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Celebrating Women Horror Journalists for International Women’s Day

To commemorate International Women’s Day, a movement that celebrates women’s rights and their achievements, I wanted to give thanks to the hard working women journalists that are within the horror genre. In an industry dominated by men, there are just as many women who are constantly striving to be heard among the masses.  The following is my list of 10 Women Horror Journalists who are kicking ass and cementing themselves as pioneers within horror journalism.

Rebekah McKendry

No horror journalism list is complete without the addition of Rebekah McKendry.  She has been someone that many horror journalists, including myself, have looked up too.  Rebekah has been in the industry for well over a decade having such jobs as a writer for FEARnet and Director of Marketing for Fangoria.  She is now the Editor-in-Chief at Blumhouse and her knowledge of the horror genre is almost unparalleled considering she has a PhD. in Film Theory with a focus on horror and exploitation cinema.  Along with her many writing accomplishments, she is also an integral part of the Blumhouse podcast, Shock Waves.

Clarke Wolfe

Clarke Wolfe came on my radar about a year or so ago and since then I’ve been incredibly impressed with her work.  She is the host of COMPLEX’s horror news show, “Collider Nightmares”, and is a self proclaimed nerd who loves to talk about all things horror and geekdom.  Along with “Collider Nightmares”, she has been a correspondent for Nerdist, Warner Bros, and Universal Studios as well as appearing on multiple podcasts including the “Official Outcast Podcast” where she delves into the exploration of the world of Robert Kirkman’s “Outcast.”

Staci Layne Wilson

Staci Layne Wilson has become a household name in the horror journalism world. Most known for being a contributing writer and reporter for Dread Central, she’s also a columnist for YahooTV and has written for Fangoria Magazine.  Along with also being a director and producer, Staci is also a published author who just released her latest book, “So L.A.”

April Snellings

April is an accomplished writer and editor who has had her work showcased in the popular horror magazine Rue Morgue.  April has gone on to win multiple awards for her writing and editing expertise and has recently become involved with Glass Eye Pix’s radio drama series, “Tales From Beyond the Pale.”

BJ Colangelo

BJ is a powerhouse of talent.  Not only does she co-own Sickening Pictures, a production company that showcases genre-bending movies, but she’s also a contributing writer for such sites as Blumhouse,, and Birth.Movies.Death and has written some of the most intriguing and thought-provoking articles I’ve ever read.

Patti Pauley

Patti is a dynamite personality and one of the lead writers for the horror site, Patti has been with iHorror for three years and has been integral in lending her voice and unique opinions of the horror genre for the site she calls home.  Along with iHorror, Patti has also been a contributing writer for Dread Central.

Melissa Ann

Melissa has a love for all things horror and geek, which is why she created her site in 2016.  Before that, Melissa contributed to such horror sites as and Crypticrock. Though she has a deep appreciation for the horror genre, she created HorrorGeekLife as a way to include all genres of film as well as gaming and geek culture.

Izzy Lee

Izzy is a multi-faceted writer who has contributed to such sites as Fangoria, Screen Anarchy and Birth.Movies.Death.  Along with her writing, she has directed and produced quite a number of award-winning horror shorts and is a published author who recently had her short story “Tilberian Holiday” included in the “Wicked Witches: An Anthology of the New England Horror Writers.”

Tori Danielle

Tori is a fresh face in the horror journalism world.  Co-founder and Editor-in-Chief of the horror site, Tori also is a representative for CryptTV as well as a lead writer for  Tori has an intense passion for the horror genre and is always doing what she can to help promote women in horror.

Kalyn Corrigan

Kalyn is a journalist that is new to me but boasts an impressive resume of sites that she has written for. Kalyn has been, and continues to be, a contributing writer for such sites as Bloody-Disgusting (read her work here), Blumhouse, Birth.Movies.Death, and and her work can also be seen in Delirium Magazine.



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    Thanks for recommending these horror writers. I follow along with the Horror Honeys and appreciate multiple perspectives on my favorite genre.

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  • DJV1985

    I don’t get this. I mean it with all the seriousness that you can think but why? I always thought women wanted to be equal to men and treated the same etc. but having this sort of thing seems to put them out as a special course, that you’re doing them a favour by letting them be journalists or that for one day of the year you’ll celebrate their contributions – Do you do the same for Black journalists, White male journalists (you know the new evil lol) or any other people? so why just the women.

    If you want to be equal then stop treating yourselves and stop letting other people use these so called “insert subject” day and asked to be acknowledged for good work and not be put in the spotlight because you’re a woman doing the same job that a man does.

    Again and I’m prepared for any attacks, I grew up with a stack of women and think they contribute to the world just as much as men but to put this sort of article up as if to say “Hey look we’re progressive, we have women journalists look how special we are” (this is aimed at all sites not just bloody disgusting), you shouldn’t celebrate or put to the forefront because you’re a woman or a man but for what you contribute, I’m waiting for international mans day and when you put the same article up.

    • Evan Dickson

      Where to begin? Women still don’t make as much as men. The current administration is hellbent on taking their reproductive health decisions away from them. They are marginalized all over the world.

      Yes… women are capable of doing everything as well as men. They are capable of being as productive. They ARE as productive. They ARE as smart. They are equals in every way. But society still hasn’t caught up to this. Not 100%. Not by any stretch.

      That’s why we should celebrate International Women’s Day. GTFO with this man’s day argument, please.

      • DJV1985

        On a small scale, yes some SOME women do not earn as much as men but a larger scale the pay gap is very minute, it is a lot smaller than people believe so this argument is pointless and I’ll add that every job I’ve had, every woman I know and everyone that I’ve spoken to has said that they earn equal or in some cases more than the men they work with. More women leave schools with better education, more women are given high positions in companies nowadays than for decades so again this is an incorrect stance that woman are not treated equally.

        Celebrating womens day is a joke. the reason is because you can’t demand to be treated equal (even though you already are) and then say “But wait I want a whole day to celebrate the accomplishments that we have done as a gender” because if it was the reverse and people started demanding an international mans day you would be up in arms about how unfair it would be. You cannot say you want to be treated equal while also demanding to have a day where you’re put on a pedal stool for doing something, it’s a joke.

      • DJV1985

        I’ll add that women demanding to have International Womans day is kind of like the old days when a company would hire a disabled person or a person who isn’t white (back when there was segregation) would be put on posters and pushed to the front of photographs to show how progressive a company is and the reaction you had to a mans day just shows how hypocritical you are towards the idea of an equal day of celebration for men or are you one those people who think that all men are bad or that every day is mans day.

        You can disagree all you wish but I have no issue with women being treated equal, because again they are on a large scale, but demanding a day to be put forward like a shiny new toy is a backwards ideology.

      • John

        “I have no idea what is going on, but I have an opinion and everyone must hear it and agree!” -Every woman ever, since the dawn of time.

  • Jimmy Cthulhuhan

    Message removed… hah! Fucccck you. Wouldn’t care 99% of the time cuz I’m usually bullshitting, but I had a perfectly legitimate critique on the article. Ain’t my fault a couple of things are done in poor taste here… was just trying to help (in a sardonic way).

    • Ocelot006 .

      Well women can’t handle criticism the same as men so they have to remove said criticism. The majority of what people pass off as sexism is simply criticism of people who happen to be women but then gets made out to be ‘you criticized simply because they are a woman’.

  • Pluto Hiller

    I just hope they’re writing some good articles today rather than taking the day off to celebrate the day without women protests. Remember how protests were more useful about forty years ago when serious problems existed. Also, Rebekah and Kalyn are gorgeous.

  • BloodyDisgusted

    I knew the comments section would be full of garbage people but I looked anyways. Damn it.

  • Redsam6

    Love Clarke Wolfe!

  • bigval

    A good list thanks BD, I always appreciate and respect any women that get into the horror genre knowing how much they have to put with from immature guys with inferiority complexes.

    I enjoyed Kalyn’s honest review of Kong: Skull Island and still want to see The Neon Demon thanks to her review.

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