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5 Things We Want From ‘Resident Evil: The Final Chapter’

resident evil the final chapter

The Resident Evil movie franchise isn’t exactly known for being of the highest quality. In fact, most critics downright loathe the films. Actual quality aside, they’re actually really fun. Mindless entertainment, to be sure, but fun nonetheless. Call me crazy, but I have a real soft spot for these films. If box office numbers are any indication, some of you do as well. Everyone ranks them differently though! Former BD writer Jonathan Barkan wrote about his ranking of the franchise a few months ago, but my ranking differs quite a bit (the only one I loathe is Apocalypse, Barkan’s favorite in the series, but my favorite is Extinction). Quality schmality, amiright? Fans of the franchise have been waiting for the so-called “final” chapter of the series for almost five(!) years, and expectations are high (for me, anyway). I don’t ask for much from these films, as I like them for what they are, but I do have an idea of what a satisfying conclusion to a long-running franchise should entail. Here are five things I want from Resident Evil: The Final Chapter.

1. Awesome Action Scenes

This is sort of a no-brainer when it comes to the Resident Evil films, and it is one quality that I’m 100% certain it will deliver on. I just hope it isn’t the only thing. If The Final Chapter could give us scenes as brutal the Las Vegas fight sequence from Extinction or as beautiful as Rain’s clone’s death in Retribution, and deliver them on a consistent basis, I’m sure that it will feel right at home in this goofy franchise.

resident evil

2. Returning Fan Favorites

The Resident Evil franchise has built up a deep mythology with tons of memorable characters so it’s a bit disconcerting that the only fan favorites returning for Resident Evil: The Final Chapter are Ali Larter and Milla Jovovich. Where are Sienna Guillory’s Jill Valentine? Or Wentworth Miller’s Chris Redfield? Remember when Leon Kennedy and Barry Burton were brought into the mix? How about Li Bingbing as Ada Wong? Hell, we still don’t know where K-Mart is (What? I liked K-Mart, okay?). The fans deserve some closure for all of these characters. It will be highly disappointing if the plan is to pull an Aliens and kill most of them off-screen during the opening credits.

resident evil

3. Continuity

This is sort of linked to the above segment, but it would be nice if The Final Chapter didn’t forget any of the events that happened in the previous films. The series has been pretty good about continuity, but they’re also pretty bad about retconning events from previous movies (remember when Alice’s superpowers from Extinction were quickly dispatched in the opening scene of Afterlife?). It would be lovely if The Final Chapter kept in mind all of the events that happened in the previous five films.

4. An Actual Plot

I’m not saying Retribution wasn’t fun to watch (I like it more and more each time I watch it, but I digress), but the fourth sequel had the thinnest plot the franchise has ever had. Watching it felt less like a movie and more like watching someone else play a video game. Remember the tagline “Evil Goes Global”? That was some bullshit, wasn’t it? The whole film took place in an underground facility and did nothing to move the overall plot of the franchise forward. Hopefully The Final Chapter will remedy that problem and give us an actual plot to follow through to the end.

resident evil

5. Closure

How many times have we been faced with a so-called “final” chapter, only for it to make a bunch of money, leading the studio to produce yet another sequel? If you’re going to put the word “final” in your sequel’s title, please make it final. Have an ending. Flash forward 40 years to the future and show Alice as an elderly woman so we know you can’t backtrack. I don’t care. Just make this one actually be the final chapter. Then reboot the franchise properly in a few years and actually adapt the Resident Evil games.

resident evil the final chapter

What do you want to see in Resident Evil: The Final Chapter? Let us know in the comments below!



  • Vicente Garcia

    Not to burst your bubble, but…
    1) Sadly, hectic quick-cut editing ruins all the action stunts.
    2) No one returns in this one but Claire. No Chris, Jill, Ada, Leon…not even Becky. Alice wakes up in Washington alone after the battle.
    3) There’s no continuity–despite Wesker giving her her powers back at the end of Retribution, it was apparently a trick and she never uses them once in this movie. All previous characters go unmentioned too.
    4) We do get the simple “48 hour countdown” plot though!
    5) There’s a ton of closure for the Alice character and some Umbrella history that contradicts more stuff, but not much else.

  • I think #4 should be #1…

  • Shay Lauderdale

    I like them all but 3 (Extinction) & 4 (Afterlife). These were the worst. I love 1 & 2 & Retribution was so great. They could have just skipped 3 & 4. The one in the desert was just awful.
    I have always wondered why Alice has never been in any of the video games??? I guess Capcom doesn’t want to be involved with such badly reviewed films. I just think it is weird that she hasn’t ever showed up. That I know of. She couldn’t have made RE 6 any worse than it was………….

    • NOOOOO 3 is the BEST. 2 is the WORST. 2 is the best adaptation, sure. But it’s hands down the worst movie. XD

    • Saturn

      Funny how opinions differ.
      My order of preference : 3,4,1,5,2.

    • John Connor

      I actually had this same opinion before rewatching them a couple of days ago.
      My feelings used to be this: 1 was a great film, 2 was a great grindhouse sequel, 3 was lame, 4 was atrocious, 5 was this dreamy awesome thing that made me swoon.

      But watching them all at home, catching every detail, nothing unturned, time to dwell on every moment: 3 was probably my favorite. And 4 was actually great, save for the cheesy climactic fight. I still thought highly of 1, 2, and 5. But 3 blew me away. I think watching it slowly helps the film immensely. (When watching at home, I make sure I catch every piece of dialogue and understand everything going on, so there’s a lot of rewinding/backtracking, so the movie feels longer than the skinny runtime that actually doesn’t help these films).

      And I was surprised that I really enjoyed 4 for the most part. Felt like my world was turned upside down.

      Then I went see The Final Chapter and its the worst of the series, but I didn’t hate it. It was just really dull and disappointing and infuriating to think they just got rid of all these other characters, nearly all without any mention/explanation. Just wasted. Then there are so many contradictions to the previous films.

      But what’s interesting, with Retribution’s dreamlike inception ‘what’s real?’ scenario, you can probably come up with some crazy interesting theories of how it can all make sense.

      Becky and Alice’s brief relationship was the greatest material in the series. That moment where they find their clones is the best. I wish the final film focused on Becky acting as Alice’s love of her life/daughter (wanting to live happily with her), but there’s zero mention of her.

  • oh_riginal

    To be fair to part 4, I wouldn’t say the removal of her powers was poor continuity. At least they took the time to acknowledge what came before. The continuity is sound. It’s just that they were lazy as hell in how they removed her powers. That’s not bad continuity, that’s bad writing in the script.

    • I did acknowledge that. I said it was just a retcon (and a cheap one at that).

  • Stefan Heikel

    Claire, Chris, and K-mart were captured by Umbrella at the end of Afterlife. I’m sure Claire will at least mention what happened to them.

    • Vicente Garcia

      Claire briefly mentions being captured at the Arcadia, and that she doesn’t know where anyone else is. That’s it–no one else is seen or mentioned.

    • I certainly hope so!

  • James Allard

    An ending, absolutely. I have seen all of the prior iterations in the theater, I own both of the cartoons/anime and I want this baby put to bed.

    I would *like* lots of close ups of those eyes, those eyes, those eyes… and if I may, the l’il red dress….

    • One-Eye

      Milla and Paul’s daughter is a remarkable combination of both of them. She has Milla’s eyes and Paul’s mouth.

      It’s kind of eerie watching her in the movie when you know what her parents look like.

  • James

    An ending so they can finally reboot this travesty of a series.

  • Grimphantom

    “The fans deserve some closure for all these characters” LOL that’s rich. You’re asking too much, just ask for an ending on this dead corpse(the irony) so we can finally say goodbye once and for all

  • Creepshow

    6. Gratuitous Nudity

    Alice should go out with a BANG, and wear her Birthday Suit the entire film.

    • Kaijudude

      lol good thinking.

  • I really love Kmart, but i guess the Japan screening confirmed she isnt in it.

  • REC03

    I really didn’t care for Retribution and it kinda sucked out my anticipation for this one tbh. This will probably be the first one i won’t check out in theaters as im planning on seeing Split instead. Still look forward to seeing it eventually though. These movies are like my Fast & the Furious for other people. Dumb but fun.

  • So, I’ve only ever seen the first two and actually thought the second was okay for mindless action despite the overuse of quick-cuts (way better than any Underworld flick I’ve seen). I feel like actually trying to get caught up as The Final Chapter looks genuinely fun.

    • The whole Blu-Ray set is on Amazon for $18. =)

      • Say what?! Good looking out.

        • Creepshow

          Zach, I’ll give you 20 dollars to not buy them.

          • EnergyDrinkHigh

            Now THAT’S some good looking out!

          • Okay. Would you prefer to pay via Cash App or PayPal? 😉

          • Creepshow

            How do I know you are not gonna turn around and use my $20 to buy that set, and then pocket the extra two dollars? We need a contract drawn up for legal purposes. Then I will send you a 3rd party, out of state check. Or I can send you a couple trash bags filled with empty beer cans, and you can redeem them for the deposits. Deal?

          • Deal.

    • GonSanzo

      I’m currently doing the same. Last one I bothered watching was the 2nd one. I know they’ll be goofy and terrible, but eh why not.

  • joewaters

    They better bring #ChrisRedfield back!!! He’s one of main characters in the video games plus #WentworthMiller is hot

    • Dylan Gutierrez

      He’s not in it.

  • One-Eye

    I saw this today (it opened in Australia) and there are some cool ideas but, by God, Paul W.S. Anderson brings a new level of visual incoherence to the action scenes.

    I admit, I was a little hungover when I watched it but the insanely fast, confounding editing started to make me feel queasy. It’s as if he hasn’t watched a single other action film made in the past decade.

    Not to mention a truly shameless number of loud jump scares. A couple of them effective, most of them not. It’s like Anderson is trying to get a job with Blumhouse.

    Milla retains a steely charisma that remains enjoyable to watch but she deserves far better material. If this truly is the ‘final’ film hopefully she is free to go find it.

    And, yes, the third one is still the best. Russell Mulcahy should have stayed on with the series.

  • 5 things we want from resident evil the final chapter:
    1. Bomb…hopefully fans are smarter than this
    3. Notice of a reboot completely separated from this garbage
    4. See No. 1
    5. Fade away quickly

  • Kaijudude

    Kmart actually appeared at the very end of Afterlife, after everyone had been let out of the tubes. So she was on the boat with Claire Chris and Alice , when Jill attacked. So it’s safe to say , as hard as it is to say, she was probably killed off screen.

  • Kaijudude

    Half of me thinks she was supposed to have a part in Afterlife , but they either didn’t have room for her or she may have wanted more money or something.

  • Mr. Dry

    1 Thing I want from Resident Evil: The Final Chapter:
    1 – TO END.

  • John Connor

    5 things? Well you get the total opposite of what you wished for (as I’m sure you’re aware by now).

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