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Which Godzilla Kaiju Are You?


Last week we asked “What Kind Of Zombie Are You?” and a ton of you got to figure out what type of undead brain eater you’d end up being. This week, we want to go larger than life and find out what destroyer of cities you’d be! Below is a quiz that asks, “Which Godzilla Kaiju Are You?” Head on below to get your answer!

I got Rodan, which states the following:

A Drifter and a Loner, you’re the definition of ‘cool’ and absolutely ooze charisma. You live life in the fast lane, and are on a constant hunt for the next big thrill. Others find your aura irresistibly magnetic, yet you’d rather just be left to your own devices. The further you push people away, the closer they want to be. Selfish? Maybe… But you’re flying too fast to care.

Basically, I’m the 80’s cool kid who got the hot girl without trying…because he literally did nothing to try and get her.

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  • J Jett

    i’m MOTHRA!

    Wise and Empathetic, you are a graceful goddess amongst mortals. One
    with the Earth, you identify with nature and its inhabitants, and do not
    place your importance above their own. Despite your regal nature, you
    are humble and kind. Your friends and colleagues enjoy your soothing,
    motherly presence – and often call on you with help solving problems.

  • LittleHellion

    I got Mechagodzilla!

  • Fantasma George

    The Hell? I got Godzilla himself and I picked a lot of evil choices…

    I wanted Hedorah or King Ghidorah!

  • Marco Arizpe

    Gigan, I can dig it.

  • Chandler Of-Adelaide

    Gigan ftw!!

  • VictorCrowley

    Godzilla! Works for me.

    A true leader, even if you don’t want to be. You’re headstrong, confident, and tend to have an immediate sense of whether something is right or wrong. Others look to you for strength and inspiration. Few can match your city-stomping talents, and your timeless nature captivates all who share in your presence. After all, you are King of the Monsters.

  • Dave IsGhost

    King Kong

  • Sick_skwerl

    Ghidora, destroyer of worlds

  • ChasingTheGhost

    Gigan! My favorite.

  • Jake


    • simmonsdiane22

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  • Paige


  • ThunderDragoon

    Gigan. The description makes me feel like the worst person ever lol. I am a pessimist, though, so it makes sense.

    • James Allard

      Description (same btw) sounds a lot like me…

    • Chrissie-Watkins

      I got the same! Together we can destroy the world, hahaha!

  • Ga5ton

    I got Mothra, it seems like i’m a nice person . . . I feel like a wuss now

  • Jalon J

    Yay Godzilla

  • WoepWoep


  • Amnesiac Kid

    oh no…godzilla 😀 i wanted to be sauron 😛

  • crizero

    I just found out today that I am King Kong….hmmm…that explains a lot.

  • Steve

    Gigan wtf ? Is that even a monster ? The monster who wears a vest … I would rather be a slug …

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