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How Was Your Halloween?

Normally on Sundays I whip up an editorial that sparks discussions, something that has an open ended question that allows you, the readers, to let your voices be heard. I don’t want today to be any different. But instead of asking something specific, I wanted to pay tribute to Halloween and hear what you did!

So, there’s not going to be any examples of what I did because I was actually under the weather and stayed at home whipping up a ton of posts. Therefore, tell me what you did so that I can live vicariously through you!

Did you go trick or treating with your family? Did you do a horror movie marathon? Did you go to or host a costume party? Let me know in the comments so that I get plans for next year!



  • Jonathan Larsson

    Horror-movie marathon; I watched Poltergeist, The Invisible Man and Tremors 2. The day afterwards I watched Day of the Animals, Terror and Frankenstein vs the creature from Blood Cove.

  • Taboo

    Stayed home all day watching the 31 years of Halloween Collection 🙂

  • Aaron Meyer

    Stayed home drinking 40s, playing Castlevania, and watching horror movies.

    • diapers

      I should have drank 40s. Damn!

  • Darkness69

    My uncle and I carved these evil thingies, then I watched Constantine and The Walking Dead. Meant to do more, but I was so tired that I fell asleep around midnight. Getting old, lol.

  • James Allard

    Had to work until 8:15 PM which means I missed out on the part that I love the most, handing out candy to kids. (This is a major yearly event for our family and has been for the last 33 years – as long as we’ve been married.) Looking out the window at one point, the threatened rain showed up but in the form of snow, so the kids really lost out this year. Very depressing, but when I got home, my daughter and son-in-law were here, celebrating their 10th anniversary (a major yearly event for the family to the point that our daughter insisted on getting married on Halloween) so that was cool. My grandson was dress up as a bright yellow dog and had to shake his fanny to make the tail wag (took care of the depressive moments right then and there). Had a decent supper, lots of family time with lots of laughter.

    We are calling it a win.

  • Drinkinstein

    Spent the evening in a straight jacket at an Alice Cooper show! Fabulous time, then proceeded to get drunk as hell with some friends. I missed taking my nieces out for trick or treating though.

    • Javi Simon

      I saw them with Motley Crue on the Tuesday before Halloween. Awesome show.

  • reverenddarkness

    I sat at a decorated table in the driveway – in costume – for three or four hours handing out 10 lbs of candy to the 200 or so Trick-or-Treaters that came by. That is the highlight of my night, but I always top it off with a screening of “Trick ‘r Treat”!

  • Brent Waltham

    Halloween was good . Much too short though

    • Gary Grinch

      Is that you dressed as “zombie Jesus?”…I bet you don’t live in the bible-belt, however, if you did, I’m quite sure you had an interesting Halloween…LOL

      • Brendget Jones

        No fortunately enough i live in sunny ol England where every movement is scrutinized by invisible eyes but religious heresy is very much tolerated.

  • ChasingTheGhost

    Spent it at a Polkadot Cadaver show. It’s pretty amazing to spend your Halloween seeing one of your favorite bands. Awesome show, awesome guys. Afterward I was up until 5am watching horror films.

  • ThunderDragoon

    I didn’t do much. I watched my favorite Disney movie, Hocus Pocus, and I played some Wii U lol.

    • Taboo

      Love Hocus Pocus!

  • diapers

    Very good evening, thank you. Took the kid on the rounds, then stayed up late with the misses watching Kristy while consuming adult beverages. . Underrated modern slasher!

  • Rick-Taylor

    Worked then put out a house fire. Went to bed to get up early for work the next day.

  • Javi Simon

    It seems that Halloween lasted all month this year. Watched a ton of horror movies including Halloween 6: Producer’s cut in glorious HD with my friend. On Halloween night, I went to my bud Kore Rozzik’s show and drank a ton of alcohol. Throw in Motley Crue with Alice Cooper concert, my birthday and going back to my college town. It’s been one wild month. Now, to take it easy. My liver and wallet need it, lol.

  • Vicente Garcia

    Spent the night shooting a short horror film for a film class with my best friends. We managed use up three bottles of corn syrup dyed green, two bottles of fake blood, two bottles of latex, and we successfully ruined two animatronic robots covering them in all sorts of goop. Editing the final product now, I can safely say it was a Halloween well spent!

    • Javi Simon

      Sounds like a slimy good time.

  • Chance LeBoeuf

    All in all my Halloween was great. I had a very creepy cultist like costume I made up with things around my house which successfully spooked MANY people. Then after walking around the neighborhood I went to a bonfire. Only thing that went wrong was some punk teenager who thought it was ok to smack people behind the head for no reason. Don’t know what they were thinking. Was super rude and a cop patrolling the neighborhood kinda got on them for it.

    Oh, and I saw a freaking Christmas movie playing on Halloween night which irked the hell outta me. All in all, it was still fun.

  • Guest

    Went on a haunted boat party in SF with my 3 best gal pals, all dressed as the ‘Sex And The City’ ladies (complete with “hag wench” nose for my Carrie Bradshaw….spookie, right!?)

  • Guest


  • alliedcola

    In my town, we have an awesome Halloween festival, and when that broke up, me and some friends went to the park, when i came home i watched Coraline, i went as a purger (god bless America, a nation reborn)

    It was amazing!

  • Bob Marshall

    Here’s how I spent my October 31st

    I didn’t start watching any horror stuff until around 6pm as I didn’t want to do what I’d done in previous years and burn myself out watching too much in one day. Started off with The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror XXII (seen it a dozen times mind), not the worst Halloween special but it was one that continued the poor trend of spoofing movies that aren’t horror.

    Then I watched Goosebumps: The Haunted Mask II, not seen this part for a lot of years but surpisingly (unlike the first part) it still holds up and I got those sane fun feeling I did from it when I watched in one Halloween many moons ago.

    Then me and my wife watched Trick ‘r Treat, I introduced her to this film last year and she’s been saying to me for weeks we have to watch it again this Halloween. I must say I’m glad we did watch it again, there might not be a film more perfect to watch on this day than this one. Seen it neany times and it gets better with each viewing.

    Finally after an hours break I sat and watched Halloween II (1981), again it’s a film I’ve watched many many times but each time I watch it those same feelings rush back. This one is pretty much cemented as my second favourite in the Halloween series (right after the original of course) and plot holes, faults and all I’m gonna love this one forever.

    All in all I thoroughly enjoyed my Halloween night, didn’t get many trick or treaters though but watched what I watched in the right mood is as good as it gets. Can’t wait for next year!

  • Krug09

    same as every year just stayed home watched horror. i havent had friends in person for many years lol so no going to party’s or anything like that.

  • Grimphantom

    I will be honest, this year’s Halloween was a bit of a let down. I mean i did enjoy watching some horror movies and all but the problem was that when i take my usual walks where i live there wasn’t much decorations, i do appreciate there where some but most houses didn’t have any freaking decoration.

    What bothered me more is when there wasn’t much trick or treaters but that’s the dang parents fault where they drive instead of stopping somewhere and let their kids walk and shout “Trick or Treat” probably some passed and without noticing they didn’t bothered to see if people are giving candy.

    This is one of the times i want to get out where i live and go to a place that really shows the Halloween spirit and stay there till October 31st…..someday i will!

  • Ben Buckler

    My Halloween…. oh boy.

    My girlfriend likes giving out candy to the kids, so I agreed to go over to her house and we could just hang out and give out candy. She hates horror movies because she’s so easily scared, but I told her I wasn’t gonna pass up watching Trick ‘R Treat because that is my one big Halloween tradition. I find out she’s baking a cake for an event at work and she was gonna do part of it that night and it “should only take about an hour” so I just went over while she was doing that… Yeah, three and a half hours later, she’s finally done. By that time, she didn’t have much of a choice because she owed me, so she watched the movie with me (she seemed to think he had a choice at first, which is adorable). Freaked her out and now she will no longer be watching horror movies with me lol. So nothing exciting, but at least I got to stick to my tradition of Trick ‘R Treat, so I guess that’s a win.

  • tdmm69

    I dressed up as Pennywise at work and at a friend’s birthday/Halloween party the week prior. I would have crept around the city or visited friends Halloween night, but I was so hot and tired from having gotten up at 5:30 a.m. to start my makeup. I just wanted to get home to take everything off. I watched a movie and fell asleep on the couch.

  • Tim Nuttall

    Awesome. Attended a horror movie festival in my city over the whole weekend. There wasn’t one crap movie either. You all need to watch Starry Eyes, The Canal and What We do In the Shadows ASAP.

  • richp_91

    Me and my fiance made some food and jello shots as we listened to halloween music. I was slenderman and he was a demon horse. Then we smoked 6 blunts throughout the day and handed out candy. We also watched Halloween! So I would say it was a great Halloween.

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