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10 Horror Directors Who Appeared in Movies They Didn’t Direct


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It is fitting that the man responsible for so many other people’s cameos ends up last on this list, and with so many appearances himself. Many of them are swaps he probably made because of the filmmakers who were kind enough to appear in his movies. Sam Raimi popped up in two of Landis’ films, so Landis popped up in Spider-Man 2

…and Darkman.

Landis also appeared in the aforementioned Sleepwalkers, Attack of the 50-Foot Cheerleader, and Tales of Halloween, and had a fun role in a horror-comedy from the director of It’s a Disaster called The Scenesters – he’s not in the trailer, but here it is:

He appeared alongside Miss Piggy in The Muppets Take Manhattan, thanks to a cameo trade between him and Frank Oz (who was in Landis’ The Blues Brothers); here is a Muppet blooper reel that shows their sequence:

He also appeared in The Stand and The Silence of the Hams along with many famous friends, as well as the anthology film Quicksilver Highway and the William Malone film Parasomnia. We end with his appearance in the unfairly forgotten piece of Tobe Hooper weirdness called Spontaneous Combustion, starring Brad Dourif.

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