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10 Horror Directors Who Appeared in Movies They Didn’t Direct


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The college professor who went on to write and direct some of the most iconic horror films in the modern age had more tricks up his sleeve that one might think, and performing was one of them. He did seem to play himself a lot, from the Adam Rifkin comedy Welcome to Hollywood to a small role in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back

…to a cameo in the popular crime series Castle.

Craven also played one of the news voices in George A. Romero’s Diary of the Dead and tweaked his past by playing a college professor obsessed with fear in the film The Fear:

And, like many other horror friends of John Carpenter, he popped up in the anthology horror-comedy Body Bags, which is seen at the end of this nice homage to Craven’s career:

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  • Matt

    That’s pretty cool. I was not aware of many of these.

  • Bart Crowe

    Scarier than any horror movie is the click bait slideshow.

  • Jeff

    This was fun! Was hoping to see Ti West and Larry Fessenden.

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