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8 Festival Favorites We Can’t Wait For You to See in 2017!




A coming-of-age via cannibalism tale, Raw is a unique little body horror film, though it is surprisingly tame considering its subject matter (or maybe I’m just a jaded horror fan who has seen one too many gore-fests). Still, the acting is top notch and the story will always have you wondering where it’s going to go next. While I didn’t love the film as much as others seemed to, I still enjoyed it quite a bit. The final moments of Raw are simply delightful so it’s no wonder that audiences voted Raw the 3rd best film of the festival.

2017 indie horror

Another WolfCop

The original WolfCop (review) got bogged down with an origin story that took up too much of the film. It also tried a little too hard to be a cult film, Another WolfCop (read my review)succeeds at having no goal other than to entertain. It’s a total blast of a film that is a significant step up from the original and should be seen with a large group of friends and a lot of drinks. The jokes come fast and furious, with almost all of them landing (except one gag involving an anthropomorphic penis that gets stale after two minutes). This isn’t high art here, it’s Another WolfCop!

2017 indie horror


Nacho Vigalondo’s (Timecrimes, Open WindowsColossal (review) is a pleasant surprise. Billed as the “Anne Hathaway kaiju movie,” it actually has a lot more on its mind than monster mayhem. While it’s hardly a horror film (it’s more of a comedy with dramatic elements), I couldn’t resist including it on this list. The first half of the film is near perfect as Hathaway (who is outstanding) learns that a giant monster attacking Seoul is directly linked to her. The film earns plenty of laughs before some abrupt shifts in tone during its second half. These tonal shifts don’t always work, but the ending is so perfect that it’s almost enough to excuse the film’s flaws. Colossal may be too quirky to get a wide release, but this could easily turn into the feel-good movie of the year. If it ends up in a theater near you make it a point to seek it out.

2017 indie horror

The Invisible Guest

The Invisible Guest isn’t really a horror film but it’s too good not to include on this list (it even made it on Kalyn’s Top 10 list this year). It is a thrilling locked room mystery that finds a man on trial for murder after waking up in a hotel room next to the body of his lover. The majority of the film is told via flashback (or a flashback within a flashback, in some cases) as the characters try to put all of the pieces of the puzzle together. Director Oriol Paulo squeezes every bit of tension that he can out of his premise. The plot may rely a bit too much on coincidences, but they’re easily forgivable when the film is this entertaining. It’s a deliberately paced potboiler of a film that builds up to its totally insane and satisfying ending.

2017 indie horror

Which festival favorite are you looking forward to (hopefully) seeing this year? Let us know in the comments below!

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