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10 Horror Directors Who Appeared in Movies They Didn’t Direct


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Sam Raimi always had the personality of a performer. Back when he was making amateur films with childhood friends Bruce Campbell and Scott Spiegel, Raimi appeared in them as well. One of their earliest amateur attempts, Stryker’s War in 1980, was later turned into a feature film by Josh Becker in 1985 called Thou Shalt Not Kill…Except:

Friendships are what lead most often to a Raimi cameo, whether it’s as a reporter in Maniac Cop 2, starring friend Bruce Campbell…

…one of a series of famous faces dying in Scott Spiegel’s Intruder

…the one-two punch of Coen Brothers films as a snide gunman in Miller’s Crossing

… and a silhouetted pitch man in The Hudsucker Proxy

…or two appearances for the ever-present John Landis in Innocent Blood

…and Spies Like Us.

He even found a way to sneak into two Stephen King TV movies: The Shining.

…and The Stand.

But a personal favorite is a character drama in which Sam Raimi gets to tap into the physical comedy he has loved for years as the weird Stick Coder in Indian Summer:

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