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10 Horror Directors Who Appeared in Movies They Didn’t Direct


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While known popularly as the Oscar-winning writer/director of The Shawshank Redemption and The Green Mile, horror fans know Frank Darabont as the director of The Mist and the man who brought The Walking Dead to television. His love of classic horror film is evident in his work as well as in his film appearances; aside from doing uncredited script work on the new Godzilla, he was also cast by Peter Jackson as one of the airplane gunners who took down King Kong in 2005:

In the same year that he teamed with Greg Nicotero to work on The Walking Dead, he also did a cameo in Nicotero’s short film The United Monster Talent Agency:

Friendships with John Carpenter and Stephen King led to cameos in John Carpenter’s Vampires and the TV mini-series version of The Shining. And, because you can only escape it for so long, Darabont had a multi-episode arc on Entourage, playing a version of himself:

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