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What Video Games Do You Want To See Turned Into Horror Movies?

Horror video games can be some of the best, most shining examples of how the genre can terrify and immerse a viewer. Admittedly, the nature of video games means that you, the player, are part of the experience rather than simply watching it. But there are very few times that I’ve been as scared by a movie as I have been by a video game.

Admittedly, most video game to film adaptations are absolutely dreadful. But if one were to assume that it would be done properly, what video games would you love to see reach the silver screen?

That’s the discussion I’d like to open this Sunday! I’ve got a few choices below, so head on down to check them out and then leave your suggestions in the comments!

Resident Evil

Yes, I know we have a current franchise with the Resident Evil name. However, that series went downhill VERY quickly. And, even in the beginning, it felt like it had nothing to do with the game series. I want a REAL Resident Evil movie. I want a huge creepy mansion with traps and puzzles. I want terror around every corner. I want something scary, not something action-packed. Someone get to work on that!

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  • ‘Super Smash Bros” ………….make it like a dark Mortal Kombat!

    • Lyle Chip Chipperson

      That would be fwakin funny. Kirby just gets falcon punched right into Princess Peaches c*nt. tttsssssssss I beat her cooter was as sweat as peaches tttsssss

  • Nick M.

    not really horror, but I’d love to see an epic Lord of the Rings-esque Legend of Zelda movie.

    • brewers_rule

      That’s another one I’m surprised hasn’t been made especially with the hobbit popularity of late.

  • REC03


  • Marco Arizpe

    Amnesia: The Dark Descent may be interesting

  • Jake

    Outlast would be a crazy movie. Toss in the Forest for good measures.

  • chungnuts

    Maniac Mansion!!!

  • Sick_skwerl

    Dead Space

  • VictorCrowley

    I think Van Helsing is the closest thing to a Castlevania movie there is at the moment. I remember sensing a certain familiar feel when I watched it, especially the soundtrack. Lots of Castlevania elements there. Personally I’d rather not see Hollywood do a genuine movie of it, as I know what it will end up being (shit).

    • Chandler Of-Adelaide

      And that’s the biggest problem here. Jonathan and most of the commentators are either ignoring or unware of the fact that a lot of these horror games that are often mentioned as needing a proper movie adaptation wouldn’t work. They’d be campy cheese-fests and the only way to make them work in a serious professional manner would be to scrap/rewrite a lot of material to which these same people would ultimately complain that “it’s not the same, they changed too much”.

  • RawBeard

    I would like Edgar Wright to direct a Ghouls’N Ghosts movie with Nick Frost playing Arthur. I would also like to see films based on Dead Space and Devil May Cry.

  • CorkBlisters

    Alan Wake. Dead Space.

  • Fantasma George

    Okay so Dead Island’s already getting a movie, and it’s gonna be about the family in that prequel trailer in reverse, which is okay I’ll watch it whatever. But I don’t think that even though it’s a prequel from the game and the main characters won’t show up, neither will Sinamoi, and that’s my real problem because there should be an entire movie about him!

    I think what I want is that at the same time that movie with the family gets released, have SyFy show another one really low budget and campy centered on Sinamoi saving every woman he can get his hands on from the zombies before he runs into Sam and the gang!

  • EmPleH

    Monster Party from the NES.

  • AfterTheAsylum

    1) Rule of Rose
    2) Haunting Ground
    3) Cold Fear

  • jasonlives314

    Castlevania would be great if they did it correctly, but that script that was circulating a few years back was absolute shit. I think Phantasmagoria (the old PC game would be awesome or Splatterhouse.

  • Rick-Taylor


    • baronterror

      This is it. If it was done well, and I do not mean expensive or computer effects, but written well with an understanding of what inspired it and what it was, not just some over the top gore fest, I would love it. I see more Re-animator in this than anything. I’d love it.

      • dangerzone79

        This was my 1st choice too. Well done.

  • lepromatous

    Ghosts N Goblins! — or Megaman.

    • Bobby Jones

      Ghosts N Goblins, I’d like to know how it ends since I never got close to finishing it

    • brewers_rule

      Megaman? I guess it could get horrific if Scissor Man lost his marbles & started slicing and dicing some teens.

  • tyler


  • ThunderDragoon

    I agree with you on Resident Evil and American McGee’s Alice. Those would be amazing. As my answer, I was going to say Fatal Frame, but they released a trailer for one out of left field recently lol. Another answer of mine would have to be both Parasite Eve and Dino Crisis. I would love to see those two on the big screen.

  • Devon Morgan

    Alan Wake, Metro, Condemned, Amnesia

  • 3nky

    Sanitarium et de loin

  • 3nky

    or Legacy Of Cain

  • Agent_Of_Anarchy

    I’m surprised noone has made Manhunt (ps2). Seriously twisted shit! PIGGSY!

  • DEMENTO/Haunting Ground, Clock Tower (because I highly doubt that the film that’s been in hell for so long will ever actually happen)…. Hell, even Drag-on Dragoon/Drakengard would prove to be a weird but interesting horror film or television series.

    Practically any of Suda51’s games could be made into a horror film. His initial Twilight Syndrome series already has a couple of films in Japan.

    A Shin Megami Tensei horror film could also be entirely possible too, I think.

  • Werewolf

    I’ve been waiting for a Castlevania film for thirty years. Not that continuity raping Lords of Shadow crapfest Kojima excreted on us either. Anything between the original and Symphony of the Night. That or Nightmare Creatures.

    • brewers_rule

      I’ve been shocked Castlevania hasn’t been made into a big budget movie by now too. Probably not horror but considering the fantasy-based movies of late (hobbits, potter etc) you’d think there would be a decent writer that could put together a good Van Helsing-like adventure film by now for it.

  • Weresmurf

    I want Resident Evil to get turned into a horror movie! God knows it hasn’t happened yet…

    • Taboo

      The first one was pretty horror-ish to me..

      • james.mcintosh

        the darkness

  • Stephen Lambrechts

    To be honest, none. I’d much rather see classic horror movies made into video games than the other way around.

    • Agreed, I know it wasn’t a directed adaptation (or licensed really) but the first Dead Rising was really cool because it was as close to a Dawn of the Dead game as we’ll even see.

    • julia-1985

      Best Sellers in Video Games

  • Chandler Of-Adelaide

    How does anyone expect a RE game to be made into a decent horror flick? Honestly, what in those games apart from the visual aspect of the zombies and enemies could possibly translate well into a film. Bad dialogue, bad plots, the completely illogical use of “puzzles” that require running back and forth a million times over….the games are fun but there is very little good material to actually work with to make a good movie. Even the cg movies are cheesy action fests.

  • Taboo

    Dead Space would be cool!

  • Great list. I liked that a couple of curve balls (mcgee’s alice/Castlevania) were thrown in with the obvious pics.

    I think Silent Hill would be that defining game-to-film adaptation that if done right would do for games what dark knight did for comic book movies

    While we’re talking Vampires, Legacy of Kain should be in the conversation.

    In terms of action horror Doom should get a fair shake and throw in F.E.A.R. for some J-horror goodness.

    Prototype as a horror movie could also work

  • Un Gsund


  • Adam Trzinski

    Majora’s Fucking Mask. The creepiest game of anyone’s childhood.

  • DST

    spaltterhouse….manhunt……ooo so many

  • Parasite Eve!

  • Benny van der Ven

    Lets hope Hollywood never gets its corporate, greedy biased little hands on any of these “projects” If ever one of these games is turned into a movie. See what they did to an incredible game like Max Payne. They turned it into a movie. A fucking dumbed down, run of the mill, stupid action movie. Wich had nothing to do with the original source material. Its obvious that Hollywood isn’t interested anymore in a good script or a well written scenario or solid acting. Hollywood is dead. – I think its better that a independent movie studio should try to make a movie. They may not have as much money or the latest special fx. But it could be alot more entertaining …Hell, I’ve even seen guys on youtube make better (fan) films then fucking Hollywood. – What I would like to see turned into a movie is “Half Life” both 1 and 2, Bioshock, Doom (And now do it propper) Ghost ‘n Goblins and Dead Space amongst others…

  • Joshua Alt


  • Mike Cadaver

    Clive Barker’s Undying

  • Dark Seed or Phantasmagoria would be good… Although if done properly Monkey Island would be awesome…

  • SaltSlasher

    I don’t always need big block busters. I loved Devil May Cry the anime. It wasn’t what I specifically wanted, but these games need to be like Star Wars, and spread to other mediums. No point in just making games (even though some of these are defunct games).

    I just wished there were more people who would like Resident Evil animation. I love them, just like the Dead Space ones. Yeah they could both use a new franchise and on the big screen, but sometimes it doesn’t happen cause directors and producers are idiots.

  • Brandon Anderson

    It’s not horror but Metal Gear Solid needs to be made into a movie already.

  • Gonzalo
  • zonilo1 .

    Well as for American Mcgee’s Alice, Well Mcgee himself already bought the film rights which they’re not only making animated shorts of “Alice in Otherlands” but also Mcgee is looking into the Chinese film industry to making a film adaption of Alice but according his recent kickstarter update, he’s running into problems with it.


    The exact quote:

    “Progress on the feature film has come to a temporary halt. Due to the nature of the license option we’ve secured we can only develop the feature film story and production so far – then must acquire the film rights completely before proceeding further. That being the case, I am working with potential investors and financiers to gather the required funding ($400kUSD) so that we can move to the next phase of development. While it is frustrating to be blocked by a contract technicality, it’s not unexpected and it’s certainly not insurmountable. With the work we’ve done so far, people we’ve attracted to the production, and level of support we have from the community, we have an attractive pitch for potential investors. Keep those fingers crossed!”

  • Peter O’shea

    Dead space, F.E.A.R. would be awesome movies if done right . Also i’d love to see a ressitance movie and most of all God of war and Gears of war , they would be absolutely insane :-D.

  • JB

    The Last Of Us

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  • joelwaters

    Outlast and Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly

  • Efti Hia

    Fallout 3!

  • Master99

    Killing Time would make a great horror movie…… Heck I would be happen if they just remade the game for a current system.

  • Jeremy Wade

    shadows of the damned, bioshock, the darkness, splatterhouse, count down vampires. alan wake. dark sector dead space.

  • Starland sound

    Alone in the dark…

    OH!! and TWILIGHT 2000!

  • IronicglassesWearer

    Rule of Rose, Ib would be intersting and probably Saya no Uta, and who’s brave anough for Yume NikkiXD?