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Why ‘Alien vs. Predator’ Deserves All Your Love

Almost exactly one year after Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees finally clashed up on the big screen, director Paul W.S. Anderson brought together the two heavyweights of sci-fi/horror for a similar battle to the death. Like Freddy vs. Jason, Alien vs. Predator was foretold by clues that dated back many years prior, namely a comic book mash-up, an action figure two-pack, and of course, an Easter egg in Predator 2 that made a truly awesome promise: these two ugly motherfuckers exist in the same universe, y’all!

Released in 2004, Alien vs. Predator made a killing at the box office but didn’t quite do so well with critics or even hardcore fans of the two franchises. Most felt at the time that both franchises deserved better, and even all these years later, Alien vs. Predator is looked back on as a disappointing misfire that did no favors to either the Xenomorphs or the Predators. Mind you, it’s not nearly as hated by fans as follow-up film Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem, but you’d be hard pressed to find too many glowing reviews out there on the internet.

My personal opinion? I revisited Alien vs. Predator last night for the first time in 13 years. And it was way better than I remembered it being. Hell, I feel no guilt in saying that I kind of love it.

How do you bring together the villains from two entirely different franchises? Many different writers attempted to crack the code over the years, but it was Paul W.S. Anderson (along with Shane Salerno) who came up with a pitch that won 20th Century Fox over. Anderson’s concept, which managed to make sense of the aforementioned Predator 2 Easter egg, was actually quite inspired.

Anderson’s story, which plays out like a big budget fan film, imagines that the Aliens and Predators have been locked in battle for centuries. Every 100 years, young Predators hunt the Xenomorphs for sport as a means to prove themselves worthy to their elders, with the battle highlighted in Alien vs. Predator taking place in 2004. Set deep beneath an island off the coast of Antarctica, the fight is kick-started when the Predators trick a group of lowly humans (including Lance Henriksen, brilliantly cast as the man the Alien franchise’s Bishop android was based on!) into entering the battleground so that they can be impregnated by the Face Huggers they’re literally forcing the Alien Queen to give birth to. After all, you need to first create Xenomorphs before you can hunt them.

It’s a bonkers premise, and one could argue that a franchise vs. franchise fight flick requires one of those. The film paints the Predators as weirdly benevolent Gods that humans used to worship, while it presents the Xenomorphs as so-called “serpents” that must never make their way into the general populace – in a stunning flashback sequence set atop a pyramid, we learn that the Predators have been trained to literally level entire civilizations in the event that the Xenomorphs start winning any given fight. They don’t want to destroy humanity, you see. They just need to use us as a means to carry out their ritualistic battle. The Xenomorphs, however, want to kill us and they want to kill us all.

When you buy a ticket to see a movie titled Alien vs. Predator, you’re dropping that money to see two horror icons fight rather than watch a group of boring characters talk, and AvP no doubt suffers from a setup that can best be described as lackluster. Before we get to the good stuff, Anderson sets the stage in a way that makes you feel like you’re watching a Syfy original picture rather than a $60 million collision between two mega popular horror franchises – but have no fear, because it soon becomes evident that Anderson was smartly ensuring he’d have money to spend on the good stuff.

And oh boy is the good stuff, well, good!

Once we get deep underground, the production values increase significantly; even those who hated Alien vs. Predator back in 2004 couldn’t help but praise the lavish sets and the decidedly incredible practical effects work. The film’s wrestling ring, so to speak, is an ancient pyramid with an internal structure that completely changes every 10 minutes, making for some fun sequences that evolve the environment in increasingly threatening ways. Ornate artwork depicting the various iconic figures in both the Alien and Predator franchises gives the sets a nice sense of history, effectively conveying the core idea of the mash-up film: these two species have a long history we sure as hell never knew about.

And then there’s the effects, which I was shocked to discover on my re-watch last night are almost entirely practical – according to Wikipedia, the dudes behind Amalgamated Dynamics Incorporated practically created an impressive 70% of the monster action on screen. Alec Gillis, Tom Woodruff Jr. and the ADI team created suits, miniatures and puppets to bring the various Xenomorphs to life (Woodruff Jr. himself played the film’s standout “Grid Alien”), while actor Ian Whyte was tasked with playing all of the Predators. And it all looks damn good, both for the time and still to this day.

But where AvP really excels in the effects department is in the inclusion of the Queen Alien, introduced in James Cameron’s Aliens prior to being prominently featured in Paul W.S. Anderson’s monster mash. A blend of practical effects and CGI, the visually stunning Queen is initially shackled up in the underground pyramid like a slave, but eventually breaks free (with a little help from her babies) to go on a rampage that takes AvP to a whole new level of cool. Watching the Queen run after the film’s final girl, smashing through a massive whale skeleton along the way, is one hell of a visual that makes a pretty good case for Anderson being the right guy to have helmed this particular ship. And goddamn did ADI go above and beyond on this one, bucking effects trends of the time in favor of old school-style work that did both franchises prouder than anything else on display in their big budget team-up film.

Of course, Alien vs. Predator has its downsides. For starters, the well documented PG-13 rating makes zero sense when you consider that every film in both franchises had been rated R up to that point, and the rating rears its ugly head a handful of times throughout – much of the monster-on-human carnage takes place off screen, robbing us of the “money shots” that would’ve really put the film over the top. But even with a PG-13 rating, the fight sequences between the warring species’ are a total delight to watch, if not a bit too over-edited – and since both monsters bleed colors other than red, the MPAA thankfully let a whole lot slide.

There’s a part of me that hates, or at least wants to hate Alien vs. Predator for reducing the Xenomorphs to Predator fodder and also for making the Predators out to be the heroes (the final act’s teamwork between the Scar Predator and final girl Alexa is as silly as anything you’ll ever see in the horror genre), but there’s just so much more to love about AvP than there is to hate. With expectations in check and properly calibrated, my 13-years-later revisit made me realize that it was every bit the fun spectacle everyone in their right mind should’ve gone into the theater expecting in the summer of 2004.

There’s just something great about a movie that fully embraces its own absurdity.



  • Kyle

    I’ve been fighting this battle for years, John. Haha. I’ve never understood why people expect some cerebral experience from a movie called ‘Alien vs. Predator’.

    I hear the comparison all the time that putting the two together is like ‘Frankenstein Meets the Wolf-man’. My response has always been – what’s wrong with that?! Alien has, for a long time, been as much about the action and the visuals as it is about the questions it raises over more philosophical issues, and there’s no question that the Predator series is just as schlocky and B-Movie esque as AvP.

    It’s hard to argue that AvP is bad at being the kind of movie it wants to be. The great expectations of the fans are what keep this movie being a classic right up there with Aliens and the original Predator.

    • Poopsmith McUnty

      Both ALien and predator started out with brains and were NOT dumb. That’s why we demand a higher bar for quality.

      • oh_riginal

        Agreed. Alien and Aliens are higher calibur films, and even Alien 3, as flawed as it is, feels like it at least deserves enough respect to not be lumped in with the latest syfy channel movie.

        Predator is great, no debate.

        Alien Resurrection, Predator 2, and to an extent, Predators, all feel like they could easily take place in the same universe as the AvP films. Is it really any surprise that AvP took the franchises in the direction that they did? They were aiming to please fans of the more recent entries, rather than try to force the styles of Scott/Cameron and McTiernan to mix.

        That being said, the original comics of AvP did feel like they took place in the same universe where a Predator once slaughtered a mercenary team in a jungle on Earth and where Aliens had slaughtered marines on LV-426 in a recent past. Still don’t understand why no one could successfully pitch the idea of the comics to the studio heads.

      • Kyle

        I’m sorry man, but calling the original Predator a movie with brains is just silly. It’s a big, dumb action movie. That doesn’t mean it can’t be brilliant on its own terms. What is your ‘bar for quality’? Great special effects? Great action? AvP delivers on both counts – it’d be hard to argue otherwise. It certainly can’t be some intricate, compelling story because neither franchise has excelled at that.

        What makes the story great for both the Alien and Predator movies are the characters who resonate with the viewers. I’ll admit, AvP does not deliver characterization to the level that Alien did, but again, the movie is called Alien vs. Predator. Your expectation for the film that literally sells itself as an extended fight sequence should not be based on having brilliantly written characters.

        • oh_riginal

          To be fair, there is a difference in quality when going from Predator 1 to any of the Predator sequels and AvP movies. Part 1 is never as cartoonish as anything like having 90s coked out gang members snorting insane amounts of cocaine, having an old lady pop up and say “I don’t think he gives a shit” or introducing a planet where Predators hunt random guys they snatched up off Earth, including a serial killer who isn’t really a threat to anyone in combat unless he sneaks up on you with poison or something. That’s not even to mention the AvP movies, with Predators that team up with humans for no reason, and a Predator that is supposed to be wiping out Aliens and any evidence of them, while simultaneously leaving skinned humans hanging in the same spot.

          The first movie may not be meant to spark the intellect, but it still has more class than anything that followed.

    • Darkknight2149

      “A classic right up there with Aliens and the original Predator.”

      With all due respect, are you serious? If it was anywhere near that level of quality, it would have surpassed fan expectations.

    • Darkknight2149

      We don’t expect a ‘cerebral’ anything. We want a good movie that delivers on its premise, not some exceedingly dumb cheesefest.

      • Kyle

        At least one of your fellow commenters says otherwise regarding expectations towards a cerebral film. How does the film *not* deliver on its premise? The movie is called Alien vs. Predator…and the movie delivers the Alien fighting the Predator. About an hour and a half of it, with, as the article points out, top notch effects, a unique setting, and interesting characters.

        • Darkknight2149

          I guess I wanted a film that wasn’t this bad. I think most fans would have settled for a good crossover that respects both franchises. (SIDE NOTE: I was personally underwhelmed by most of the fight scenes, but that’s subjective)

          Really, I don’t think a good movie is too much to ask. This film revealed that Predators taught the human cultures how to build their distinct pyramids in a thawed Antarctica thousands of years ago. If that isn’t a testament to how bad the film is, I don’t know what is.

          • Kyle

            So your opinion on the fight scenes is subjective…but not your overall analysis of the film? Come on. Also, I’m not sure how realism equates to quality. Might as well just discard the entire sci-fi genre.

  • TheSlitheryDee

    Most disappointing theatre experience of my life.

    • CuntFarts

      What were you expecting? Serious question.

      • Darkknight2149

        Probably what everyone was expecting. A good movie. When you’re crossing over two icons, that isn’t too much to ask.

        And giving the crossover to WS Anderson (of all people) demonstrated a show of incompetence on the studio’s part.

        • Saturn

          So if they decided to go back and reboot AvP (which I wouldn’t mind so much tbh) who would YOU like to direct it?

          • The Drucifer

            Penny Marshall.

        • CuntFarts

          ^ no answer at all

      • TheSlitheryDee

        I was expecting a movie worthy of the title: Alien vs Predator

  • Brando

    My gripe is that the Predators were too bulky and short; Like they got tall stunt actors, but not tall enough. The Predators in Predators were done better.

    • oh_riginal

      My issue was sort of the reverse, and I felt the aliens were too far removed in size from the Ridley Scott/James Cameron aliens. Especially in the original, it feels like it’s a huge powerhouse of a beast, yet AvP made them seem a lot smaller somehow. Also, they were less bipedal and more like quadrupeds.

  • Poopsmith McUnty

    So many articles on “Why [INSERT BAD MOVIE] deserves more love”. Fuck off.

    • Ocelot006 .

      Don’t worry. The ‘Why [INSERT CLASSIC MOVIE] Is Overrated!’ articles are coming soon too.

    • Darkknight2149

      He’s entitled to his opinion. Him enjoying “AVP”, “Texas Chainsaw 3D” and “Friday the 13th” (2009) isn’t hurting anyone. It’s fortunate that some people still managed to find enjoyment out of them. I don’t care for them, though.

    • Rick-Taylor

      I enjoy when articles talk about bad movies deserving more love. Hell, I’m a fan of GoodBad Flicks on Youtube.

    • Flu-Like Symptoms

      Trace used to be the guy I’d normally suspect behind articles attempting to glorify shitty movies. Squires has overtaken that spot with a turd-festering vengeance.

  • Creepshow

    “Why John loves something and why you should too”. Tonight at eleven.

  • moebius2249

    They took a good comic series and messed it up with questionable creative choices.

    The human hero in the comic was a bad ass who used guns (not stupid makeshift alien weapons). The predators weapons didn’t melt. The inexperienced predator in the comics got taken down by swarms, not one on one fights. The predator hero in the comic didn’t get impregnated either. He was mortally wounded, but he cut off the alien queens head by himself, and then died.

    Hollywood wrecks almost everything it touches

    • Darkknight2149

      I laughed when it was revealed that the Predators taught the human race how to build the pyramids.

  • Darkknight2149

    I rewatched it recently in a DVD marathon, preparing for “Alien: Covenant”. My opinion is still the same. It really deserved more.

  • Judge Satchmo

    To paraphrase Doc Holliday, “That’s what I love about John, he can talk himself into anything”

    Not that I completely disagree with you, though I would have titled the article ‘Why this bad movie is better than you remember’

  • Ocelot006 .

    The visual effects are good. The special make-up effects are good. Beyond that….eh. Muy tolerable. I’ve never hated it. Story wise it’s fine it just needed a better director for sure. An AVP movie from the director of Event Horizon? Great idea….but we got one from the director of Resident Evil. Talent fades.

  • Jaap van Ommen

    I saw it a couple of months ago, but had the opposite reaction.
    The first couple of times I saw it, I just found it a fun action/horror movie, nothing more or less.
    But the more I see it, the more I wish it was more like the first 2 AvP games, taking place in the Aliens setting, with marine characters and weaponry.
    Taking place in current time is one of my major gripes.
    That and the predators kinda failing in one on one fights.

  • Daniel Anderson

    You’re dead to me.

  • JT Kennell

    Yeaaaahhhh…no. but hey, more power to ya in how ya feel. 😉

  • Seal Clubber

    The biggest problem is that the script is atrocious …. Hollywood needs to learn to spend more time on scripts before beginning production (and actually PAY for good writing …)

  • Rick-Taylor

    I am going to get some bashing, it’s ok, I am used to it at first. I am here to say that… AVP2 isn’t that bad. Now, hold on there, keyboard warrior. I am talking about AVPR Redux. It’s a fan edit that takes out most of the human scenes and tries to literally lighten up the film so you can actually see stuff. It’s cut down to 34 minutes and is available on Vimeo. As for the theatrical release of it, that is shitballs.

    • Brando

      I like Requiem. It finally showed us the Predator home-world.

    • The Drucifer

      Why is it so dark?

  • Still hate it, though.

  • Golic

    FUCK that movie, FUCK Paul Anderson, and FUCK this editorial.

  • Steve Barnard

    I remember being disappointed all those years ago, but then a few months ago I watched it again and I loved it! I guess my main gripe is why have humans in it at all? Why not just follow a team of Predators who crash land on a xenomorph infested planet?

    • We All Float Down Here

      Hollywood can’t have a movie without a major human role. They fear the audience won’t relate. They may be onto something. Just look at how interesting Avatar was when everyone was a Na’vi…even the humans.

  • Christian

    Horrible. Nothing like the first two ALIEN and Predator movies and more like a leftover slasher from the late 90s.

  • oh_riginal

    Am I the only one who was bothered by the Queen being damn near the size of a t-rex in AvP, and making it look like it would really have no problem wiping out Ripley even if she was in a loader?

    Though I suppose one could just say “it wasn’t born from a human, so that may be why it is bigger” but we also don’t get any hint that that is the case.

  • Matt

    Apparently I’m the only one who agrees with you John. I liked this one a lot. The lack of R-rating is my biggest complaint. Even so, it was a lot of fun.

  • chris hayes

    Well I actually liked it for what it’s worth…..

  • Rick-Taylor

    Apparently the DVD is the R rated version. Can anybody give me more information on that? I just may rent the DVD, then.

  • Rohan

    I love this movie! It’s super fun! Also I like that one alien was able to take out two of the predators, it showed how ruthless and deadly they can be.

  • Bloodspatta

    I recently rewatched this. It’s still rubbish.

  • WOLF

    You said it… the teamwork between the predator and Alexa is just silly. No matter how nice your pool is when somebody has diarrhea in your pool, it’s ruined.

  • David.

    I actually quite enjoy both AvP and AvP:R but just as throw aways. I know they’re bad but with a few beers I dig em.

  • erikire

    I hated it then…
    I still hate it!


    I actually really like AvP (and I loathe AvP:R). Sure it’s not the best movie ever, but it’s still fun. My only real complaint was that the Predators were killed off way too quickly and easily.

  • Weresmurf

    I’m sorry, I’m not going to be an apologist and rewrite history. AVP was f***ing PG13 watered down garbage. AVPR was at least bloody, trash fun, but AVP was garbage.

  • We All Float Down Here

    It was much maligned because of who directed it. It’s a perfectly fun time. I said it then I’ll say it now. Never was one to jump on a bandwagon just because. Is it amazing like the Predator flicks or the first two Alien entries? Nah, but it’s fun as hell. Very reminiscent of the AVP novels. Rooting the story in ancient beliefs/ancient astronauts lore was a pretty cool touch and the action/visuals were pretty much on point. People were either expecting too much or just predisposed to hate Anderson (granted, he’d earned the hate of genre fans by that point). Gotta agree with BD on describing it like a big budget fan film. This is the type of movie that would have been lauded if somebody uploaded it on the net as a fan produced piece of nonsense badassery (you know, like the Dead End short featuring not only Batman but the Aliens and the Predators).

    • James

      It was a ton of fun. They basically mashed both franchises into At The Mountain of Madness and just had fun with it. Nothing crazy serious or anything. Just a good time to this day.

  • We All Float Down Here

    If any of the originals would of been released when AVP came out they would of been pg-13. The only exception might be Predator 2 and that’s because of the pervasive gore, language, and a couple of tits. IF and i stress IF they would have remained R it would of been solely because of language.

    • The Drucifer

      That’s crazy talk.

      • We All Float Down Here

        Have you seen the movies lately. Tame as hell. I’m just going to use Aliens as an example. No nudity (save some TNA mag pinups in the background), hardly any blood spurts (not enough to grant it an R-rating), most of the action is fantastic in nature, etc. The only thing that would definitely get it an R today is the use of the work fuck….hardly a reason for anyone to think it’s a “hard” movie. Get off the gas.

        • The Drucifer

          What gas?

          • We All Float Down Here

            THE gas.

          • The Drucifer


        • wedellbudwhite

          I’ve seen all the movies lately and nice using the tamest of the 6 films to try and make your point. No way the chestburster bit in aliens gets pg13 today. And yes swearings part of the rating.Nobody claimed these are “hard” movies.

          • We All Float Down Here

            I used Aliens because it’s the one with most action. See my other response.

    • wedellbudwhite

      This is just wrong. How does the chestburster scene in alien not get it an American r? Or the chestburster in the hive in aliens or the scene in alien 3 when golic gets sprayed with blood or Jude’s death or actually quite a few more deaths in alien 3 . In resurrection there’s general Perez pulling a piece of brain from his skull or a chestburster being used as a weapon. Or in predator Blains giant gapping hole where his chest should be skinned body’s Dillon’s arm getting shot off multiple skinned body’s macs head getting turned into soup etc there’s way more examples and the simple fact is Avp doesn’t feature the level of gore or swearing the previous instalments had

      • We All Float Down Here

        It takes 3 graphic instances of clearly red SPURTING blood to get the MPAA to start considering an R. You’re more bound to get one for language than blood…especially now.

        • wedellbudwhite

          Can you please send me a link were it states you need 3 graphic instances of clearly red SPURTING blood to get the MPAA to start considering an R, I cant find any info on that

          Alien 3 Alien resurrection Predator and if i remember Predator 2 do have three cases of this anyway

          you also seem to acting that only gore counts to make it R

          • We All Float Down Here

            Listen to the commentary for From Dusk Till Dawn and they go into the MPAA’s practices. I say three on account of the trouble they gave them over the blood and the “standards” they cited. There’s The blood has to be distinctly red and literally spurting.. And i’m not acting like other shit doesn’t count. I even made a point to say that the major reason they would get an r rating is probably due to language. EVEN if they still got an R rating there is really nothing in them that is legitimately hard by the standards of the time AVP came out or now. The films are relatively tame. The most gory, violent, sexual, of the lot is still probably predator 2. Everyone knows the MPAA is an outdated dinosaur. If these films were fairly graded nowadays they’d be pg-13. Let’s not forget that IF those films were released today or around AVP’s time the director’s would have much more sway and the rules could easily bend for them. it happens all the time. Also use of the word fuck is graded in a variety of ways. If it’s used in a sexual context then it’s an immediate r even if it’s only done a few times. Whereas if it’s not they tend to be more forgiving. Fantastic violence in recent times is also given a huge pass over realistic violence (war, etc). All this shit has to be taken into account. I don’t have time to keep explaining this crap. Go look it up yourselves.

          • wedellbudwhite

            I did look it up for myself and nothing official says that you have to have three red spurting of blood to be rated r on violence/gore. from dusk till dawns commentary is not a valid source and I’m not going through a whole films for it. Predator 2 doesn’t have any more noticeable swearing or gore than alien 3 alien resurrection or predator. In has nudity and a brief sex scene .Again no one is claiming these are ” hard” films just that they have way more violence gore swearing and adult themes than the first avp film and if you can’t recognise that take your own advise and rewatch them

          • We All Float Down Here

            I have rewatched them countless times. You don’t have to agree with me. I know how the system works. I’ve been working in it for years. The OFFICIAL MPAA guidelines are worked around all the time. The reasoning thrown left and right for a variety of reasons. if those movies came out now they’d have to be a bit more crude to get a strong r anything beside that and there is leeway to shift the rating.

          • wedellbudwhite

            You don’t agree with you. You have been working in it for years and the best source for the guidelines you have is the from dusk till dawn commentary? Yeah ok Bub

            By the guideline you claim most of the films meet an r rating and are Cleary more violent and adult than avp

          • We All Float Down Here

            If you’re so concerned with the ACTUAL guidelines then go read them. Request a copy or look them up online you don’t need ME to provide you those easily accessible things. That being said you’d have to be a ignorant or clueless to deny that the rules bend all the time when it comes to ratings. The source i gave you was something rather accessible to you and that has the word of a director who has long dealt with the MPAA’s bizarre-o rules. If you really wanted the direct MPAA rules then you should of never asked me for anything. They are publicly available. Now when you get onto a production and have to wrestle with the lameass ratings board then we can talk more in-depth. This was never an argument but you seem a bit resolute to make it that. So i leave you here.

          • wedellbudwhite

            your the one bringing strange guidelines films have to follow because the from dusk till dawn commentary. I never said the rules dont bend just that most of the films would still get an american R( based on your criteria as well) Face it most of the two series are more graphic and adult than avp which made a conscious effort to get pg13. this has nothing to do with the lameass ratings board( which i dont like either) and you saying”If any of the originals would of been released when AVP came out they would of been pg-13″ Which would not be the case.

          • We All Float Down Here

            Sure, bud. Sure.

          • Nintendo Switch World
          • Nintendo Switch World

            Also removed you’re weak response..Sorry no come back for you kiddo

  • Phendranah

    I didn’t mind AVP (first one). It was a fun flick I can watch to kill time but overall nothing special I thought.
    Gonna say not all films need to be amazing and for what it is, it does the job.
    Also, if we could do a reboot or another AVP, please give us some Colonial Marines!

  • The Drucifer


  • Bart Crowe

    AVP was on the podcast We Hate Movies this week. Sorry still a garbage movie.

    • Redsam6

      Their funny fuckers!

  • Bret Buckley

    Eh, to me AVP is one of those movies like Jurassic Park 3 where it’s not really a good movie but it is a fun movie to watch every now and then. Re-watching it made me see where the faults were. It was more designed for the appeal of monster vs monster carnage than it was for inspiring story plots or characters. I thought it was artistically & aesthetically satisfying as I really digged the beefier Xenomorph and Predator designs. It was my introduction to both franchises at a very young and naive age so I can’t give it too much hell.

    The second film was were I had major issues though. Although again I’ll give props to a cool xenomorph design (and the Predalien Hybrid admittedly had its badass moments), but Brothers Strouse completely bastardized what made the two monsters what they were in the first place. What are arguably most respected and brilliant sci-fi monsters in cinematic history…watered down to third rate teen slasher villains? And our main character a bloody pizza delivery boy…?? And the secondary cast are just a bunch of dime a dozen high school goonies…really? That’s the best they could come up with? And let’s not forget what looked like some pretty impressive practical effects was ruined with god-awful lighting and camera angles. Whenever something exciting started to happen, it was all for nothing because you couldn’t see shit. Pretty sad considering the opening scene was really convincing. What an absolute waste of potential. Thanks to this film it probably tarnished hope for any potential future AVP film adaptions that might have actually been successful and well received. It seems Alien vs Predator films are just going to be seen as one of those titles that was a good idea that was poorly executed.

  • aFriendlyAgenda

    You’re just being contradictory against common sense and decency now

    But that takes effort
    A for effort

    Now take all that effort it took to pretend that AVP or paul ws anderson in general is excusable by any measure of sanity and discover the cure for cancer

    • Nahuel Benvenuto

      he should say that he liked it, not that is a decent movie

  • Wyatt

    Remake it with no humans just Xenomorphs and Predators completely silent aside from the background noise, clicking and hissing…..maybe one human Bishop because Lance Henriksen… and proper lighting. THATS RIGHT AVPR IM CALLING YOU OUT!!

    • oh_riginal

      Get Mel Gibson to direct and I’m there.

  • Sykes

    It just ain’t a good movie.

  • Simon Allen

    If you don’t count it as part as either franchise but as a standalone movie it is a fun action romp and it does look really great ….the production design on it is pretty fine and it’s very well shot and a lot of the effects are top notch even by todays standards.
    It’s a “park your brain” guilty pleasure and at least it’s never boring .
    I’d rather rewatch this than the stinker that is “Covenant “or the terrible “Predators”.
    As for the follow up ….it’s on my top ten list of movies that I truly hate .

  • I actually don’t mind AVP–it’s at least as good as Alien resurrection (yes, i realize that’s a low bar). My brother, though, wrote a song called “Me and My Predator Friend” that he used to play over the scene of the Predator and the Final Girl running together.

    AVPR was weird. Maybe it was a decent movie, but I couldn’t see anything in it. It was like watching a black screen for two hours, with lots of screaming.

    • Nahuel Benvenuto

      A:R is way better than avp and that crapfest avpr

    • i loved Resurrection – except the part when the newborn appears. And even that despite being such a bizarre concept stands out on its own and give the film a weird feeling. At least it is something different. And that bloody underwater scene is intense!

      • The underwater scene is awesome, and the scene in the lab where “#8” discovers numbers 1-7 is pretty amazing too. Overall, I still think it’s a better movie than it’s given credit for, but I think the tone of it kind of threw people off–it’s more of a dark comedy than any of the other films had been. There’d always been a bit of comic relief here and there in the franchise, but never anything really overt, whereas Resurrection really played the comic elements up much more.

        I’ve always thought of the “core four” as four different genres. Alien is horror. Aliens is action. Alien 3 is an art house movie. And Resurrection is a dark comedy. Yet, to me at least, they still all hold together pretty well as a continued narrative, which is why I have mixed feelings about the Blomkamp plan to “undo” 3 & 4. While I always want more Alien, I hate to see movies get “disowned” as being part of the series.

  • Hugo Leonardo Arevalo

    Still hope to watch a AvP movie setting in the future, with badass Colonial Marines with their ExoSuits, APCs, Dropships, etc on it.

    • Nahuel Benvenuto

      that would be the ideal idea for an avp movie

  • Nahuel Benvenuto

    is a mediocre movie in everything but effects

  • Jeremie Jayzik

    I’ve always loved AVP. It’s not the greatest movie but if you compare it to some of the other Alien movies (even the dissapointing Alien: Covenant) it holds up pretty well.

    • wedellbudwhite

      Only other alien film it holds up to when compared is avpr. The rest a far superior

  • CR

    Oh, Bloody Disgusting put out ANOTHER editorial filler with nothing to actuallly say and an asinine Clickbait title. No, I mustn’t adore AvP. Just because your palate is getting duller by the day doesn’t mean that any of these movies came even relatively close to needing to exist.

  • The_Gentleman

    It’s a guilty pleasure to me, with a few cool moments. But I otherwise don’t even consider it part of the franchise. I don’t see it as canon. The FX are good, though.

  • The_Gentleman

    AVP:R is unwatchable garbage with inexcusable lighting, aside from that the scene where the Predalien pumps its alien jizz into that woman’s mouth. That’s good, sleazy B movie stuff. The rest sucks.

  • Brian VonDerahe

    I saw this movie in the theater with certain expectations and thought meh, but then caught it a second time on home video with a group of friends who were into it. That second viewing was a blast! If I had known going in originally that it was going to be a silly cardboard plotting affair then I could have enjoyed it for what it was, an outrageous action movie with awesome monsters, which is why I can have a good time with it now.

  • GunsOfNavarone

    There is something about AvP that really bothers me and it’s that the predators are way overdone. They have that much armor and bulk that they look like American football players. The predator from Pred 1 and 2 was never bulky, in fact quite athletic in build but strong. These things look like rhinos in comparison. Other than that, it’s kind of fun but it bothers me every time I watch it.

    • Paul Laskowski

      Plus they didn’t move like the predators in the other movies. In the other movies, they were moving like to what was to them, an alien planet. But in AVP they just walked around normally. That bugged me just as much as thier look.

      • GunsOfNavarone

        Yeah I think it boils down to them being so laden down with armor and much longer gauntlets etc.. they weren’t as agile or fast as the predators in either of the first movies. Creatively I think that was a big fuck up, something which was corrected in AvP Requiem except that movie was strange. It turned the predator into an anti-hero of sorts. However, it did have some neat ideas from time to time. I liked the design of the predator’s homeworld (for the little we saw), it seemed fitting and he had some cool new weapons too. But ultimately it was crap.

        • Radb707

          If by anti-hero you mean he killed everyone to accomplish his mission, then yeah. IHe gave zero shits about anyone. He was a bad ass. He was like Ethan Hunt fucked Harvey Kietel. We hadn’t really seen a lean, mean, veteran Predator in action before. Considering how dark the movie was visually…maybe we still haven’t?

          • GunsOfNavarone

            What I meant was that the predator became the lead of the movie, it was pretty much him ‘cleaning up’ and wiping out the aliens and the occasional human that got in the way. The effects were excellent but it was lacking tension.

    • ky

      But if we are going to get down to things like that, then how about the fact that these Predators know their prey, and in 1 &2 they were hunting us; weak, slow moving gut bags. In AvP they came down knowing they were being tested against these “serpents” (Aliens). Doesn’t it make sense they would put a tad more thought into their armor compared to hunting humans? And secondly, we have already seen a pretty wide array of body types for the Predators, and some of them are much bulkier than others. I don’t see that as a problem, and I actually thought those discernible differences made them much more enjoyable than a cut and paste version rehashed directly from the first movies.

      • GunsOfNavarone

        When you say we’ve seen a pretty wide array of body types, I’m not following you because they were the same in Predator 1 and 2 which had come before AvP. You could argue that’s because they were played by the same guy – Kevin Peter Hall but then if you recall the end of Predator 2 when all of the Predators stepped forward with the elder, again they were all a much more slender build. – Not thin, muscular/lean. The predators in AvP were big and they were meant to be teenage Predators if my memory serves correctly. Granted, the increased armor could have been for a tougher adversary but given how easy it was for the first alien to kill the first predator – snapper straight through the helmet, if didn’t really serve that purpose.

        I will say this though, I thought the beginning of that movie was awesome and I would love a predator movie based in Antarctica.

    • Radb707

      Yeah, the suits were pretty awful. If it was just armor I could forgive it, but it’s actual rubber bulk and the colors were bland as hell. It’s weird, cuz they did such a good job on everything else. Then look at the movie Predators and they look trim, athletic, and amazing. But these preds looked and moved like 40 yr old football players. Plodding around. I promise you this was a purposeful design decision. Either Anderson wanted the make the difference between the species more striking, wanted it to make sense how they were staying warm in the cold, or whatever.

  • Matty Ice 2016

    Hugh ?? This movie was a stinking pile dog shit…While I’m here, so was Covenent…

  • Brian McNatt

    Anyone remember Alien vs Predator: Extinction? That bizarre RTS game from 2003? Man was that a fun game. Played it all the time, growing up.

  • Travis_Bickle

    This movie is a wet fart….The friggin predator teams up with the human?? Naw bro…..

    • Radb707

      It happened in the AvP comics and novels a billion times so I was fine with it.

      • Travis_Bickle

        You are welcome to be fine with it….im not

  • Hack Snyder

    Didn’t read the article, I dropped by just to say fuck Paul W.S. Anderson. He’s one of the most infuriating Hollywood hacks of the 21st century.

  • I absolutely agree with you. Anderson has some nice visual touches and he tried to build a bit more suspense rather than relying on CGI in every turn. Sets were incredible and give a good sense of claustrophobia. And while I like the shots, the practical effects and even the storyline, what I disliked was the PG-13 rating, the lack of scares and the cardboard characters. So I am literally down the middle. It is not the worst movie ever. It is not terrible. it is not amazing but it definitely has some good stuff!

  • Charlie

    Nah, I don’t think so.

  • Rich Meacham

    My favorite Predator movie and 2nd fav Alien behind Prometheus. (I own the unrated AVP and it does pack more punch) These two movies took the mythology and did something cool with it. Too bad Covenant didn’t follow suit.


    There is not much to like in this flick it’s not the worst but jesus it could of been a lot better Paul Anderson is absolute garbage when AVP is better than every Resident Evil movie you know they could of picked a hundred better directors

  • marklola12 .

    I actually liked the movie lol I liked the first and 2nd alien movies, I did not care for the first predator but thought the 2nd was OK liked AVP but hated AVPR

  • JazziopeiaGirl

    I really liked Alien vs. Predator too. Gave a cool background look at the aliens together, plus gave a different look at who could possibly be our own “ancient astronauts”. Spot on review!

  • bastardjackyll

    AVP bored me to tears, but I actually liked AVP:R, interesting characters with actual pathos, brutal violence (seriously, ANYONE could die in this movie), and thus far its the only flick in the series to unleash the Xenomorphs in a city. Was it perfect, of course not, but I was actually looking forward to a sequel.

  • James Allard
    And that’s all I have to say about that.

  • TheMostInterestingManintheMidw

    Recently, watched both of them. Requiem is by far better. The sewer scene is better than the whole first film.

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