say it’s so grounded in reality while overlooking all the reasons it’s not realistic. Again, I have no problem with people liking that movie and I appreciate that you didn’t fly into a rage and go off on me for my opinion. I just have a problem with people who cry and talk shit on those of us who don’t like Zombie’s Halloween (or its sequel). And yes, a shit your pants reboot is needed! I like that. I’m gonna use it.

  • Carmen

    Fright Night for sure, at least it was fun and followed a plot, however flawed that plot may have been. Zombie’s Halloween is just an awful mess, like three diffrent movies mashed together. Also I don’t think they allow steroids and insane amounts of weight lighting in mental hospitals. Michael Meyers looked ridiculous.

  • part6productions

    Fright Night’s definitely better. It’s so much damn fun. I can take or leave Zombies Halloween.

  • violentdope

    They both but Halloween was better imo

    • minya

      Exactly, totally agree. Halloween was lesser of two evils…

  • STRIK9

    These weak,limp wristed bitches on this site,do nothing except trash zombie at every chance they get. Zombie might not be the greatest or most original director that ever lived, but his shit IS entertaining. His version of ‘Halloween’ and it’s sequel were excellent compared to the mainstream crap that gets covered and reviewed on this site everyday. The problem is that a lot of these horror elitists don’t know shit about shit and just like to jump on the bandwagon and trash his work.That ‘fright night’ remake on the other hand is an abominable piece of shit that’s not worth anyone’s time.

    • RidleyScottIsADirector@gmail.c

      Dude, you sound like just the kind of person who I’d expect to watch and enjoy a Rob Zombie movie. “Don’t know shit about shit”. Do you also wear TapOut t-shirts and sport a goatee, by any chance? Your syntax is abominable, and your opinion is just FLAT OUT WRONG.

      Do you not realize how crazy what I just said is? I don’t normally say things like that. Opinions by definition can’t be wrong, and yet here I am, letting it be known that yours actually IS wrong. Now THAT’S when you know you have to reevaluate your taste.

      • Killyoself Asap

        Go fuck your face,dipshit. I don’t wear that weak ass shit or have a goatee.Now go kill yourself.And if I’m wrong faggot, why were both of zombie’s films in theatres and your shitbanger was straight to dvd? Nobody liked that horrible remake but your sissy ass.

        • RidleyScottIsADirector@gmail.c

          You type like the kind of dipshit who picks up an extra shift at Burger King to save up for Tom Savini’s autograph at the next Fango Con.

  • wnio

    Fright Night remake was better than the original by a long shot

    • Are you guys kidding me with the remake being better then the original Fright Night? Perhaps you don’t appreciate 80’s cheese, but no way in hell the remake was better. The remake actually sucked and felt it was made for the young teen girls who enjoy Twilight.

      Halloween remake was better.

      • wnio

        Yeah I only like a select few cheesy horror movies, Fright Night is not one of them. There are plenty of remakes better than the orignals.

  • Azmis

    I actually never got into the old Fright Night. Not when I was younger and not when I tried to rewatch it last year. I did really enjoy the remake.
    Zombie’s Halloween on the other hand trades off between juvenile empty profanity and boring, pedantic psychobabble with only a few chilling moments ever managing to deliver anything worthwhile.

  • ThunderDragoon

    Rob Zombie’s Halloween, definitely. I don’t even like the Fright Night remake.

  • Max Girardeau

    At least the Fright Night remake kept to the spirit of the orginal….

  • Sinestro

    They both kept the tone of the originals, so they were both pretty successful in that regard. But for me Halloween will always win this argument because it (like most Rob Zombie films, regardless of how divisive he can be) embraces the chaos and intensity of the fear of the film’s scenario. Zombie always chooses a great Final Girl, makes sure they can give a great scream, and he makes sure to just bask in those moments that really grab you. While the Fright Night remake is busy trying to make a big, explosive cgi finale, Rob Zombie’s Halloween is soaking up those incredible moments that really stick with you. How often do you get goosebumps from a shirtless David Tennant?? Rarely, I asssume.

  • Paige

    I would go with the Halloween Remake. It was enjoyable, if somewhat different from the original.

  • Chris Fabian

    Imma say Fright Night. Both were terrific in their own ways but Colin Ferrell was fantastic as was David Tennant. It was a modern take on the original rather than a pumped up rehash…not to say Halloween wasn’t great but Fright Night.

  • Nicolas Caiveau

    Fright Night. I think it was less kitch than the original one. I didn’t like in the first movie that vampires had way too much power, in this one it’s a bit more realistic, and there is David Tennant dressed as Criss Angel.

    While RZ’Halloween for me is a disgrace. The first half of the movie is brilliant, yep it has nothing to do with John carpenter’s masterpiece, but at least it’s 100% RZ movie, loosely based on the first movie. And then, it’s just become a basic remake. What was the point of changing everything about Myers, his origins, his force, his nature… if in the end it’s still the same movie with just a different beginning ? That was ridiculous. So I hated it in the end. But it was still much better than RZ Halloween 2….

  • Chris

    I really, really dug the Fright Night remake. I love the original, of course, but the remake was just different enough to not ‘feel’ like a remake. Colin Farrell was great in it, as was David Tennant.

    Zombie’s Halloween . . .well, I didn’t enjoy that one at all. Mostly for the reasons mentioned in the article.

  • Jonathon

    I prefer Halloween, Yeah, it had some lines that sort of made you cringe, and I don’t really like the choice of Myer’s being evil because of his bad home life, but it had some great action, and the end chase scene had some good suspense to it. I saw Fright Night when it came out and i was wanting to be good, but I could just never get into it. Whats a shame is there aren’t any Blockbusters or Hollywood Videos around so you can pick up these movies to rewatch for a few dollars

  • Jon Phil

    The New Fright Night succeeded in both taking the original story and making it new and fresh, but also in fixing some things that sucked about the original, AND it also the remake was original enough to be its own movie.
    If they decided to rename the movie and release it without saying it was a remake it would Still hold as a great movie.

    Halloween….. Interesting first half and Awful,Horrible second half thanks to Scout Taylor Compton and her bad overacting (probably because Rob Zombie asked her to be over the top)

  • Ballsfaceboi

    Fright Night had to much hype around it so I was disappointed. Yes Colin killed it. What’s his face was a good lead. But my main problem was the little time spent on Animal. ITS FOGAL FOR GODS SAKES!!!! Give the kid some screen time! But yeah it was a decent remake but not the winner. Ending was cartoonish too.

    As for the infamous Halloween remake. I have a love hate thing for it. The fact that it’s stamped with Halloween and Michael fucking Myers automatically makes it disappointing but as I grew up with the sequels and didn’t know any better it was Michael fucking Myers so who gave a shit!? I look at it as a stand alone film. If it wasn’t about Michael fucking Myers everyone would have thought it was “amazing”! The origin of a psychopath/evil then his path of destruction as an adult. Looks good on paper for a totally different monster. I can’t watch it and think of it as being a John Carpenter remake. And really you don’t realize it until the second half when as stated its a cliff notes version. Needless to say I think it’s not even close for Fright Night.

    Carpenter made your butt hole eat your insides and heart beat out your chest. Rob had you wide eyed, teeth grind, and cringing (in a good way).

  • Julian Nunez

    I think the Fright Night remake was overall better. It was fun and succeeded in doing what it wanted to do. The Halloween remake was actually not too bad in the direction it was taking in the first half, but then it decided to be a full on remake and invited comparisons to the original. I think that’s the problem with modern remakes, they tend to not fully go in a new direction and just squash the potential.

  • Lev

    In my opinion out of these 2 remakes Rob Zombie’s Halloween is the better film I love the fact that we saw how Michael became evil I loved that it showed how he went from being an semi innocent little boy killing animals to a ruthless killing machine after killing his whole family and being committed that was done very well that’s the best half of the film for me the second half where he is an adult going after his sister after escaping from Smith’s Grove Sanitarium was actually pretty fucking awesome too. I actually enjoyed this film more than the original I know alot of people might hate me for saying that but I really don’t care.

    • Evan3

      “semi innocent little boy killing animals” … Huh? Boy, you have a broad definition of innocent!!!

  • jenny

    i didn’t like the re-make of fright night, i preferred the 80s version because it seemed more real and scary. however, i’m tied with the halloween films…i like them both.

  • Tavaris M Johnson

    I’m taking Fright Night Zombie ruined Halloween!

  • VictorCrowley

    RZ Halloween. Never cared much for Fright Night.

  • Anthony Gulino

    RZ Halloween “all day and all of the night” long….

  • Evan3

    Way to head me off by eliminating the “they both suck” option. That said, you did make some interesting points, and there are certain aspects to each remake to enjoy, but overall, I can’t bring myself to say one is better than the other – both are stuck in the morass of pointless remake purgatory.

  • Primeus

    I actually just watched the original Fright Night again because it’s on Netflix. The film hasn’t held up as well as I thought it would. It still is a fun movie, but there are some serious head scratching moments in the movie. I think it’s superior to the remake but the gap isn’t as large as I once thought.

    The Halloween remake is different for me since the original film is my favorite movie of all time. I think the problem with the remake is Zombie didn’t go all the way. The first half of the movie while pretty amateur and skill-less hack worthy isn’t bad. I think it was a terrible direction to go in but It was moderately enjoyable.

    The problem with his remake is when he tries to cram John Carpenter’s Halloween into a 45mins to make up the remaining run time of his film. That is really where that film collapsed. Had he continued to go his own way with the film it would have been received better.

    I mean I don’t envy his situation. How do you remake what is deemed as one of the greatest horror movies of all time? You really have no place to go but down. He did get his chance to redeem himself in the Halloween 2 movie but he showed himself to be the talentless hack that we all knew he was.

  • Patrick Leupold

    The Halloween remake was so damn good your crazy for not seeing it, the original was great but this is a whole new look and it floored me and everyone I know in person…..

  • VTTM

    This has got to be a joke! LOL Fright Night better than Zombie’s Halloween? Go eat shit!

  • Rob Rosado

    “Fright Night” played it relatively safe, but it was highly entertaining and Colin Farrell was a worthy to Chris Sarandon. Zombie did some bold things with “Halloween”, but I didn’t care for it in the slightest. It didn’t scare or disturb me, the dialogue was cringey, and the acting (especially from the veterans) was rickety.

  • Chris Underdog

    I don’t understand that people think that Michael Myers in Rob Zombie’s HALLOWEEN remake was made evil by his upbringing? Didn’t you guys see him torture animals? Don’t you guys know anything about serial-killers? He was bad from the get-go. It wasn’t a case of an innocent boy turning evil by his stripper mom and William Forsythe as his stepfather.

    I’d go with Zombie’s Remake too. It was vicious, it was cruel and had some great supporting turns not to mention I liked Tyler Mane in the lead. It’s not perfect- neither is the sequel- but it’s not bad either.

    The FRIGHT NIGHT remake I couldn’t get into. There was no loving dynamic between Peter Vincent and the boy. The boy wasn’t sympathetic like in the original and Peter Vincent himself wasn’t funny nor were there any worthwhile scares or memorable jokes.

    • Gregory

      Exactly. Rob Zombie dares you to think (wrongly) that he focusing on the nurture argument, but in truth his Michael Myers is still evil from the get-go. It’s about seeing through the whole nurture vs. nature debate and realizing that no matter the upbringing, some people are just evil. The boldness is in placing Michael in an environment that makes you think that it’s his environment that is making him evil. Which is the easy way out and is not the case.

    • Travis

      I definitely think a step-dad like that and a stripper mom is a good recipe for a serial killer. Obviously no one is teaching him right. They are just being horrible to him and making him angrier and angrier.

  • waltereg0

    You guys criticizing the original Fright Night, saying it is kitsch or doesn’t hold up, have got something wrong with you. Maybe you’re too jaded by modern horror that you can only get into hard-core horror? That’s the only explanation of why you can’t recognize how much fun Fright Night is. It’s on my top ten horror films of the 1980s. Do you also not get movies with a similar blend of 70/30% horror/comedy, like Night Of The Creeps or Return Of The Living Dead or Night Of The Comet?

  • Paul

    Halloween by far, Rob Zombie made that movie so much darker, and actually showed Micheal’s past. I know it’s just my opinion, but I think it’s one of the only horror re-makes that actually did the original justice.

    • Jeff Rittenour

      If you call pissing in someone’s face and taking a dump in their mouth doing them justice then sure.

  • Jeff Rittenour

    Fright NIght remake was pure junk and Halloween was not needed. The ONLY thing good about Halloween was Michael “shape-ness”. The unrated version is WAY better with all the little scenes of Michael stalking put back in. Made me wish Zombie had just made a final sequel to the original series rather than a reboot. The family backstory was laughable, the EXTRA Malcom McDowell stuff was cool but the rest of the movie sucked and the sequel was dogshit.

  • Jeff Rittenour

    Also I love how everyone thinks showing how michael ‘became’ evil was better. People are so stupid and lazy nowadays. They have to have everything spelled out for them. SAD.

    • Travis

      It’s lazy to show how someone got that way rather than just make them that way and say nothing? In the original one he is a cute little kid in a perfect home with nice parents and a hot sister, doesn’t exactly spell out pure-evil, serial killer kid.

  • Gregory

    I don’t think Zombie is promoting the nurture argument. I think he’s daring you to think he is, but I think he gives enough evidence throughout that Michael is pure evil, which means he always has been and always will be. His boldness is in depicting Myers as existing in a totally different upbringing, which means that anyone, anywhere can be evil, and that one’s upbringing needn’t have anything to do with it.

    I do agree that his cliff notes version of the original Halloween is where the movie falters. Which is why his Halloween 2 is better since it is 100% his vision.

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