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What Is Your Favorite Horror Remake?

I can already hear the angry mob rising and see the torches and pitchforks on the horizon with this question! After all, what topic is as heated and hated as horror remakes? There have been some serious stinkers over the years but among that sea of garbage are some sparkling gems, some films that have stayed with us as excellent versions of tales that we dearly love.

So, with that, I ask you to join me as I show a few of my personal favorite horror remakes and then I want you to list some of your own favorites in the comments below!

The Ring

Gore Verbinski’s 2002 J-horror remake was critically acclaimed and a smash hit at the box office. And you know what? It was well deserved! Smart, scary, well acted, and featuring some fantastic performances, this remake took the original and gave it a great remake that is still highly entertaining!

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  • WalkingDeadGuy

    Without a doubt, ‘The Thing’! The story, acting, and practical effects are top-notch!

  • Nick M.

    Easily John Carpenter’s The Thing. I also loved The Fly, Dawn of the Dead, and Fright Night remakes.

  • Raziel_cz

    I don’t really count John Carpenter’s The Thing as a remake, almost no one saw the original 1951 movie anyway, however it sure is the best film on this list and my favourite horror.

    Dawn of the Dead is Zack Snyder’s best movie and a great zombie massacre! The Crazies are also quite good. The first title I thought of when I read ‚What’s your favourite horror remake?’ was Fright Night though. Very enjoyable horror comedy.

    • macguffin54

      Whether anyone has seen the original or not it is still a remake because, you know, it is a remake of another movie. Also, your contention that almost no one has seen the original The Thing is baloney. Many, many people have seen it. Maybe not in your circle of friends, but in the overall horror community it is hardly obscure.

  • macguffin54

    How is this different from your occasional polls where you pit one remake against another?? Sigh. Whatever. Last House on the Left, Invasion of the Body Snatchers, The Blob (in addition to The Thing, The Crazies, The Ring and Dawn of the Dead). Maybe The Hills Have Eyes, just for its gore and violence, not overall quality.

  • Mistersam

    The thing movie make me love horror genre. Love the crazy and dawn of the dead remake too.

  • CravingYourFlesh

    The Hills Have Eyes

  • Khy

    The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Come on Jessica Biel/Platinum Dunes haters- it was and still is a very good film that stands on its own. Easily the only truly good reboot from Platinum Dunes. Their Amityville was really great and fun back in ’05 but it really hasn’t held up much and their Hitcher & Friday reboots weren’t that memorable. I’m not even going to talk about their Nightmare which put them on EVERYONE’S shitlist.

  • eagleye25

    Other than The Thing (obviously), my favorite horror “remake” is Evil Dead.

  • Gabbi Cordero

    as much as i love the fly/blob/thing trinity that offers the blue print of what a remake should be, i’d have to go with dawn of the dead ’04, if for no other reason that the fact that this film appeared at a time during the remake craze hollywood was going through, recycling our classics. yet dawn of the dead pays tribute to its source material WHILE carving it’s own path, something too many counterfeit knock offs can’t seem to understand. this film represents what Today’s remakes should be.

    and while dawn of the dead’s premise is remade, its cast is all its own. it proves that you can have a solid ensemble cast of colorful characters that the audience is invested in. all of this coming from modern filming is damn near unheard of.

  • zafisher94

    I agree with all those on the list, plus I’d add:

    -Halloween (2007): I don’t care what the haters say, this was a well done film. No one can match the style and aesthetic of Carpenter’s original, so what’s the point? Zombie made it a worthy remake because he didn’t try to copy, but rather flipped it and gave us a gritty, brutal, and intense film. I love almost everything about the film, and most importantly grateful for making Michael Myers terrifying again.

    -The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003): I like this movie for many of the same reasons I enjoyed the Halloween remake, in that it wasn’t trying to clone the original. Is it perfect? No, but it does offer a unique take on the Leatherface mythos while maintaining an immense feeling of dread and fear.

    -Evil Dead (2013): I was never a huge fan of the original (although I do enjoy watching it every now and then) so it was a bit easier for me to accept this one, but I think they did a phenomenal job. Despite it being a remake, and I use that term loosely, it feels surprisingly fresh and was one of favorite films of last year.

    -Carrie (2013): I thought this film had a great cast and awesome atmosphere. The biggest compliment I can give this film is that I’m more inclined to watch this version than the original (which has not aged too well IMO).

    • marklola12 .

      ah wash your mouth out, the new carrie was horrid, the deaths were crap but the cgi totally ruined it lol

      • Khy

        Other than the deaths and cgi, everything else was good. Carrie at the core is about something more than “OMGZ KEWLZ DEATHS”.

    • tyler

      Completely agree with Halloween, Texas Chainsaw, and Carrie. I never watched the original Evil Dead so I can’t compare that. Zombie really did bring Halloween in to the new generation very well I thought. I really loved 2013’s Carrie mainly because the actors. They couldn’t have had a better cast (in my opinion). As good as the original was, you are are right – it has not aged well at all! Carrie is too good of a story to just let die. My only wish that they would have done with the remake is for her to go all out at the end. Made the deaths, blood, and gore look like a “Saw” or “Final Destination” film. They knew that’d piss too many people off which is I’m sure why they didn’t.

  • marklola12 .

    mine is invasion of the body snatchers the 1978 version, its better than the original which was not chilling or scary and its better then the newer versions also
    I love it, the directing, the music everything is great and chilling to watch

  • SuperKilla

    My Bloody Valentine in 2D or 3D
    Mother’s Day even though it is loose remake I like it better
    And as others mentioned
    The Hills Have Eyes I like as much as the original
    The Thing
    Last House on the Left
    And I actually like the Amityville Horror remake
    I like Dawn of the Dead remake but not more than the original.

  • Stoibs

    The Thing (1982)
    The Fly (1986)
    Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978)
    These three are improvements on the originals. Even though other remakes are good, they aren’t better than the original.

  • Krove

    The Hills Have Eyes (2006) Great remake, and a big improvement from the Original. One of Alex Aja’s best work!

    Dawn of the Dead (2004) I’ve never been a big fan of the original, so I loved this one! One of the best modern zombie films.

    Evil Dead (2013) Really good, and bloody!

    Texas Chainsaw (2003) My all time remake favorite! I love leatherface in this one.

  • dawn of the dead, evil dead, those are the only ones i could bare to watch, oldboy wasnt too bad either

  • zigwardScissorHands

    Pretty much the answers I expected (hoped) to see here. The Thing, The Fly, Dawn of the Dead and I would also like to add The Blob. It’s not better than the original just a different take. I like it and the original Blob for different reasons.

    I’ve found very few modern remakes stand the test of time. They come out so frequently, have five minutes of fame but they are forgotten about so quickly while the original remains strong.

  • Nicolas Caiveau

    The Hills Have Eyes remake was even better than the original !

  • tyler

    “Village of the Damned!” Although the remake is becoming outdated now it was still a far and scarier improvement from the original! “House on Haunted Hill” also – mainly because Famke Jansen was in it of course.

  • Maniac, The Hills Have Eyes, TCM 2003, My Bloody Valentine 3D, The Thing, Dawn Of The Dead, Let Me In, The Ring, Fright Night (go ahead and hate, I don’t care) and Evil Dead. To a lesser extent, I found remakes like The Amityville Horror, The Last House On The Left, Piranha, House On Haunted Hill, Quarantine (can’t ever beat REC, though) and Sorority Row (typical 90’s slasher fare but I dug the Mean Girls meets Scream and I Know What You Did Last Summer tone of the movie) to be enjoyable.

  • Fantasma George

    So other than echoing The Thing, the Funny Games remake with Naomi Watts and Michael Pitt. What’s important about it is the language and the script, the references to Beavis & Butt-Head just work better in English.

  • J Jett

    for me DAWN OF THE DEAD is my #1 favorite but it’s almost tied with Carpenter’s THE THING. they are my 2 faves.

    but there are tons of good remakes:


  • Krug09

    Obviously Last House on the Left… LOL no but there have been some good remakes. Besides “Last House”. I enjoyed a lot but only a few are my favorites. I enjoyed The Texas Chainsaw Massacre a lot and own the DVD since it was released on the 2 disc set. Awesome set!

    Other movies i don’t own but will someday and enjoy. The Ring, Dawn of the dead, and The Thing. Very good remakes.

  • M M

    Great list. I’d have to add maniac, Texas chainsaw massacre, hills have eyes, evil dead, and the blob.

  • Bobbi Haines Lekhmus

    13 Ghosts

  • Bobbi Haines Lekhmus

    Oh & Ghost Ship

  • N1ghtmar3Freak

    Oh that’s easy!
    -Nightmare on Elm Street (2010), Rob Zombie’s Halloween and Halloween II, Prom Night..
    And I’m just fucking with ya.
    No but in all seriousness, I’d definitely go with The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003), The Crazies (2010) and Evil Dead (2013). I’m not much of a remake fan but those 3 would have to be my top favorite to date.

    • eagleye25

      haha. well played sir.

    • Chrissie-Watkins

      Thank you for not being serious about the Halloween remakes. There was a remake of Prom Night?

      • N1ghtmar3Freak

        Yep! It came out in 2008 I believe.

    • J Jett

      N1ghtmar3Freak, LOL! 🙂

  • Frank Fox

    I’m a little surprised not to have seen ‘House of Wax’ on here. Sure, a loose remake, but it’s a relatively brutal slasher and fun movie.

    • Bryant Low

      Agreed Frank. There’s a lot to like about House of Wax especially that spectacular climax and of course the undeniable pleasure of watching Paris Hilton getting killed.

    • S_am_S

      I love this remake as well. It was fun, well-paced, and shot really well. It’s a cool little film (and just added to HBOGO).

    • J Jett

      Frank, i meant to add HOUSE OF WAX in my list! that movie was awesome! i can’t believe how brutal some of the kills are in that. a very good and beautifully shot movie!

  • ThunderDragoon

    Evil Dead, Last House on the Left, My Bloody Valentine, Halloween, F13, NOES, The Grudge, Dawn of the Dead, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Fly, and I’ll add The Thing too even though I haven’t seen the original. It’s better than the original anyway, right? I completely forgot about that movie The Crazies, I don’t know why because I really liked it. Never saw the original, though.

  • If I had to choose one, I’d probably go “Night of the Living Dead” remake. The 90’s one. The original definitely needed some sprucing up. Not like all the remakes we get today. After that, Dawn of the Dead, TCM. I’m not big on remakes, so gonna stop there.

  • James Bradford

    The Thing(1982) is the epitome of a remake. It does everything right, while keeping and intensifying the tension and mystery of the original. the perfect remake.

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  • Leebo

    The Thing.

    That is all…..

  • CTHL

    Gotta be honest, I actually like remakes. I don’t get the hate… it’s not like it erases the old movie, and typically provides a different experience (even the Psycho shot-for-shot remake, though I didn’t like it, managed to be its own movie… else it’d be rated as highly as the original :-P).

    Some favorites though…

    JC’s The Thing, obviously (I also liked the re-premake!).
    The Grudge (LOVE it, more than Ju-on itself, and is my modern Exorcist. Haters be damned)
    The Hills Have Eyes
    The Fly
    The Ring
    Dawn of the Dead
    Savini’s Night of the Living Dead
    Evil Dead
    etc… many more.

    And maybe a bit odd, but… Little Shop of Horrors. From horror to a musical comedy, does that count?

  • Wizard of Gore: better casting, better special effects, and an actual plot this time around!

    Let the right one in: looks at different elements from the book than the original movie.

  • Odd Prime

    I always thought that Thirteen Ghosts and House on Haunted Hill were awesome remakes. Dark Castle had a good thing going for a while there..

  • part6productions

    I’ll do my top five:

    5. Fright night
    4. The hills have eyes
    3. The thing
    2. Invasion of the body snatchers ’78
    1. Dawn of the dead

  • Sarah Mulally

    1. Dawn of the Dead
    2. Night of the Living Dead (1990)
    3. House on Haunted Hill
    4. House of Wax
    5. 13 Ghosts

    I need to see Fright Night now! I didn’t know it was any good. The WORST remake is definitely The Haunting. The original was so, so great.

    • You should definitely check out the Fright Night remake. It gets a lot of shit but I (and a number of people here) really like it. It’s not better than the original and it’s not perfect (too much CGI and couple of not so great character choices) but I think it’s ultimately a fun way to spend an hour and 45 minutes. I’ve always felt like the original was Rear Window with a vampire and the kind of great comedy that can appeal to a wide array of ages. The remake is more Disturbia (Rear Window for the modern generation) with a vampire and a more modern Superbad-esque brand of R-rated humor to appeal to the generation coming up on Seth Rogen movies. And it doesn’t have anywhere near the heart and soul the original film does. But overall it’s an enjoyable comedy horror flick that I love to watch back to back with the original. Sorry for rambling. 🙂

      • Sarah Mulally

        Thanks for the info! And no offense taken– I didn’t think anything of it. I am a child of the 80s, and I actually think I saw Fright Night on video disc for the first time– great movie. I know I DEFINITELY saw the original Friday the 13th on video disc– when I was 8. Not inappropriate at all! LOL.

        • Hey, sometimes horror gets you when you’re young. It got me at 6 or 7 years old. I love to tell people that my nephews, who are 8 and 5, are into horror. They love Scream, The Lost Boys, Fright Night, The Craft, Child’s Play and The Cabin In The Woods (all of which are more fun fare with great comedic elements rather than overly dark and grim) but they’re on their way. They even like the Evil Dead remake. As you can imagine, I’m very proud! But they want no part of stuff like The Conjuring or Insidious. They say those look too scary. Other than the ED remake they don’t want to see anything with ghosts or demons.

    • P.S. I’m sorry if any part of my comment reads like an implication that you haven’t seen the original. That wasn’t the intention, I was just trying to give you an idea of how the movies differ.

  • Corey Cass

    I spit on your grave, TCM, Evil Dead

  • Number1sikko

    Evil Dead, The Crazies, Last House on the Left, The Hills Have Eyes, and Dawn of the Dead

  • ProwlerInTheYard

    The Thing (Carpenter)
    Evil Dead
    The Hills Have Eyes
    The Blob
    Dawn Of The Dead

  • Adam Paquette

    evil dead, night of the living dead, friday the 13th, the hills have eyes are all good

  • joelwaters

    The Blob (1988)
    Night Of The Living Dead (1990)
    Body Snatchers(1993)
    The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
    The Hills Have Eyes
    The Crazies
    Evil Dead

  • SemajTheSellout

    I’m loving the Evil Dead love here. I know a lot of ppl were giving it hell solely for being a remake and not having a charismatic lead. But I think the actors as a whole were much better. Maybe they didn’t have the fun, but hammy Bruce Campbell but I liked that about this film.

    I also love Halloween 2007. Sure the last 1/4 of the film was a rushed and inferior but the new Michael Myers was more menacing IMO. And from the opening credits til he killed Laurie’s adoptive parents, it was pretty fun. I wouldn’t call H2 a remake but I liked it too. Not the first time but upon multiple viewings, I appreciated the atmosphere and the visuals.

    I remember liking The Hills Have Eyes but that movie has completely left my mind along w/ The Crazies. I gotta give them another watch.

    • Evil Dead 2013 rocked and I personally loved Jane Levy as Mia. She went from a junkie to demon possessed to final girl with a chainsaw. What’s not to love?

  • Skull-And-Crossbones

    i actually like a lot of remakes some of them are: (in no order)

    dawn of the dead
    house on haunted hill
    thirteen ghosts
    the thing
    evil dead
    the texas chainsaw massacre
    the crazies
    the ring
    piranha 3d
    my bloody valentine
    night of the demons
    silent night
    black christmas was ok

    • brewers_rule

      The Thing was freakin’ awesome even though it bore little resemblance to the original version. That movie’s dvd extras are some of the best I’ve ever invested in. It’s really amazing how people had to actually use their creative minds to create special effects years ago without stretching budgets & keeping viewers engaged like they did in that movie. I wish the recent prequel made more bank so we could see more of that subject in theaters in the future.

      • robthom

        “I wish the recent prequel made more bank…”

        I dont really see how you can look at something like JC’s the Thing, and then look at that prequel and say that you’d like them to make another one?

        You found them generally equivalent?
        Or you just dont care how many times they take an isht on it.

        If you need more Thing in your life try the comic sequals.
        I haven’t actually read them but they looked alright.

        • brewers_rule

          I don’t regard the prequel as an attempt to recreate JC’s version as some claimed it was. It was was they said it was going to be: the story of what happened to the “Swedes” that led up to the dog fleeing to JC’s scientist camp. From that aspect, it was a fine addition that kept with the elements of Carpenter’s film (he gave the film his blessing).
          There’s room to take both storylines further in a strict sequel to JC’s movie where a rescue team finds what’s left of both camps and runs into Kate Lloyd wherever she ends up. You could then see the further paranoia as the beast begins replicating & replacing humans as you backfill what happened to it in both camps, morphing it from a horror paranoia theme to more of a survival/apocalyptic take both films alluded to should the alien reach populated areas. Both aspects of that would be a natural extension, I think, and, in fact, has been touched on by the Playstation/X-Box 2002 game. I never played it but the plot description sounds like what I’d aim for in a sequel with elements of the prequel wrapped in somehow. If done correctly with a good writer & Carpenter’s influence, it could be great.
          I’ve heard of the comics but haven’t looked into buying them.

    • robthom

      Thats a comprehensive list of over produced, non-creative trash.

      How old are you?
      13 to early 20’s?

      Its unfortunate that hollywood is making a profit off of young peoples inexperience by stripping all the soul and creativity out of classic properties that took artistic endeavor, sacrifice and determination to uniquelly create,
      and then shellacking the skeleton in skater metal, videogame graphics and 90210 actors.

      They grow up with a distorted view of quality, originality and the effort it took to achieve those things.

  • Un Gsund

    the hills have eyes- the best remake in modern cinema imo… and of course the blob and carpenters thing..

    • robthom

      The Blob was decent mid 80’s lower expectation sci-fi.
      It was good, not great.
      (Although young Shawnee Smith WAS incredibly great.)

      I liked that and the Invaders from Mars remake had its lower expectation charms.

  • Chrissie-Watkins

    If BD does a poll on the WORST remake, the internet will explode.

    • Oh, fuck yeah, I wish they would. I’ve got a couple for that list.

  • GRIM

    My personal favorite horror remake is 2013’s Maniac. I loved everything from the actors to the soundtrack and everything in between.

    • 100% agree. Maniac was fantastic. Elijah Wood killed it (or scalped it, rather).

    • Totally agree! The soundtrack to that film was just utterly gorgeous.

  • Jerome Radosh

    John Carpenter’s The Thing and The Fly (1986) are two of the best. Two examples of why all remakes don’t suck. I think I like The Thing more but both are awesome.

  • Personally, I think we should stop praising remakes and take a stand against them.

  • bdwolfe312

    Not sure why Ring or Crazies is even on this list…

    • devilgod

      The Ring as great, but The Crazies? Now that is just crazy…

  • robthom

    The Thing.
    Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

    Those are probably the only 2 remakes I’ve seen, horror or otherwise that justify the concept at all. And 2 out of hundreds doesn’t seem to justify the concept at all either.

    I liked Cronenbergs Fly well enough,
    Its a good movie.
    But its not really a fave of mine, its not even my fave Cronenberg movie.

    And kind of like Cronenbergs the Fly, the Coens True Grit was a good movie. Wasn’t their best and arguably not all that necessary.
    They could have been doing something better.

  • CrackTheSkye1990

    The Hills Have Eyes, The Last House on the Left, Evil Dead, The Thing, The Fly, Let Me In, I Spit On Your Grave, The Crazies

    People forget, the problem isn’t that there’s remakes. The problem is who’s making them and how they’re made. Unfortunately, a lot of them were watered down and ditched what was good about the original. The Fog was one of the worst ones I’d seen along with A Nightmare on Elm Street. Hopefully the Friday The 13th reboot next year actually does justice. I’m surprised they actually picked David Bruckner. Usually, Platinum Dunes just use commercial or music video directors.

  • Adrian Sewell

    The Thing (1982), Invasion Of The Body Snatchers (1978), Friday The 13th (2009), My Bloody Valentine, Sorority Row,

    • Adrian Sewell

      Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2003) and Dawn Of The Dead also lol

  • Jeff Wheaton

    The Fly
    The Thing
    The Blob

  • Derek Behrends

    The Hills Have Eyes! I remember being blown away by it, so I figured the original would be even more amazing. I was not impressed.
    I also love the Evil Dead remake, because it took the original concept and elevated the violence, while still paying homage to the original throughout.
    Other favorites include: My Bloody Valentine, Last House on the Left, Funny Games,Let the Right One In/ Let Me In, and Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

  • Alisa Alisa

    Robot Unicorn Attack

    Upon loading up the game and probably startling Google Chrome itself with the absurdness of what I was playing, the word disappointment temporarily fell out of my vocabulary because after even 30 seconds of playing my head was filled with rainbows, amazement, and awe at how simultaneously simple and entertaining the experience was. Aside from the frightening array of colours that would distress even the hardiest of retinas, everything about this game is unbelievably simple and easy to grasp. Taking the fact that you are a mechanical unicorn as given, you are thrown into a bubblegum world of fantasy and sparkle which, upon witnessing it with your own eyes, will make you understand what those Skittles talk about when they bang on about ”tasting the rainbow”. As a robot unicorn, your job is to simply run endlessly across terrain, jumping intermittently when the ground beneath you ends and landing on the next platform. The jumps become increasingly difficult as you progress, with terrain and giant star-shaped obstacles getting in your way.

  • EmPleH

    The Hills Have Thighs
    Evil Head
    The Blair Bitch Project
    Erotic Nights of the Living Dead
    A Wet Dream on Elm Street

    Whoops! Wrong list…..

  • Kim

    Friday the 13th…simply cause Jason can run now! Lol

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