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8 Dogs Dressed as Your Favorite Horror Movie Characters!

Dog Costumes Halloween

Halloween isn’t just for people, you know! There are many animal lovers who dress their dogs up in Halloween costumes, and while some may find it cruel, others (myself included) think it’s just adorable! It’s just one night a year, after all. After the response to my dog’s costume received such a positive response, I thought I would hunt down some other horror-themed dog costumes. Some people got really creative!

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  • Halloween_Vic

    Lol the chucky one takes the cake!!!!!

  • 1EyeJack

    Freddy, Mogwai, and Chucky costumes are pretty great. Thanks for putting a smile on my face!

  • Vader the White

    Pug Freddy is adorable!

  • markajacoby

    I loved Beetlejuice… My wife loves Mogwai and Freddy!

  • ThunderDragoon

    That Freddy pug is the best lol.

  • Rustbukkit

    Oh come on…. number five isn’t even a real dog. 😛

  • Krove

    Would’ve love to see a The Grudge-costume xD

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