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5 Things We Want From ‘Resident Evil: The Final Chapter’

resident evil the final chapter

The Resident Evil movie franchise isn’t exactly known for being of the highest quality. In fact, most critics downright loathe the films. Actual quality aside, they’re actually really fun. Mindless entertainment, to be sure, but fun nonetheless. Call me crazy, but I have a real soft spot for these films. If box office numbers are any indication, some of you do as well. Everyone ranks them differently though! Former BD writer Jonathan Barkan wrote about his ranking of the franchise a few months ago, but my ranking differs quite a bit (the only one I loathe is Apocalypse, Barkan’s favorite in the series, but my favorite is Extinction). Quality schmality, amiright? Fans of the franchise have been waiting for the so-called “final” chapter of the series for almost five(!) years, and expectations are high (for me, anyway). I don’t ask for much from these films, as I like them for what they are, but I do have an idea of what a satisfying conclusion to a long-running franchise should entail. Here are five things I want from Resident Evil: The Final Chapter.

1. Awesome Action Scenes

This is sort of a no-brainer when it comes to the Resident Evil films, and it is one quality that I’m 100% certain it will deliver on. I just hope it isn’t the only thing. If The Final Chapter could give us scenes as brutal the Las Vegas fight sequence from Extinction or as beautiful as Rain’s clone’s death in Retribution, and deliver them on a consistent basis, I’m sure that it will feel right at home in this goofy franchise.

resident evil

2. Returning Fan Favorites

The Resident Evil franchise has built up a deep mythology with tons of memorable characters so it’s a bit disconcerting that the only fan favorites returning for Resident Evil: The Final Chapter are Ali Larter and Milla Jovovich. Where are Sienna Guillory’s Jill Valentine? Or Wentworth Miller’s Chris Redfield? Remember when Leon Kennedy and Barry Burton were brought into the mix? How about Li Bingbing as Ada Wong? Hell, we still don’t know where K-Mart is (What? I liked K-Mart, okay?). The fans deserve some closure for all of these characters. It will be highly disappointing if the plan is to pull an Aliens and kill most of them off-screen during the opening credits.

resident evil

3. Continuity

This is sort of linked to the above segment, but it would be nice if The Final Chapter didn’t forget any of the events that happened in the previous films. The series has been pretty good about continuity, but they’re also pretty bad about retconning events from previous movies (remember when Alice’s superpowers from Extinction were quickly dispatched in the opening scene of Afterlife?). It would be lovely if The Final Chapter kept in mind all of the events that happened in the previous five films.

4. An Actual Plot

I’m not saying Retribution wasn’t fun to watch (I like it more and more each time I watch it, but I digress), but the fourth sequel had the thinnest plot the franchise has ever had. Watching it felt less like a movie and more like watching someone else play a video game. Remember the tagline “Evil Goes Global”? That was some bullshit, wasn’t it? The whole film took place in an underground facility and did nothing to move the overall plot of the franchise forward. Hopefully The Final Chapter will remedy that problem and give us an actual plot to follow through to the end.

resident evil

5. Closure

How many times have we been faced with a so-called “final” chapter, only for it to make a bunch of money, leading the studio to produce yet another sequel? If you’re going to put the word “final” in your sequel’s title, please make it final. Have an ending. Flash forward 40 years to the future and show Alice as an elderly woman so we know you can’t backtrack. I don’t care. Just make this one actually be the final chapter. Then reboot the franchise properly in a few years and actually adapt the Resident Evil games.

resident evil the final chapter

What do you want to see in Resident Evil: The Final Chapter? Let us know in the comments below!




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