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10 Horror Movie Remakes You Probably Didn’t Know Existed!

Unknown Horror Remakes

The Initiation of Sarah

How weird is this? This 1978 ABC TV film (ABC was all about those horror TV movies, weren’t they?) was remade in 2006 for ABC Family (now Freeform). The original isn’t that great, but it does boast a fabulously bitchy performance from Morgan Fairchild. Fairchild joined the remake, but this time she was playing Sarah’s mother as opposed to her tormenter. The remake actually has a pretty cool cast. It included Firefly’s Summer Glau, Bride of Chucky’s Jennifer Tilly and even Reba’s Joanna Garcia.

Unknown Horror Remakes

It’s Alive

Larry Cohen’s original killer baby film isn’t exactly considered a classic, but the remake makes it look like Halloween. Josef Rusnak directed this direct-to-DVD adaptation that starred Hostel: Part II‘s Bijou Phillips as the doting mother. Not all reviews were negative, but Cohen himself went on the record saying that it was an awful film.

Unknown Horror Remakes

April Fool’s Day

The It’s Alive remake may not be great, but April Fool’s Day is downright atrocious. That may be why you haven’t heard of it (and if you have, I’m sorry). Starring Scout Taylor-Compton, the film is a truly mean-spirited film that is the epitome of unnecessary remake. This is rather disheartening considering that the original, while not bad by any means, is the type of horror film that could do with a proper remake.

Unknown Horror Remakes

A Tale of Two Sisters

The remake of Kim Jee-Woon’s psychological horror film actually isn’t that bad. It’s just a little generic. In fact, you may have seen it already and not even known it was a remake. Renamed The Uninvited, the remake starred Elizabeth Banks and Emily Browning and was released in 2009 without much fanfare. It doesn’t hold a candle to the original, but you could do a lot worse in terms of horror remakes.

Unknown Horror Remakes

The Wizard of Gore

Blood Feast (our review) isn’t the only Herschell Gordon Lewis film to get a remake! 2007’s The Wizard of Gore featured the legendary Crispin Glover as the titular magician Montag the Magnificent. Kip Pardue (whatever happened to him) takes over the lead role as a journalist who tries to expose the magician’s murderous tendencies.

Unknown Horror Remakes

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  • President Thorn

    The Nina Dobrev movie “Never Cry Werewolf” was basically a remake of the original “Fright Night”.

  • Graham

    Reading about the April Fool’s Day remake reminds me of how excited for it I was back in 2008. Even knowing it was DTV, I was such a fan of the original that I was willing to embrace whatever the remake had in store. Until I saw it. Such a disappointment because, as you say, the original really could use a remake (although at this point I’m more interested in a blu-ray release for it than a remake).

  • pablitonizer

    Alexandre Ajan’s Piranha was released in 2010, not 2011

  • Mi chiamo “Dee”

    I vaguely remember that “Piranha” remake. It was part of a slew of remakes Roger Corman ordered, plundering his own back catalogue.

    • lonestarr357

      Showtime’s “Roger Corman Presents”. Just the ticket for an undiscerning 14-year-old on the lookout for boobs and action in the mid-90s.

  • CalUni

    Can’t believe Baby Jane was remake and with the Redgrave sisters no less! That I might have to seek out. Initiation of Sarah also looks like it could be fun.

    • Forca84

      Initiation of Sarah the remake is corny but fun to watch. I haven’t seen it on TV since ABCFamily changed to Freeform.

      • CalUni

        Thanks for the heads up.

  • Elizabeth

    Ugh, I accidentally watched the April Fool’s Day remake because the Roku channel had it listed as the original. As soon as it started I obviously realized it wasn’t but I decided to watch it out of curiosity. Never getting that hour and a half back.

  • Tarman_85

    Lynn Redgrave’s performance as Jane Hudson was so restrained compared to Bette Davis’ performance. I remember not liking the remake at all, and I’m not an anti-remake kind of person.

  • Dan Warren (Forgottenretroworl

    Most of these sound like sh*t, probably why not heard of.

  • Terry Powell

    Wasnt there a lame tv remake of Humanoids from the deep as well?

    • ArmitageX

      Yes, there was.

  • Horrible Day

    But what about the remake of Silent Night, Bloody Night? Bet you didn’t know about that one and I think its better if you don’t know about it

  • Michael Hill

    There needs to be an article on remakes which are better then the original.
    Here’s the 1st: Texas Chainsaw Massacre

    • Silhouetters

      Nice meme.

    • Jerry

      I concur. Great movie (i love the second one with Bomer too). When they replace Biel with a man who will be able in late stage of the movie fight against the killer it will be the perfect motherfookin slasher. Fook throw some kind of soldier/cop/whatever in Wrong Turn woods and you have a masterpiece. One thing though, i rewatched Texas Chainsaw Massacre lately and i remember vaguely that at the end Leatherface was sitting in the back of the car with Biel and he killed her and now i watched and she ran away. Was there more than one ending?

      • You’re getting the 2003 remake and the 2006 prequel mixed up. Biel gets away on the remake and Jordan’s Brewster gets killed in the prequel.

        • Jerry

          Lol thats probably it. Thanks.

    • Blood Boil

      Wrong in every way.

    • Blood Boil

      The Blob, The Fly or The Thing

    • william Stalker

      I know it is 4/20 and all but you really must be high to think Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake is better than the original.

    • DannX68

      I agree.

    • ShadowInc

      It was a decent modernization of the material, but I wouldn’t say it was better.

  • Chip

    I’d call Gingersnaps a bit of a remake of American Werewolf in London. Heavily inspired enough anyways, right down to borrowing a lot of the same camera tricks to make the werewolf work, like attacking from the side, so that nobody can see that half the werewolf has a puppeteer’s legs sticking out of it. They hit similar plot points besides that.

    Even stranger though is Gingersnaps III, which is not only basically a remake of the first movie, but also manages to cram The Last of the Mohicans in there as well.

    • JoeInTheBox

      I would even argue that Ginger Snaps 3 rips off a lot from Brotherhood of the Wolves.

  • Trent Owens

    April Fools Day god i hated that remake anytime anyone says worst remake this always pops into my mind

  • Trent Owens

    What about Satan’s school for girls? it was remade and even more cheesy then the original

  • Ms. Ripley

    The three part television mini series of “The Shining”. I have to admit I didn’t watch the whole of it but what I saw was disastrous.

    • rocker_15-c

      Funny thing is that Stephen King hated the version of Stanley Kubrick so he was involved writing the scripts in that piece of crap.

  • Blizzard S.

    What about Carrie?, it was remade in 2002.

    • Waldir Segundo

      its not a remake of the movie, its a tv mini adaptation directly from the book

  • James Allard

    The Caligari remake is bizarre, just in the notion of its existence. Overall, worth at least one viewing just to see what they did.

    • There is also a very loosely based remake(THE CABINET OF CALIGARI) from the 60s that actually is very good.

  • DannX68

    I saw the Baby Jane one, but don’t remember a thing from it. I have the original on Blu-ray in my to-watch stack.
    Also… yes, the “remake” of A Tale of Two Sisters is REALLY bad. Stripped all originality and mystery away.

  • IT’S ALIVE actually is a classic,considering it had a popular(and successful) theatrical re-release in 1977(which warranted the mediocre sequel IT LIVES AGAIN[a.k.a.: IT’S ALIVE 2]) and has been a popular VHS video and DVD title.

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