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Female Freddy: 5 Actresses I’d Like to See Don the Fedora

Patricia Arquette

I think Patricia Arquette would be a nice choice for a variety of reasons. As an Oscar winner she brings a lot of clout to the role which could really help market the film and have people take it seriously. She’s had a very successful career in which she has shown a lot of range. During that time she’s gotten down and dirty as she’s had a handful of darker roles here. And she ties the remake back into the one of the best entries from the original franchise! Arquette gets to go back where she started from! To be honest, I’m not sure what would be in this for Arquette, but I’d be all for it!



What says you, Bloody Disgusting readers? What leading lady would you like to see don the famous fedora and red & green sweater?

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  • Seal Clubber

    I’m all for a female “Freddy” – as long as it brings something new to the character and story. Making Freddy female “just because” – wrong. Making Freddy female because it presents a new way of telling the mythology / reinterprets the story would be good.

    • Chris Coffel

      I completely agree with this. It has to make sense and bring something new to the story.

  • pablitonizer

    Can’t believe we’re still even talking about a female Freddy Krueger!! Are u damn serious?? What’s next? Female Michael myers…Jesus!

    • Chris Coffel

      What’s wrong with it? If you’re going to re-make it why not try and go down a different route and try something new?

      • Harley Mitchel Dirk

        I don’t see the artistic value in turning Freddy into a woman. Sure it would be different, but so what? How does it help the story? I’m perfectly fine with having a female as the killer in a horror film. I just would prefer it to be a unique IP, not an already established character.

        • Chris Coffel

          I’m not suggesting remaking A Nightmare on Elm Street but simply replace Englund with an actress. A new story would have to be written that makes sense but still takes place within this world.

          • Harley Mitchel Dirk

            Hmmm I’m still unsure. The most interesting story I could think of would take place before she becomes a dream demon. With her luring the unexpecting children to their death. Maybe some on children are on to her and the adults don’t believe them because they can’t believe it’s a woman molesting the children or something to that extent. This could make for an interesting story, but it wouldn’t be much of a NOES story.

        • James

          Same here. Why switch the sex? Freddy is Freddy. Simple as that. If you want a female killer in a horror film then make one. Just don’t change Freddy.

    • John

      Because chicks? Idk anymore.

  • Khy

    I wouldn’t mind a female version of Freddy but only, ONLY if there is a solid script and director backing it- if not forget about it. All or nothing with this.

    Many of these choices are iffy to me. I’d rather have Tilda Swinton. Meg Foster might would be interesting but she may be a little too old now.

    Many of the choices are too young imo. Sharni would be great as the main girl though.

    • Chris Coffel

      I agree most of these swayed towards the young side, but I was trying to stick with people that have at least dabbled in horror a bit. Tilda Swinton would be a great choice. I wish I would have thought of her.

    • wehoaks

      Yeah the list is off to me as well. Arquette is a great idea solely due to her connection with the franchise. Swinton is a glorious idea, Khy.

      First – a great script is the necessary ingredient. Not this hackneyed, written by a committee bullshit. Execs – keep away from the creative. You’re execs for a reason.

      Second – hire a director that actually gives a shit. Bayer was an asshole.

      As for Fredericka Krueger idea – Swinton of course. Jane Lynch is an obvious choice to me but a good one. Geena Davis could be interesting. Charlize Theron could nail it. Sigourney Weaver. Need big brooding actresses. Women with a big presence.

      • Khy

        OMG Jane Lynch! Yessss! I also thought of Charlize as well.
        I agree, THESE are the type of actresses we need for the role. You can’t just get any ole’ person- you have to make sure you get someone who can actually dominate this performance and truly sell it. Freddy going female is going to have movie goers talking and you need actresses like Tilda, Charlize, Geena, Sigourney, Jane ect to actually intrigue and possibly excite the naysayers.

        You need an actress who’s going to really attempt to overcome and blow the hinges off this bitch. Not just any female will do. People like Sharni and Annalynne would be nice for the cast of victims but sure as hell not for Fredericka. Gotta go big or go home for that particular role.

        • wehoaks

          Choice has got to be bold and for a good reason. Mix it up please, but have a reason too.

    • J Jett

      Khy & wehoaks, even though i said i would never want to see a female Fredericka Krueger, Khy’s suggestion of Tilda Swinton changed my mind! that’s a freaking AWESOME suggestion! Tilda can do no wrong IMO……damn Khy! now i kind of want to see Tilda in the role! lol.

      • Khy

        Just give Tilda a GREAT lead girl(or guy?) to play off of and we’d be in business. I keep thinking Sharni as the main protagonist could play well off of Tilda. I don’t think they have ever had a film together but for some reason I sense they might could have great chemistry together and truly both drive the film.

        But the studios don’t think like us at all. If they did do a female Freddy they’d probably nab someone like Taylor Swift or Miley Cyrus- if they weren’t insulted by such an offer LOL.

      • wehoaks

        Tilda is a great suggestion.

    • Great choice with Tilda but also how about Fairuza Balk?

      • Khy

        Interesting choice. I might could get on board with that.


      What if Wes Craven was behind it? I’d dig it.

      • Khy

        I’d like Wes behind the new reboot period. They were idiotic not to have him involved with the 2010 film.

        • A-TOWN CALI DUDE

          yeah, they were….I don’t see how you could go make an attempt at a successful remake without consulting the progenitor of the original for advice and input.

  • Roberto Ciamora

    Thank god this site doesn’t run New Line. As bad as the remake was, this idea might be the one thing they could do even worse.

    • Chris Coffel

      The script and everything would obviously have to be good. I’m curious as to why you think the mere idea of a female version of Freddy Krueger is a bad idea.

      • Roberto Ciamora

        Because the character originates as a “Dirty Old Man” Child molester. I understand the world we live in, where women can do everything a man can do and suggesting otherwise is akin to being a Nazi, but this particular character wouldn’t be as creepy if a woman played it.

        If they want to come up with a female character that stalks teenagers in their dreams I have no opposition, but the character “Freddy Kruger” works because it’s based loosely on stories I’ve read about these kind of people all my life, 90% of whom always turn out to be men.

        It’s just my opinion though, feel free disagree with it.

        • Leebo

          I dunno, evil that male paedo’s are I somehow find potentially even more creepy and evil the women who ignore and defend their partners who abuse (their own) kids. Quite often a mother “ignores” what’s happening to her kids, because she doesn’t “want” to believe what’s going on. Or doesn’t care.
          So perhaps maybe “if” (and it won’t happen) we were to have a female Kruegar character she could be seeking revenge after she and her bloke were killed together, maybe “defending his actions” from beyond the grave……

          • Khy

            Interesting perspective Leebo!

            There’s plenty of ways of going about it other than having her have the same exact origin as male Freddy.

          • wehoaks

            It’s just a DUH to me that with a female villain you get a new origin. I don’t know why these derps think we just want them to throw a bra under the sweater.

    • brewers_rule

      And the pc peanut gallery commences sexism cries in 3..2..1..,

      • wehoaks

        And the moron with a shitty goatee wants those cries.

        • brewers_rule

          Aw, someone’s got his little feelings hurt by his own inability to form a cohesive thought 🙁

          • wehoaks

            And the moron with the shitty goatee then deflects. Right on schedule.

          • brewers_rule

            Deflects what? There was or position of yours for me to respond to you, you illiterate. Just your 4yo trolling insults.

          • wehoaks

            And the moron with the shitty goatee goes to insulting rhetoric, oblivious to his own hypocrisy (while writing an incoherent sentence in the process. Quick edit it).

          • Leebo

            Come on peeps, we are supposed to be a horror community who stick together.
            Aim the venom at the Star Trek fans……


          • Khy

            No, us Horror/Sci-Fi fans should stick together. Horror fans are the goths and sci-fi fans are the nerds of the film community lol.

  • brewers_rule

    I like Vinson just because she’s so great in horror films she chooses but the idea of Arquette intrigues me because that could provide a nice link to the original series (and one of the most liked films in the original series as well), although she’d have to get in incredible shape to do it because she doesn’t have that 20yo bod anymore just like all of us after kids.

  • J Jett

    i really love every actress listed here (especially Vinson & Pike) but i never ever EVER want to see a female Fredericka Krueger. lol. don’t get me wrong, i am not against roles that have been played by a male being made into a female role (it would really depend on the role/screenplay/story), it’s just that i personally have no interest in seeing a female pedophile serial killer on Elm St.

    • Khy

      Haha it’s fine J. We all have the things we like and we don’t like. As I stated before, I wouldn’t want a female Freddy either if 1)They’re only doing it for shock and no other reason, 2) There’s not a TRUE visionary director/writer doing it 3)They truly don’t intend on doing anything fresh with the opportunity.

      If it’s just Freddy slashing up Elm street with the addition of boobs- forget it. That’s a fail already. If you’re going to take a risk you have to make sure that risk is WORTH it. It’s like skydiving- You jump off the plane when you know you have a parachute- you don’t just jump and cross your fingers on the way down hoping you don’t bang yourself up too badly.

      I personally don’t think the studio is ready for such a thing, so they might better stick to traditional male Freddy- but if they ever want to use that parachute they are more than welcomed in my eyes.

    • Chrissie-Watkins

      Its seriously gimmicky and a little insulting to the fans. If you are inspired by NOES, but want to go in the direction of a female lead, why not just take pieces of the original story and make a new movie? Lord knows its been done before.

  • Ethan

    I’d be down with a female Freddy, but NONE of these actresses fit. Remember Charlize Theron in Monster? Something along those lines…

    • James

      Patricia would be the only one who comes the closest. That said a female Freddy is still a horrible idea.

    • RidleyScottIsADirector@gmail.c

      On point for days.

  • J Jett

    ok, i know i said no to this but THE FIGHTER/WAYWARD PINES’s Melissa Leo would be a freaking perfect person for this role/this type of role. she’s one of the best actresses working today IMO.

    • Max X kinght

      is this JOKE?

      • J Jett

        Max X, care to clarify you’re joke of a comment? it’s pretty vague.

        • Khy

          Lol exactly. Out of all the choices I have no idea why he singled out yours to poke fun at. They’d wish they could get someone like Melissa to play a fucking PARENT in this movie let alone the titular villain! It would be an honor.

          • J Jett

            Khy, thank you! 🙂

    • Khy

      I love Melissa.

    • TheTwoJakes

      Leo would rock the crazy madwoman role in any horror film….Max X may of thought he was replying to someone elses sarcastic Melissa McCarthy suggestion, cause Melissa Leo is the best answer Ive read yet.

    • Chrissie-Watkins

      Oh…my…God- YES! I don’t know why I didn’t think of that! She added super creep factor to Wayward Pines (in the beginning) and that SO necessary sense of humor/ sarcasm. Great idea.

  • Cappy Tally

    Meh. I’d rather see new slashers who are women than a female Krueger. Give the ladies a chance to make a character their own, really define it themselves.

  • huntermc

    How about Roberta Englund?

    • John

      Haha or Robert in drag as Freddy.

  • Tuesdai Hamilton

    Damm Chris you’re a fucking idiot

  • 2nahelper

    THE ONLY actress who might be able to pull this off is Vera Farmiga. I think Tilda Swinton would do well, but her makeup might too closely resemble Jackie Earle Haley’s in the reboot. The reason this is a bad idea is that the studio will probably throw the actress in one of those “Sexy Freddy Girl” Halloween costumes and call it a day. Plus, we’ve seen his mother and daughter, how would this work in the universe? Secret twin sister? His wife? A full reboot would require a complete overhaul of the character, so just create a new franchise already.

  • too young


    I’m onboard with a female take of Freddy Kruegar, but those choices up top were not really good. They were way too young. Patricia Arquette , I think would be good. But I’m of the opinion that it needs to be someone a little bit older, like maybe in their ate 30’s early-mid 40’s.

    • Khy

      Exactly, waaaay too young.


        I cannot see a young and sexy appeal to a female Freddy, if it’s a chick they go with, then she’s gotta be a nightmare in form and personality.

        • Khy

          Yeah, a female Freddy wouldn’t be wearing hooker boots and a skin tight red/green dress like those horrid Halloween costumes.
          Regular Freddy doesn’t have sex appeal so neither should she in female form.

          • Chrissie-Watkins

            I completely agree with this. But aside from being gimmicky, the only justification I can think of for making Freddy a woman is to add sex appeal, which studios believe will draw a wider audience. I mean, its gross and WRONG, but I am dreading that the idea might go from Fred Krueger the child killer to some young teacher that seduced her students and killed them, or something. SO- I’m not so sure that we won’t see some version of the hooker boots.

          • A-TOWN CALI DUDE

            Ahhh, great minds think alike…

  • N1ghtmar3Freak

    Meryl Streep. End of discussion.

    • Khy

      I don’t know if that was you being sarcastic or serious but- Meryl Streep’s name alone would be enough to have just about everyone in the world flocking to see this for two reasons 1)Meryl Streep in a nightmare film? wtf? and 2) Meryl playing a female Freddy? WHAAAAT?!!!!”

      Can you imagine the huge amount of buzz that shit would make? The hype would be fucking insane. Probably become one of the highest grossing films of the year of ANY genre simply because of people being curious about what the hell Meryl Streep is doing in a Nightmare film lol

      Doubt they’d ever get that name though.

      • N1ghtmar3Freak

        haha I was half serious, half sarcastic. But like Meryl Streep kicks ass in anything. I’d have her haunt my dreams anyday. And you’re totally right, there would be such a buzz around that. Everyone and their grandmother would probably be flocking to the theaters just to see what’s up.

  • elpinche

    Pollyanna McIntosh

    • J Jett


    • J Jett

      elpinche, i’d freaking LOVE to see Pollyanna playing a female psycho!
      she’s awesome! check her out in the excellent horror flick LET US PREY.
      it’s really good!

      • Leebo

        Yeah, I watched LET US PREY a couple of months back and enjoyed it a lot more than I expected.

  • Conan

    A female freddie would be the worse thing ever. Not because we cant have an awesome, scary and threatening killer. But because everyone would roll their eyes as the gender change and the film would fail. A female Freddy would not be taken seriously and i would prefer them to make an original female killer led movie. Remakes are the worst anyway. Brand new horror icon thats female would be awesome.

  • Jonathan Larsson

    Forget it man.

  • nick

    Love your choices! Rosamund Pike. Anna Paquin and Annalynne are all very good options if there were to be a female Krueger which I also think is a great idea.

  • jv

    how about Melissa Mccarthy.

    • Adam Clifton

      It’s late at night… you hear a scraping noise coming from inside your house… slowly, you go to investigate… you’re lead towards the bathroom… and there, to your horror is a fat pig in a red and green sweater, doing a shit in your bathroom sink. ”Nightmare At McCarthy’s’… coming this summer

  • Tenma


  • lion7718

    Lauren German

    • Khy

      Love her but I’d take her better as the main girl.

  • Halloween_Vic

    If there was a female freddy I mean a big ” IF ” I’d prefer robert to just come back for atleast 2 more films and call it a day. I’d say go with original scream queens fuck these new bitches go with Jamie Lee Curtis or Sigourney Weaver, imagine seeing them in the opposite scream queen role and be brutal sadistic humorous dream demons. Now that would work or if you go young go with Amber Heard, Evan Rachel Wood or Danielle Harris. Any of those would work, anybody else WOMPPPP!!!!

  • Leebo

    Angela Bettis.

    That is all.

  • Leebo

    Michelle Myers?

    Jacinda Voorhees?
    Candywoman, Candywoman, Candywoman, Candywoman. Candywoman,,,,,,,,
    The Tall Woman.

    • Matt Sreboth

      I’m sure there is already an Irish porno with the name Lesbechaun.

      • Leebo

        Let’s hope so!

    • J Jett

      Leebo, “Jacinda Vorhees” & Jigshe!!! i freaking love it! lol.

  • jIMMY

    Love these women! But I agree they need somebody that’s’ older.

    • Khy

      Most of these women would be LOVELY as anything but Freddie(Lol see what I did there?).

      Sharni & Annalynne would be nice choices for possible protagonists/victims, Patricia could work as Freddie and it would be cool as hell seeing her transform into Krueger but I kinda like her being the mother to the main character better- especially if they could get someone like Tilda or Sigourney or Charlize in the role as Freddie.

  • kmtb

    While I think a gender change is a dumb idea i do think it would only work with a comedian. We’ve already seen what an over serious dramatically acted version was like and it didn’t work. Some others could work like Amber Heard but she’s too young.

  • RidleyScottIsADirector@gmail.c

    Wait no TILDA SWINTON or CATE BLANCHETT or SALLY HAWKINS or BARBARA HERSHEY or WINONA RYDER or JESSICA LANGE??? The bitch from You’re Next? Fuck and out and of and here!!!

  • jasonlives1986

    People should be very afraid that the producers are using BD to test the waters in this idea.

    If they don’t even know how bad a idea it is already than the project is dead on arrival.

    • Khy

      Please, nobody takes this ran down site seriously anymore. I doubt Warner Bros execs are getting inspiration from a site that is 85% clickbait and shitty pop up ads.

      • Krug09

        Khy, do you use adblock?

  • Panda Barry

    nancy should play freddy

  • Panda Barry

    Heather Langenkamp

  • MikeyRey29

    My choice for a female Freddy is….

    NO ONE.

    His name is Freddy. Good day!!!!

  • Joel Richardson

    WHAT A STUPID IDEA!!!!!!!!!

  • Zombina, obviously.

  • Marquise TheSituation

    Not into the idea of a female Freddy, but if it was gonna go that way, only one or 2 actresses who would kill the role…Cate Blanchett and Tilda Swinton!!! Perfect casting choices…

  • Salsa Stark

    Lena Headey or Billie Piper

  • aaaandI’mBored

    stupid idea

    • dds

      Totally stupid idea.

  • Peter Johnson

    Maybe not make Freddy female, but give him a female partner? It’d be interesting to see someone helping him

    • j12345690

      They did that in one of the comics

  • Krug09

    Brad Miska in drag.

  • concerned citizen

    Do dogs and cats you’d like to see play Freddy next!

    • Leebo

      I reckon that Garfield would make an amazing Freddy.

      • concerned citizen

        Odo’s life would be a living hell! 😀

  • JasonVoorhees1981

    Caitlyn Jenner

  • Porty Guil

    female freddy WILL NOT HAPPEN period. stop writing these stupid “what if” articles and focus on reality

    • j12345690

      If it wasn’t for shitty click bat list like this the website would of been bankrupt a long time ago

  • Christensen

    Sharni Vinson?n adjhbadahjb jdhbahaha

  • Golic

    Robert won’t be playing Freddy, and nether will a woman. Can we PLEASE focus on who might actually get the part…………

    • wehoaks

      Dana Delaney!

    • dejectedchuckle

      It’s me I’m getting the part.

  • Joey J

    This is an idea that will never happen. It is not scary, and would not makes sense, unless Freddy used his claws to sex change himself and call himself Freida.

  • Glenn Wills

    Katheryn Krueger, Freddy’s daughter, dies in the fire the parents of elm street set. Freddy survives but is serving life in prison. Freddy was framed and Katheryn was actually a victim who had access to the evidence to prove it. So she comes back seeking revenge on not only her death but her fathers framing. I’m sure a writer instead of a mechanic can come up with something better. But it can work. This all just stems from the “nobody can be Freddy but Robert” argument. Imagine your a horny teenage boy having a sex dream. Hot chicks making out with you then all the sudden SLICE and off goes the hot dog. A good writer could have all kinds of fun screwing with this. BTW I vote for Anna Paquin, I don’t know if she’s the best choice I just love Anna Paquin.

  • mark long

    Please no. If we want a female horror icon, make an original one.

  • dejectedchuckle

    I like these choices, maybe a bit too young on the average but they could each being something different. Arquette would be the one I’d be most excited about on this list. Connection to the franchise, great actress etc.

    Outside of the this list I’d really love to see Laura Dern give it a shot. She has a lot of range and I think could do the character justice. She has, I dunno, a charisma about her that she brings to her roles. She’s also done some weird projects before so I think Nightmare could be up her alley.

    Parker Posey also comes to mind. Very funny woman and I think she could do scary Freddy as well. One of the saving graces of Scream 3 too, so she’s done some horror before. I dunno, really I just like Parker Posey and can “see” her doing a good Freddy Krueger (Freddie?).

    My out-there choice, Charlotte Gainsbourg. Thinking about how fucking menacing she was
    in Anti-Christ. I’ve only seen her in Von Trier’s movies though so I
    have no idea if she could bring that like, inappropriate Kruger joke delivery to table but it’s out-there for a reason.

  • DE@DFukk

    Your site is fucking stupid now

  • Mike Schneider

    Why turn Freddy into a woman? Why not flip the script and have a now-dead Nancy killing child-abusers and pedophiles in their sleep? Pass the batton in-series and move forward with a new nightmare killer… similar style but different targets.

    • Mike Schneider

      The title could be ‘Nightmare on Elm Street: The Final Girl’. That would both acknowledge Nancy’s role in Dream Warriors but also that she’d spend her run ending abusers.

  • Trixxxster

    I dunno, maybe Alice Krige (Borg Queen from Star Trek 1st Contact) if I had to nominate anyone to play a female Freddy.

  • Goat013

    A female freddy is a terrible idea!!!
    Reboot the franchise by exploring the original story and the era where the children were captured.

  • Goat013

    Pay Englund a boat load of cash and have him throw the frigging make up on at the end and make everyone happy!

    • Golic

      yay.. a 70 year old man playing freddy…

      • DisqusRaider

        still better then anyone else they could pick

  • Adam Clifton
  • kenneth Tanner

    You’ve gotta be fucking kidding me now were going to have Freddy Krueger as a fucking girl? You know what let me get off the internet for 10 minutes this shit pissed me off so much in a minute I’m about to kick my computer out of the fucking window.

    • Adam Clifton

      Relax, relax. Yeesh. This is just some hypothetical on this page lol. I think the guy that runs this site wants Freddy to be a girl for some weird reason

      • kenneth Tanner

        It better be hypothetical you know I go too off on movies but I’m just saying that all the classics being remade is just ridiculous. People in Hollywood need to use their brains and make their own horror movies. By the way somethings wrong with the person who runs this site. I mean really hell it’s not Nightmare On Elm Street I’m sorry.

        • Adam Clifton

          Normally I hate the idea of a remake to one of my favourite movies but that 2010 remake was unbelievably bad. And lets face it, Robert Englund does not want to play Freddy anymore so either way the role would have to be recast. A new remake (I prefer a reboot or recalibration like Halloween Returns) would be good for the future of the series. Just keep Freddy looking and acting like Freddy. Keep the Charles Bernstein score and get a director who knows horror and suspense.

          • kenneth Tanner

            Couldn’t agree more you know? So far the only good horror news we have so far is Halloween other than that that’s all.

          • Esa Cortez

            You need serious help if you’re getting that upset over the mere idea of Freddy’s gender. Serious help. There are bigger issues in the world to give attention to than this…

          • kenneth Tanner

            Okay can you do me a favor? Why won’t you go take your smartass on a hike and go make yourself useful.

          • John Jeffs

            Don’t worry about it, its just kenneth’s time of the month lol.

          • kenneth Tanner

            Ha nice John.

          • Adam Clifton

            I’m confident that Friday the 13th may be going back to its original film series timeline after its 2009 reboot. At least that’s my dream

          • kenneth Tanner

            Sounds like a beautiful dream to me.

  • Adam Clifton

    If it has to be a female Freddy then it can only be played by Heather Langenkamp. No deal? Then stick with a male Freddy

  • Erebus Dirge

    Sorry don’t get this whole trend of changing ethnicity/gender of longstanding and established characters. I’m not sexist or racist so don’t bother with that bullshit argument, characters are made who and what they are for a reason, don’t fuck around with them. For example would you make Michone from The Walking Dead a white dude? No you wouldn’t because it would be that character anymore, just some weak-assed ” fun” experimentation which no one really wants to see.

    • parsyeb

      Well it’s not like it’d be the same character. Characters are made who they are for a reason indeed: money. And for many years money was made by seeing whiteys and mostly men in most commanding roles. Now that we’re in the internet age where bandwagon social politics dog piles are put together on a daily basis, money and fashionability swing it the other way. No big deal. If they turn out something at the level of Dream Warriors w a female villain, no one will give a shit if it’s Jackie Earle Haley or Jackie from Roseanne.

  • Rudie

    Tilda Swinton

  • charlotte gore

    I don’t like the idea of a female Freddy. But what about Katharine Isabelle. Just check her out in American Mary. She can do crazy bitch better than anyone imo

    • Lee Butch Chestnut

      That would be amazing!

  • James Dillon

    Patricia Arquette is an interesting choice. The rest are bs. You would need someone with Englund’s pedigree. A stage actor with a flair for the dramatic. Someone seasoned. A female Krueger would imply a male protagonist as well. There is a phallic nature to Freddy’s claw. Would be interesting to see how they would adjust it to be feminine. Honestly though? Robert Englund IS Freddy. Just make an original property about a female killer. Grow some balls, Hollywood.


      Arquette wont even talk about her time making Nightmare 3 she despises the whole thing so if this ever happened she would be the last person to sign on for it. Female freddy seems really dumb to me anyway you right they should just make an original movie with a female killer it would be sumthing kinda different at least

  • Edgar Aiden Toe

    Is our genre this fucking bored? Jesus Christ! What stupid fucking idea for a list.

  • Weresmurf

    Clickbait article is clickbait…

  • Evan3

    My one concern with this is that the studio would almost surely feel the need to make Freddy sexy (your literal dreamgirl). I like Freddy as a hideous monster.

    • Kirkio

      So true, this is what concerns me. She’d no doubt have big breasts, torn revealing clothes and be a dominatrix of some sort. Cue awful movie, massive backlash of tumblr feminists boycotting horror, etc

  • guest

    robert englund in drag.


    no way bad idea this movie is a mans world chancing women in dreams Freddy will always be a man or its going to flop

  • Riley

    I would only tolerate a female ‘Freddy’ if it was in storyline and if it was Amanda Krueger perhaps. We find out some time after Freddy’s Dead that the dream demons attached to her or something or another… basically it advances the world of Freddy and is not part of this girl version PC diversity mess that’s going on…

    That’s the only way I’d see it, the whole retcon reboot with ‘girl freddy’ is ridiculous

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