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5 Must-See Bands For Each Day At Rock On The Range

Tomorrow through Sunday in Columbus, OH, rock and metal fans will be descending upon the Columbus Crew Stadium for the 2014 Rock On The Range, which is celebrating its eighth year. With 60 bands performing this year, including headline performances from Guns N Roses, Kid Rock, and Avenged Sevenfold, it can get a bit hectic trying to decide who to see and at what time. So, I’ve whipped up five suggestions for each day that I feel are “must-see” acts. Head on below to check them out!


Kill Devil Hill – 12pm on the Jagermeister Stage

Featuring Rex Brown (ex-Pantera) and Vinny Appice (Dio, Black Sabbath), this supergroup band boasts some seriously stellar talent.

One Ok Rock – 3pm on the Jagermesiter Stage

This band is huge in their native Japan. Like, seriously huge. Since you never know when the next chance you’ll get to see this band, it’s worth it for this reason alone to see what other countries have to offer to the genre.

Killswitch Engage – 3:35pm on the Main Stage

Having seen these guys a few times, I can assure you they put on one hell of a fun show! Plus, they’ve got Jesse Leach back on vocals, so you know you’re into that!

Living Colour – 5:45pm on the Ernie Ball Stage

Do I really need to explain this one? Any chance you get to see this band is a chance you should be leaping on!

Down – 7:15pm on the Ernie Ball Stage

You thought Rex was the only ex-Pantera member to appear at Rock On The Range? Nope! Vocalist Phil Anselmo and his metal group Down are locked and loaded, primed to bring their New Orleans brand of ferocity to the stage and you better believe you should be there!

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