BD Playlist: Bree Vol. 1 - Bloody Disgusting!

BD Playlist: Bree Vol. 1

It’s Monday, so that means we’ve got some amazing music recommendations for you lovely readers! This week comes from comic section contributor Bree Ogden, who has put together a great list of music you should all check out! From electronic to rap, indie to emo (kinda), Bree has whipped up a great list of music that you should be checking out, so get below and hit ‘Play’!

Girl Talk – All Day

My brain is so wired with Girl Talk that it’s fairly common for me to be halfway through this song before I realize how instinctual it was to start playing it in the first place. Most everything that Girl Talk plays is unreal—capturing the most insane musical ear—but Jump on Stage, in particular, essentially interprets every single emotion you could conceive of experiencing in one day. Sometimes I listen to it and it feels like a Jock Jam, other times I listen and it feels like an emotional kick in the balls. Whatever. I want it all the time.