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Top 5 ‘Friday The 13th’ Clichés From Dog Fashion Disco’s Todd Smith

I remember seeing Dog Fashion Disco years and years ago when they opened up for Lacuna Coil in 2003 and I was just blown away. I went to the merch booth and bought every CD that was available, spinning them for weeks, obsessing over the evil circus metal vibe that oozed from every song.

Now, Dog Fashion Disco is back with Sweet Nothings their first new album since 2006’s Adultery. To celebrate this release, vocalist Todd Smith has crafted an awesome list of the Top 5 Friday The 13th Clichés, which you can read below! Check them out and leave your thoughts in the comments.

You can snag the band’s latest album Sweet Nothings via Indie Merch.

1. Feeling compelled in the dark to walk toward the “strange sound” while saying “Hello, is anyone there?”

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  • joesey

    there’s also always a damn cat being thrown out for a fake scare

  • J Jett

    actually Jeff & Sandra had already completed…..well, let’s just say they were finished when Jason killed them in part 2. lol. wait, now that i think about it, Jason often tends to wait until the couple is finished before killing them (Jimmy & Tina or was it Terri…Doug & Sarah from part 4….Elizabeth Kaitan’s Robin and the stoner guy in part 7, etc, etc, etc.). LOL.

    see? Jason CAN be considerate. 🙂

  • J Jett

    wait, how often has the Jason momentarily thinking a victim (like Ginny) was his mother thing happened and how is that cliche exactly? part 2 and the reboot right? Ginny’s doing that in the superb part 2 was pretty original (for me at least) and it actually showed a would be female victim actually relying on brains rather than her being a total bimbo crying out for a male character to help her.

  • ChasingTheGhost

    Todd is a fucking awesome guy, met him this year when DFD came to Arizona.

  • ThunderDragoon

    They have an interesting sound, I’ll give them that. It’s as if somebody wanted to make music that sounded like it came from The Nightmare Before Christmas. It’s cool.

  • Catherine_tech

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