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Remember When “Critters 2” Killed the Easter Bunny?


Easter isn’t exactly the most friendly holiday to us horror fans. It’s one of the only major holidays that barely has any movies themed after it. Sure, there have been movies set around Easter (Dead Snow) but none really made for the holiday. That sort of makes sense, since it’s a Christian Holiday and all, but if Christmas can have it, why not Easter? One movie that “went there” was the 1988 horror sequel Critters 2: The Main Course when it killed the Easter Bunny.

I have an unabashed love for the Critters films. Since I wasn’t allowed to watch R-rated movies as a kid, I lived off of PG and PG-13 80s horror movies. Critters was one of my earliest discoveries and I spent pretty much the entire summer of 1999 watching the first 3 films on a loop. I just couldn’t get enough!

The second film is the one I probably watched the most. It has everything a Critters film should have. It’s funny, there are returning characters (I still can’t believe Brad from these films is the voice of Steve on American Dad!), many people die, and the Critters themselves are up to no good! There’s also that really cool effect of the giant Critter ball. It expands the scope of the first film in such a way that rather than have the Critters fighting with a single family, they wage a war against the entire town.

But what makes the film really stand out is the scene where the Critters kill a man dressed up in an Easter Bunny costume outside of a church. It’s a goofy set piece, to be sure. But that’s what makes it so memorable! So enjoy seeing the Easter Bunny get the shit kicked out of him and then being tossed through a church window in the middle of a sermon. Happy Easter everyone!



  • Kyle Key

    Easter Bunny Kill Kill is pretty good for how low budget it is:

  • jim lahey

    good sequel but the first one is still the best

  • Grimphantom

    Duh obviously! No matter how silly it was it was one of the most memorable horror scenes involving the easter bunny.

  • Elizabeth Chisum

    If that was the so-called bunnyman it will serve him right for killing. Sheesh…..

  • Zachary Paul

    I love this scene and went through the same issue with R rated movies when I was younger. Though my PG13 horror flick was TROLL 2. It scared the shit out of me when I was a kid. Lol.

  • David Colantuono

    How did the Critters series get away with the PG-13 rating when much of the violence and gore in them (those I’ve seen, anyway…haven’t seen all of them) was easily graphic enough for an R rating? I’ve only seen the first two in their entirety and some of the third one, but not the fourth film at all. If these films were released today, they would easily get R ratings for the amount of extreme violence and gore shown. I’ve seen R rated movies with less violence and gore than what Critters and the sequels show in them.

  • Brian McNatt

    I always forget these movies aren’t rated R. Loved the Critters movies growing up. Rented them way too many times to count growing up, especially 2. Now here’s a series that could potentially be brought back.

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