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What Horror Movie Are You Still Wishing For?

In a sea of unnecessary sequels, remakes, and unoriginal story lines, there are still gems in horror that spark the imagination and worm their way under the skin. It’s movies that make us scared to go into a dark room, to walk down a hallway full of wide open doors, to come up from the basement without running up the stairs, that bring us joy and wonder.

Several times there are movies that are promised that fill our hearts and minds with wonder that such a thought might even be considered. But those promises go unfulfilled and we’re left with a yearning that can never be satisfied.

With that in mind, I want to bring four movies that I’m still wishing would happen. Check out my list and then let me know what movies you wish would come to fruition!

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  • Dennis Giles

    Seriously please NO “Jaws” reboot/remake ..this a one of my all time fav’s!!!!

    • Not a reboot or a remake, just another entry, that’s what I want. I think, if done properly, it could be rather incredible!

      • Jacob

        I agree. I’ve always wanted a prequel concerning Quint’s monologue about the Indianapolis. I think it could potentially bring us back to the franchise’s roots and give us a real, terrifying film that’d bring horror back to the shark genre.

        • Now THAT is an idea I didn’t think of that could be amazing!

      • Adam Nixon

        I actually think now would be the ideal time for another “Jaws” film. Especially as we’re at a time where nostalgia is pretty big. I’d love to see a sequel that ignored the third and fourth films and instead just focused on being an honest follow-up to the first two entries. Maybe bring back Hooper as a central character? (It’d be quite easy to write his character back in. They could give him a good suplot to bring the franchise full circle. Perhaps he’s facing his own personal demons of fear and regret over the events of the original film, and he agrees to help deal with the new threat as a way to prove to himself his own sense of self-worth?)

  • Darkness69

    “The Thief of Always” – oh yes! Several Halloweens ago I even staged a play based on this amazing book with my pupils at the school I work in. They were wonderful – and they acted in English, of course! I’ve been in love with this book ever since I first read it, so I definitely share your silver screen wish.
    Yes to At The Mountains of Madness too. I think Del Torro would make a magnificent homage to Lovecraft.
    My wish would also be any Freddy (doesn’t have to be vs. Jason), but only with Englund!

  • stephaniejmota

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  • ElBischoff


  • Trisha Tachanawa

    Im always wishing for an original slasher that can bring back the thrill of like seeing Halloween, Friday 13th, or Scream for the first time. This generation of films have been so focused on remaking horror icons instead of coming up with original ones that can stand next to Micheal, Jason, Leatherface, etc.

  • Keanu Reeves

    Give me ‘Swan Song!!!!!’ FFS – I’ll take that any day over ‘The Stand.’

    • kat

      Omg I would be behind that 100%!!! One of my all time favorites!

  • Krug09

    A few but i would be interested in Manhunt based on the 2003 game.

    • Gabbi Cordero

      i by no means am looking for a trend because after the post-scream slashers and para-boredom knock offs, we have seen how easily fads can go south. having said that i do believe that acknowledging its video game cousin is unexplored territory for horror.

  • WalkingDeadGuy

    I’d love to see ’28 Months Later’. “Weeks” was one of the best films of the past 10 years and one of the best sequels of al time. I’d love to have a final film to wrap-up the franchise.

    • SuperKilla

      I gave 28 days later a try 3 times and did not like it. Could not believe how good 28 weeks later was.

  • Youri Gavrilov

    The one, I’m shooting right now –

  • James

    The thief of always and mountains of madness are big ones for me!!

  • Christensen

    I love how this starts off with “…slew of unnecessary sequels…” then goes off to list a new Jaws film and Freddy vs Jason 2.

    • Gabbi Cordero

      yeah i was curious to see what development hell horror titles this writer had up his sleeve thinking “what projects have i not heard of?” and then half of them are sequels…

  • joesey

    I’m still waiting for The People Under The Stairs 2

  • Gabbi Cordero

    it sounds to me like this article is about “only conceived/never executed” concepts as well as development hell projects. i’m not too familiar with these kinds of stories so i haven’t longed for them.

    however, your #3 stole one of my ideas. even though i don’t think guillermo is the right man for the job and i know it would unleash yet another fad, i would like to see “at the mountains of madenss”. if they do “freddy vs. jason 2” you have to do it right. have ash in it.

    for my picks, i’d have to say any film adaptation from edgar allan poe (the masque of the red death, even though vincent price was in one), clive barker’s book of blood, lovecraft, or a GOOD survival horror game adaptation – seriously i think it’s time. Whereas hollywood has made a mint on superhero movies, we haven’t even had great video game movies. you can make 5 more resident evil movies with the same team and i would not care. i’m talking an experience that makes and impact and sets the bar, a film that does for video game movies what the dark knight and avengers did for comics

  • Vadicta

    I’d like to see that Clive Barker helmed Hellraiser remake that we all know won’t happen.

    Oh, and as far as Lovecraftian films go, I still think ReAnimator was the best we need.

  • Akuma No Shi

    I saw Barker, in Miami, when he read from a newly released TOA. He also mentioned that there was a animated movie in the works and that he was writing a SP for it, but as we all know….

    Oh and while I was there, I had him sigh my TOA, and my BOB set.;)

    Keeping on with Clive, I wish that Tortured Soul would have come to fruition. I know many of people rebuttal with the idea that it would mirror Hellraiser too much, but even, Clive said it would be more insane than Hellraiser.

  • Khy

    That Grim Night movie that was announced three years ago about one night a year thousands of Grim Reapers coming to Earth to raise hell upon the living. I don’t know what happened to it. Another one I want to see is Bad Luck, the Final Destination-esque movie about college students being killed off by superstitions that David R Ellis had signed on to direct. I doubt it’ll come to fruition now that he’s passed.

    • Kris

      thought I was the only one that remembered about that Grim Night movie

    • Khy

      Another one I forgot about is that Darren Lynn Bousman movie called “Ninety” which was going to be a huge slasher featuring 90 kills in 90 minutes. No idea what happened to that. Last I heard they were going to shoot but that was back in ’09 I think.

  • Kellen Dionne

    The chop-top centric chainsaw 2 spin-off All American Massacre and the George Romero Resident Evil film definitely would’ve been at the top of my list.

    • Taboo

      I’m not sure you knew this, but there’s a RE script written by George Romero. I read some of it and to be honest I’m glad it got rejected…

  • astronauta69

    Humpty Dumpty

  • Ryan Kuck

    I loved the Worst Case Scenario trailers that Brian Yuzna made. I would’ve liked to have seen that turned into a full length movie. Also, loved the Grim Night teaser that Khy mentioned earlier. I think that could’ve been pretty great.

  • markajacoby

    At the Mountains of Madness would be spectacular… Of all the Clive Barker books I always thought “The Damnation Game” would make the best movie.

  • zigwardScissorHands

    Jaws won’t come back. At least not in a serious, suspenseful and actually scary way. Shark attack and killer animal movies in general are a joke now and you can largely attribute that to the never ending slew of shitty asylum and syfy movies. I don’t think modern audiences could take something like Jaws seriously again.

    I’m hanging out for a good bigfoot movie. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen one that has really impressed me. There’s maybe a few that are ok but I’ve never seen one that I can definitively say “that was a great movie”.

    • Taboo

      There’s a new bigfoot movie coming soon(Exists) by one of the guys who made The Blair Witch.

  • Taboo

    I’d love to see Blair Witch 3! They could go back to the where the Blair Witch originated from. Following the events Elizabeth Kedward, being accused of being a witch and left to die in the woods and of Rustin Parr’s involment in everythng. I love the first film and the second one is not so bad.

    • zigwardScissorHands

      I could have sworn I heard about plans for a third film way way back. I’m sure I did but, I guess it never happened. I’m not a huge fan of the second film but the first is still pretty good in my opinion. The fake mythos surrounding it and the faux documentary about the origin of the Blair witch on the dvd is maybe even more interesting than the actual film haha. I would love to see a film about the origins of the Blair Witch.

      • James Allard

        As I recall it was to be The Trial Of Elly Kedward, bringing us all the way back to prior to the Salem mass hysteria. There was a lot about it on the web page at the time.

        Personally, I would be pleased to just find The Massacre Of The Burkittsville 7 on disc. I had it on VHS, loaned it to a friend and (true story) his apartment caught fire and was totally gutted. It was never released on disc, and it was pretty decent, more like the first than the second, and it tied up some loose ends while leaving Elly the cornerstone…

        If someone at BD has the pull… please, please, please… (James Brown, live at the Apollo)

  • solowd

    Hotline Miami – The Movie

  • Michael Ryan

    The original version of Halloween 4 that Dennis Etchison wrote.

  • SUSPIRIA on Blu Ray – Ultraviolet HDX

  • chris

    Does anybody remember the suffering? those games would make some fantastic movies if done correctly. Different genre but i think the metal gear series would too.

  • Dukefrukem

    Adaptation of King’s Cell

    • SuperKilla

      I remember Eli Roth was gonna do this after Cabin fever and before Hostel. I was pretty excited for his take on this story, too bad it never happened.

      • theusher

        Cell is coming out later this year or in early 2015. I think they finished filming it and it’s now in post-production. Here’s an official still:

        Also Stephen King had this to say about the ending of the movie:

        ”I’ll tell you one thing – the ending of the movie is so crazy and so great. The last scene is going to linger in peoples’ minds. The book is dark, but the movie is darker. It’s really – it’s a blast.”

        So, yeah, cross this one off the list because it’s definitely happening.

    • Brigitta Mc

      They’d really have to be spot-on for the casting of the lead zombie thing in order to pull this one off. Too scary and it would mess up the tone. Too funny and it would cross over into bad cheesiness. I’d love to see it if they could do that.

  • Freaky Freelings

    The Talisman. Great book!

  • Alex Dye

    I would love to see a decent Werewolf movie made. Something scary, not action, or romantic, or comedy, with decent creature effects rather than CGI. I feel like I’m asking for the impossible, but there it is.

    • Christensen

      Ginger Snaps?

      • Alex Dye

        And I also love Ginger Snaps (though I like Ginger Snaps Back better). But Ginger Snaps came out 14 years ago and Dog Soldiers 12 years ago. I still think that there is more room for good werewolf movies. Personally I find them to be the most terrifying movie monster.

    • SuperKilla

      I’m with you on that.

    • Dukefrukem

      Dog Soldiers?

      • Alex Dye

        I love dog soldiers! Probably my fave. Let’s see more in that vein. Why stop with just a few good werewolf movies?

        • wait twilight wasnt a good werewolf movie? :0 jk :).

  • Reece Catlin

    Halloween 9

  • SuperKilla

    1. Freddy vs. Jason 2 with Robert England back, Kane Hodder playing Jason this time and with another slasher thrown in the mix.

    2. Another Halloween film written and directed by John Carpenter

    3. Peter Jackson’s original script for Freddy’s Dead with kids deliberately falling asleep to taunt Freddy because he became weak.

    That last one will definitely never happen but imagine how good that could be.
    And I’d like to see Robert Rodriguez do a slasher film. His death scenes are always good in his movies.

    • Javi Simon

      Peter Jackson’s take on NOES sounds cool. Some of the story boards and concept art were featured in the “Never Sleep Again” doc.

  • ThunderDragoon

    Jeepers Creepers 3, a new Halloween that continues from John Carpenter’s world, a new Urban Legend that actually continues from the end of the first, a new Wishmaster with a good script and Andrew Divoff, a new NOES with a Freddy that doesn’t look like a frog, and I agree, I would love Freddy vs. Jason 2 and At the Mountains of Madness.

    • uıɐH ɯɐS

      Jeepers Creepers 3 is on it’s way, last I checked. Enjoyed the first two.

  • EmPleH

    Trick r Treat 2. Loved the first one! Can’t wait for the sequel.

  • Bobby Jones


  • Javi Simon

    Freddy Vs. Jason 2, Peter Jackson’s Freddy’s Dead, A movie based on the Supernatural TV series, and a Jason movie explaining the hunt that finally captured him and got him on trial before Jason X.

    • Francesco Falciani

      same here.

  • Francesco Falciani

    a Freddy vs Jason 2 with robert back…or at least a very old school f13th or a nigfhtare with robert englund. all of these we’ll never get em

  • James Allard

    I’d like an HBO or FX series directed by Ken Burns … World War Z, as the novel is written, but spooled out all Burns style. Every chapter could be an episode.

    • A. Sparks

      Exactly! Why the hell couldn’t they do that the first time instead of making I am Legend 2?

      • James Allard

        I really had no problem with WWZ, just like I really had no problem with The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen… other than, y’know, no resemblance to the original plot in any way, shape or form…

        • A. Sparks

          Haha, I see what you did there.

  • Grimphantom

    At The Mountains Of Madness is one of few i want to see happening but i do wish Del Toro doesn’t get Tom Cruise in this movie.

    • Larry F Owens

      Uzumaki was already made into a movie:

      • Grimphantom

        Nah but i mean a reboot or an american version of it. the movie was crap along with the anime movie of Gyo

  • So many Clive Barker works I’d love to see adapted. Top of the heap would have to be The Great and Secret Show, but I’d also really like to see Coldheart Canyon. One thing I’ve always longed for is a good old fashioned gothic haunted castle/mansion mystery type story…..something that evokes the kind of feeling you got while playing Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare or Phantasmagoria for the first time. Something with a really great, creepy haunting/mystery that unravels throughout the film with big lavish set pieces, fantastic lighting and a spine tingling score that sticks with you the whole drive home. Horror films just don’t seem to take the time to create atmosphere anymore.

  • Chrissie-Watkins

    Ok, so I know that most of Stephen King’s books and short stories have already been made into movies, but I would love another King anthology like Cat’s Eye. He has plenty of short stories that haven’t been put on film yet.

    • Brigitta Mc

      Everything’s Eventual would be great for this.

      • Chrissie-Watkins

        You read my mind! I was thinking The Man in the Black Suit would translate to a terrifying segment!

    • LastCubScout

      I’m waiting for a ‘Jaunt’ adaptation from Skeleton Crew.

  • A. Sparks

    As far as I’m concerned the Rec series can just keep on keeping on, there’s more there than a trilogy could completely tackle. They need to step it up a notch and take it global with a serious outbreak. Which isn’t to say that I want Michael Bay anywhere near it.

    • A. Sparks

      Oh and, please, more Stake Land!

  • I still want to see the American remake of Battle Royale. I also want to see a remake or a sequel to The Strangers. The concept for that movie was so terrifying, but I don’t think it was executed well.

    • i would like to see battle royal the only problem i have when they adapt foreign movies is that they dumb them down and make their story weak. hopefully someone good picks it up, because a good example of something that disappointed me was the american oldboy the original was far superior.

  • VictorCrowley

    As far as books or video games turned movies, my fantasies have pretty much all been killed over the years by seeing how horribly and untrue film adaptions of pretty much everything have been. There’s a handful of stories I used to want to see made into movies, but not now. They’re better off left in perfection in the pages of books or on the video game screens they currently exist in.

    But, one movie that I’d still like to see a sequel to is Freddy vs. Jason, albeit with Kane Hodder as Voorhees.

  • Khy

    I think rather than FVJ2, I’d rather have Freddy Vs Jason Vs Michael, I really would love to see the three of them just slaughtering up all of Haddonfield nonstop. Keep the story simple and just give me my three horror icons doing what they do best.

    • huntermc

      And for part 3 they could have Freddy vs. Jason vs. Michael vs. Leatherface. All four of the notorious killers have been captured, sedated, and sent to a maximum security asylum to be studied. But through some contrived plot twist, they’re all set free to wreak maximum havoc upon the hospital staff and nearby townsfolk before they turn their attention upon each other. Maybe they could throw Chucky in there and make it the Expendables of horror.

  • OceanSlaughter

    Maybe i’m alone on this, but I want to see a sequel to Cloverfield.

    • Rockintom

      I’m in for that

  • matthew roach

    Stephen King’s “IT” it’s been rumored and a facebook remake fanpage exists but I don’t know if it’s actually going to happen. No movie scared me more as a child, I was afraid to go to the bathroom alone!!!! I could of sworn I saw Pennywise when I was 7 in my grandma’s basement. The original was made for tv so imagine what an R rated version would be like?

  • Drool Bear

    I’d love to see Anne Rice’s “The Witching Hour” made into a movie.

  • Chrissie-Watkins

    Oh, also, where is our Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark movie?

  • Matt Kimmel

    I’d love to see a film involving the Winchester house in California. The widow of the founder of Winchester rifles thought that the ghosts of people killed by her husband’s guns would come after her. So she built a mansion that was constantly under construction for almost 40 years because she thought that if it was constantly changing it would confuse the ghosts. It has doors and hallways that lead nowhere, and windows that look into other sections of the house. This would be an awesome setting for a haunted house story.

    Another good true story one would be the Dylatov Pass incident in Russia.

  • Fantasma George

    A Resident Evil movie where they show Hunters jumping and decapitating people, or the froggy ones from Nemesis swallowing them whole.

    It’s not about asking for a ‘proper RE movie’, it’s about showing what those little bastards do on screen!

  • Crossed tv series on cable tv would be nice

  • Jeff Wheaton

    I would like to see a sequel to both “The Blob (88 Remake)”, and “Night of the Creeps”. They both had great setups at the end for a 2nd coming, but they just left me hanging for all these years. Someone read this, make it happen, and take my money.

  • CTHL

    Deep Rising 2. It ends on a great teaser and nothing came of it. Sad. Hollywood makes a decent dumb fun horror flick for once, but it didn’t make money so bye bye!

    Ju-on (5), in a repetitive motion of pre-production and cancellations for 8 years now.

    Evil Dead 4, but I guess a TV series will finally somewhat do.

    and tons more… countless amounts of Lovecraft, Barker, and King stories I’d still like to see.

    • Alex Dye

      Deep Rising 2, I would definitely be down; that movie is great and yea, they did leave it open for a sequel.

  • I would love another movie like The Beyond (or Zombie2 of City of the Living Dead)

  • Arjan

    I hope some of Mo Hayder’s books will come to the big screen!

  • Peter Johnson

    Heart Shaped Box, anyone? It’s a creepy, kind of modern-gothic tale about an aging rocker who buys a suit with a ghost attached to it. Or maybe someone could make Urban Gothic, a book about a group of friend who hide from some “gangsters” in an abandoned house…that happens to be the home of a very large family of mutated freaks. Its crazy because it really is an intense journey of disgusting and bloody horror, opposite of Heart Shaped box.

  • MattSlash

    I’m still waiting to see the book The Devil in the White City be made into a film, but it has been a couple of years already and nothing is happening. Also what ever happened to the 2LDK remake? I would also love to see theatrical released sequels to Deep Rising and Cloverfield. I really would like a Clock Tower film also, and years ago I heard they were doing a film called Meg based on a set of novels around the fictitious survival of the megalodon, a giant prehistoric shark. The list is endless with possibilities, yet they continue to dish out countless of forgettable and cash cow horror films, the only decent ones now mostly go straight to DVD or on demand. It’s a true shame, because there are so many books and deserved sequels and remakes to be made out there, yet they continue to make unnecessary ones. 🙁

  • MikeyRey29

    Grim Night, an adaptation of Clive Barker’s Damnation Game, and Fede Alvarez’s Ataque de Panico (Panic Attack)! Any of those will do, though you could dismiss Panic Attack, more sci-fi than horror. But would still love to see it!

  • zoid-love

    I’d like to see them completely reboot and do The Vampire Chronicles as a proper series, with the same actors, giving different directors. Or at the very least, give us one epic Lestat trilogy covering The Vampire Lestat/Interview, Queen of the Damned and Memnoch. I would love to see a Memnoch that is as visually interesting as the book imagery was to read.

    AND BRAINDEAD 2. Peter Jackson needs something to shut the Hobbit haters up and address his general overbloating tendencies.

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