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Remember When ‘Scream’ Won “Best Movie” at the MTV Movie Awards?

Scream MTV Movie Awards

On December 20th, Wes Craven’s classic slasher film Scream turns 20 years old. Many of you know how I feel about Scream. I’ve made my love for it and its sequels (yes, even Scream 3) apparent in the past, but the original really was a landmark film that redefined the horror genre. You have to remember that by 1996, horror was essentially dead. Scream renewed critical and audience interest in a genre that many thought would never be taken seriously again.

Of course, Scream isn’t for everyone. Some people look back on it and see a pedestrian slasher that thought it was more clever than it actually was (those people are wrong, but hey, everyone is entitled to their own opinion). Even Matthew Lillard, one of the film’s stars, thinks the film is “rather pedestrian.” You know what though? All classic films have their detractors. People find them overrated. People hate them. Such is life. Those of us

While some people may not think that the film has aged very well (it has), you can’t deny that it was the film to see at the tail end of 1996 and the beginning of 1997. It won critics’ and audience’s hearts alike. Of course it is not the type of film that will ever see recognition at the Academy Awards (horror films rarely are), but it did garner the attention of everyone who voted for the very prestigious MTV Movie Awards in 1997. While Neve Campbell lost the award for “Best Female Performance” to Romeo + Juliet’s Claire Danes (though she would win in that same category the following year for Scream 2), Scream managed to win “Best Movie” at the 1997 awards show, beating Independence Day, Jerry Maguire, The Rock and Romeo + Juliet.

Watch the clip below, which sees the cast and crew of Scream be presented with the award by none other than Samuel L. Jackson and Mira Sorvino (who was fresh off her greatest performance ever in Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion).

Talk about nostalgia, huh? It may bring a tear to your eye to see the late Wes Craven accepting the award as well, but then you’ll laugh when he hilariously forgets to thank Jamie Kennedy when thanking all of the members of the cast (Neve Campbell thankfully reminds him about Kennedy).

Look, I’m not saying the MTV Movie Awards are the most reputable awards ceremony in existence (that bit about them being prestigious was a joke), but the above video is still a pretty cool time capsule into the popular culture of 1997. And at least Scream got some form of awards recognition (it also won the Saturn Award for “Best Horror Film” that same year). That win wasn’t the only treat for Scream fans at the MTV Movie Awards. If you’re feeling curious, give this next video a watch. It’s the parody the MTV Movie Awards did at the show that same year. I should warn you though: it’s not funny.



  • Grimphantom

    Wow the MTV Movie Awards, one of the MANY MANY awards that are just too dumb to even care about watching it, not helping the fact that’s getting worst each year….just like the music awards or the Teen and Kids choice awards…..

    • Tiger Quinn

      The movie awards from 1996, when it was actually cool. And they never took themselves seriously, that’s why they give out spray painted popcorn for trophies and had categories like Best Throw Up.

      Try having fun at some point. It’s fun.

  • cduns

    This made me miss the 90s/my childhood big time. And I learned there was some big budget looking action movie starring nick cage called The Rock. One thing though that bothers me Trace….

    How in the fuck did Wes (may he RIP) not mention KEVIN WILLIAMSON?! He thanked damn near everyone except the person who wrote the thing from scratch. I just don’t like seeing writers not get their due in these awards ceremonies.

    Rant over. Thanks for the nostalgia trip. Love Scream (yes even Scream 3).

    • It is a shame. I find it interesting that so many people (myself included) refer to it as “Wes Craven’s ‘Scream'” when I really think the film’s success is mostly due to Williamson. Don’t get me wrong, everyone involved was at the top of their game, but Williamson’s fresh approach to the script was what made the film.

      Also, The Rock isn’t bad, but it’s no Con Air.

      • cduns

        Yeah I bet Cage misses the 90s more than I do…

        But you’re right, it is Craven who’s always referenced with Scream. I personally fully credit Williamson, while still agreeing with you about really everyone just being on their game. I’m sure you’ve seen Scream: The Inside Stort and Still Screaming, but former gives a lot of respect to Williamson and the screenplay he developed. I can’t help but feel that younger kids who are coming up now (those where the tv show is their first Scream experience) sometimes lack the perspective of Scream being a life jolt to the horror genre. Not since Halloween had a horror movie spawned so many imitators and reignited the genre so much. The horro genre now seems to be in its best shape since the 80s, but there was a definite drought cured by Scream.

        Bit off-topic but I’d love to read a write up on who you think would be best to direct Scream 5. I know there’s no official talk for it and it probabaly won’t happen, but I doubt Scream will stay off the big screen forever. I think it could be a cool write up to look at some directors who would do Wes and Scream justice. Always like your articles so figured I’d throw it out there.

        • ScriptGiverTJ

          Good idea for Trace! Do a “who we’d like to see direct Scream 5!” Article Trace.

        • Your wish is my command.

          • cduns

            Nice, looking forward to reading it!

      • Evan3

        I think they deserve fairly equal credit. Both Craven and Williamson have achieved some disastrous results on their own. It seemed that their styles brought out each other’s strengths to make a damn good cocktail!

  • Flu-Like Symptoms

    Rose McGowan at the height of her hotness right there at 25, and I gotta say I’d still do Courteney Cox first despite her being nearly 10 years older. There’s my random miscellany for the day.

  • REC03

    Scream is my favorite movie of all time. it just never gets old. i remember seeing it with a friend on Christmas as a kid and the opening scene blew us away. then i saw it again when they re-released it (how epic is that!) then saw Scream 2 in the theaters four times. fantastic movie. RIP Wes. it still stings.

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