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Which Horror Storylines Do You Want Continued?

Last night was the series finale of NBC’s “Hannibal“. It’s a bittersweet farewell as we were given three seasons of absolutely gorgeous visuals and intricate storylines. But the loss of such a majestic show has cut deep for many of us, the sting nearly unbearable, as seen by countless petitions and #SaveHannibal hashtags all over twitter.

What makes the show’s ending hurt all the more is the knowledge that we would’ve been given a chance to see the Silence of the Lambs storyline with Clarice Starling in the next couple of seasons had it continued. To see that plot fleshed out in NBC’s universe would’ve been nothing but stunning, a totally different take on the classic 1991 film. Alas, it was not meant to be.

However, the end of “Hannibal” makes me wonder about other horror properties and the possibilities that we missed out on by there not being a sequel/prequel. Some stories had such potential and they’ve gone unrealized.

That’s the topic of this week’s discussion post. I’ve got a few titles ahead of films that I think would allow for incredible continuations and then I want you to leave a comment with stories that you think would’ve had an interesting continuation.

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