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5 Films I’d Love to See Rob Zombie Remake

5 Films I’d Love to See Rob Zombie Remake

I want to go ahead and get it out of the way now that I am a Rob Zombie fan. Always have been all the way from the days of White Zombie to some of his newest stuff like Lords of Salem. I can’t say, however, that I’ve loved everything that he’s done. In reality, there are very few artists in music, film, or any other mass media for that matter that I or anybody else could say that they have never made a misstep. If I wanted to get even more subjective, I could say that today’s misstep is tomorrow’s cult classic. Sometimes, the key ingredients are equal measures of time and nostalgia. It’s just too random to call. I can give it a go and suggest some cult classics that would be well suited to Mr. Zombie’s wheelhouse.

The great thing about him is that he is the elder statesman of the Gen X generation of writer/directors that enjoyed the first wave of a prolific access to films from multiple genres and decades. Through crazy independent local UHF channels that included Saturday afternoon double features of everything from The Devil’s Rain to Sugar Hill, and video store shelves lined with likes of video nasties, Blaxploitation films, and early to mid-1980’s action and horror, the Splat Pack directors are the first product of such a pivotal time that was the precursor for the all access, multi-format platforms we have today. In simpler terms, I just love Zombie because he seems like the cool kid from the trailer park that has the assigned seat next to you at school. He tells you all about the movies he watches completely unsupervised and shows you his cool drawings. It’s nice to know that we did end up hearing about one of those kids that grew up to make good.

So far, RZ has tackled one remake with extremely divided reactions and sentiments. Every now and then, we’ll get wind of a Blob remake from him, but I’m more inclined to think that his talents would be better utilized for remakes of films that are just as loved, but maybe not as high on the radar. So here are some suggestions in no particular order.


For anyone that hasn’t heard of this early feature from the revitalized New Line Cinema after it had the shot in the arm from the first A Nightmare on Elm Street films, it is a bona fide underground classic. The tale of a body swapping alien with a penchant for violence, fast exotic cars, and heavy metal begs for Zombie’s stab at it. He hasn’t made an effects laden piece yet, and this could be the one. He also hasn’t made a horror film that blends action with horror as heavily as this one does. His experience directing music videos gives him an edge for perspective, quick cuts and integrating the music into the imagery. Just think what he could do with the concept of the possessed stripper. The soundtrack could also be epic.


The Halloween remake is a sore spot for discussion and usually gets about as far as discussing politics. Maybe another Halloween cult classic that is imprisoned in music rights hell could be the common ground for the Halloween right and left. Trick or Treat was a low budget, but really fun ride made by Dino De Laurentiss in the mid 80’s that capitalized on the rock and metal censorship craze of the time. I don’t know if it would play as topical now, but it’s not even necessary to make it current. Set it in 1986. Rob thrives on retro callbacks, and the casting possibilities for Eddie and Sammi Curr are almost limitless. Just think of cameos from actual rock stars if Zombie calls in a few favors. Once again, excellent soundtrack possibilities.


Maybe the lesser known of the vampire franchises. Only two films were made, but veteran actor Robert Quarry classed it up as San Francisco’s premier purveyor of the undead. The first one was originally developed as an erotic film, but the decision was made to make it more mainstream. The eroticism still resonates and Zombie could make it a very hard R with an unrated version to boot. It very much has the Dracula storyline but without all the baggage and expectations of making a Dracula remake.  I would love to see what he could do with the 1970’s aesthetic and a vampire film in general.


I’ve loved the concept of this film from the very first time that I saw it. It’s one of the last films from Amicus, the studio that brought some classic horror anthologies to the screen. The Beast Must Die is about an eccentric millionaire/hunter that invites carefully chosen guests to his secluded compound to find out which one is a werewolf. The characters are eclectic themselves and could give Zombie some creative license to put his spin on them. What made this film even more unique was that it had a “werewolf break” for the audience to finally decide who it was. That might still work with internet savvy audiences today if they can stay clear of spoilers. A better choice may be an app for the film that allows the audience to vote on the outcome from multiple filmed endings, sort of like the old school “Choose Your Own Adventure” books. The app could have probability statistics integrated within, promote an audience participation experience, and be a fun ride for even the most horror phobic. The millionaire role was played originally by suave black actor, Calvin Lockhart, and the doctor was played by the great Peter Cushing. To miscast these roles would be to damn the remake. Zombie could possibly use Ken Foree, a beloved genre favorite to bring the absolutely necessary swagger to the part of the millionaire, and Malcolm McDowell for the gravitas as the good doctor.


I saved the best for last. This one has Zombie written all over it and is definitely the Halloween I wish he would do. Beloved, but without the purist stigma attached to it. Zombie knows how to do an occult film, and turning him loose on this one doesn’t limit him as much as taking on the lore of Michael Myers. The chips in the Silver Shamrock masks could get an update, and the danger of the internet, satellite TV, and streaming services trumps just the three channels that our hero had to stop in the original.

I keep hearing about an original biker flick that Rob Zombie wants to do. I think he could do it justice, and I’m looking forward to some more original stuff from him.  It’s a tough gig to tackle something that someone else has put their mark on already. Especially, when that particular thing has legions of loyal fans. I’m not anti-remake, except when it’s an obvious cash grab with little to no regard for the original.  As I grow and appreciate horror and filmmaking in general, I try to have an open mind and understand what a sincere filmmaker was trying to do for something that may have been a pivotal film for them. After all, Carpenter’s The Thing was a remake.



  • Cheddar Hayes

    Well Brad nobody has ever accused you of having good taste.

  • James

    The Hidden is certainly an odd choice. Excellent movie though.

    I always thought he would have been better doing season of the witch over the original Halloween. Though with the way he went with his remake I think he would have been better suited for Friday the 13th instead of Halloween too.

    • MeeGhoulz

      The origimal Friday the 13th or the Jason ones?

      • James

        The Jason ones. Halloween had the whole mama boy thing going on which suits Jason far more than Michael.

  • Geno1987

    Howabout NO remakes.

  • Lady Bathory

    Cool list! I really like RZ’s style and I’m a huge fan of some (!) of his work. The Lords of Salem is a fantastic film with a great role for Sheri MZ. I can’t decide whether I’d prefer a bigger budget project where Rob could do a lot more than usual (effect-wise) or more indie looking in-depth character study (like Lords). Both sounds good.

    The only thing I don’t trust RZ with is something erotic themed. Too often has he included rape and sexual assault in his work. I don’t think he gets female sexuality or is able to depict it convincingly in his films.

    Btw, I hope that boring Groucho Marx project isn’t happening.

    • Travis_Bickle

      You actually enjoyed Lords of Salem!?!?!?! Wow…just….wow. Next you will explain how brilliant 31 is.
      He uses sexual assault to illustrate depravity of characters. I highly doubt he’s made any attempt to convincingly portray female sexuality. His movies are more about shock and paying homage to 70’s horror.

    • Calavera

      I agree, Lords was really good! And I think a bigger budget movie would turn out nicely. science fiction, fantasy, super hero…

    • Batcat

      I wouldn’t call a film about Groucho Marx boring. He was one of the great comics of all time. If anything, it sounds like a fairly disrespectful film showcasing the sad end of his life. I’m not sure why he wants that made.

  • One film I want to see Rob Zombie remake is Manos: The Hands of Fate. This is an instance where the original 1966 film is actually a disaster, but would be interesting to see made correctly. I think Zombie’s directional style would be perfect for this sort of film.

    • Seconding a version of Manos where Bill Moseley is Torgo.

  • Trisha Tachanawa

    I personally think Rob is a great director, and his visuals are always striking. His writing however is causes most of the love/hate divide. I think it would be interesting for him to direct a film written by someone else just to see how it would turn out.

  • Phantom Lord

    The Wizard of OZ. Seriously, just think about that for a few moments.

    • I would KILL for a horror movie version of The Wizard of Oz.

  • I love the visual style of his movies, and he has some great ideas, but I don’t tend to like the actual characterizations within the writing. At some point, the characters from one film to the next begin to seem interchangeable. I thought Lords of Salem had something different about it that made me optimistic about the future though, so I’m hoping there is still some great work to come.

    I don’t know that he necessarily needs to dive into remakes, but of the ones listed, H3 could be really good, and, as mentioned, has great potential for being updated. I think he should steer clear of the any of the iconic slashers–it’s just too hard to do anything new without making fans angry, but if you don’t do something new, then you’re just being derivative. He’s too high caliber to get caught in that trap again.

  • shawn lawson

    Motel Hell. Rob is amazing and I’ll support anything he does. The only disappointments to me were Lord’s (I thought it was just ok) and his last album. Don’t know what happened but it never grew on me. The one before that I felt was his best since Hellbilly Deluxe. Wish he could have done that big budget action flick that Brad mentioned. Tyrannosaurus Rex sounded like it would have been epic!!!!!

    • I thought Halloween II was dreadful, and 31 was mediocre.

      • Otterlee

        31 was just bad. And it’s not going to grow on me like Ho1KC did, ’cause I’m not watching it again.

      • J Jett

        i think i’m one of the very very few who actually really liked Zombie’s H2. lol. i admit i’m a freak for liking it and i accept that. 🙂

        • SirSpark

          You’re not the only one! Loved that he made it his own film and that he made it about Michael Myers the person, not the mask. And the Annie discovery scene with the home movie flashbacks added so much emotion to it, a real gut punch!

  • The_Gentleman

    All terrible choices. After bottoming-out with the abysmal 31, Rob should have his DGA card revoked.

    • gabriel

      WRONG. If Michael Bay still has his card, then RZ gets to keep his too.

  • Ryan Jackson

    I could see him doing Return of the Living Dead. Or The Beyond. The Kindred by him would be cool. I think he’d do wonders with a creature feature.

    • Munchie

      Go take a cold shower.

      • gabriel

        says the guy with a garbage pail kids profile pic.

        • Munchie

          Garbage pail kids? Wtf are you talking about?

          Even if it WAS garbage pail kids, why would that clash with my comment about this guy needed to cool off after suggesting Zombie direct Return of the Living Dead? What are you on about exactly?

          • Batcat

            I think that’s from the movie, Munchie? The avatar, I mean.

          • Munchie

            Correction, the “all time classic” Munchie. Great username btw.

  • David.

    Remakes I would like to see RZ make: NONE!

  • Black Panther

    I’d rather see something new and original than a remake. I gotta say though, his Halloween remakes were really good, especially part II. I hate it when remakes are exactly like the original movie, just that the protagonists have iphones and mac books now. Rob Zombie made the two Halloween movies he directed his own vision and I appreciate that a lot.

    Still, what about T-Rex? The only movie I REALLY want him to remake is Heavy Metal!

  • GrimGrinGhost

    Nah, he’ll never top Rejects.

    • HarryIsAScam

      Huh? It’s not even that good.

  • Brandon

    Id like for Rob Zombie to stick to music. With the exception of The Devils Rejects, all his movies are hot garbage.

    • Travis_Bickle


  • peter janssen

    Motel Hell. Rob is amazing and I’ll support anything he does. The only disappointments to me were Lord’s (I thought it was just ok) and his last album. Don’t know what happened but it never grew on me. The one before that I felt was his best since Hellbilly Deluxe. Wish he could have done that big budget action flick that Brad mentioned. Tyrannosaurus Rex sounded like it would have been epic!!!!!

  • C-3PO’s

    He should direct The Nail (the comic) or Robert R McCammon’s Swan Song.

  • Bart Crowe

    I’d love to see Rob Zombie’s take on one of the worst horror movies of all time, Manos: The Hands of Fate. Rather than trying to remake the movie as an intentionally campy homage I feel like Zombie could find enough there to make a genuinely good low budget horror movie.

    • Batcat

      Now THAT could be interesting!

      The original may be one of the great comedies that never was!

  • Saturn

    Nice to see some love for The Beast Must Die – I’ve got a soft spot for that movie, having first seen it at the age of something like 7 or 8, just a few years (well, 7 or 8) after it’s release.
    I remember introducing some friend to it when we were about 20, experimenting with LSD (hell, I never said I was an Angel) as a double bill with ROTLD.
    It was a brilliant nights viewing made all the better with our 3 am trip to the local cemetery……I’ll leave it at that.
    ‘Twas a great time.

    • J Jett

      Saturn, YES!! i freaking love THE BEAST MUST DIE! i too first saw it around the age of 9 or 10(?). the whole mystery of who was or wasn’t the werewolf and how that was displayed on screen was really creative and original and awesome!

    • Christopher Nickerson

      I don’t know if suggesting Rob Zombie remake the movie counts as “love” sounds more like disdain. If the author liked these movies he would not want Zombie defacing them

  • Saturn

    How about Rob Zombie’s take on Porkys?

  • dsxy

    Here’s my list:


    He already fucked Halloween (which I didn’t think was possible)

    • HorrorFreak

      You’ve never seen Resurrection?

  • MeeGhoulz

    Good suggestions! Watched some of them as a child! Would love to see remakes of those!

  • Brey Compton Arriaga

    Halloween ’07 was awesome, it took the franchise to a new direction and I think it was okay, sure it didn’t live up to the original, but it was one of the most successful entries in the series, it’s a great origin story, even though some didn’t like the human side in Myers in this one. the only thing I wish he could bring is the supernatural, eerie mood to it, the first two Halloween were that and it was AMAZING! So thank u Rob for ur take in the story, it was interesting and the violence was awesome.

    • Chance LeBoeuf

      Even putting aside how that giving Myers a detailed origin misses the point, the story he does give him is about generic and uninspired as you can get.

      Oh, so a serial killer hails from a broken home doing all that typical budding serial killer shit.

      Zombie didn’t even fucking try. .

      • Brey Compton Arriaga

        I see ur point, I thought it was a cool version, though

      • gabriel

        Let’s see if Danny McBride can do better.

      • Batcat

        It didn’t just miss the point of what made Myers effective in that first film, as a force of nature, but also basic psychology. It’s just not believable and neither are the characters. It feels dumb. Never do we empathize with the characters and that basic sense of dread that made the original such a classic are entirely absent.

  • Chance LeBoeuf

    At one point I would have given Zombie the benefit of the doubt as a budding talent to keep an eye on in horror, but at this point he seems like a one trick pony. His filmography all basically are these dirty looking, usually gory flicks, with shallow characters that are also usually white trash. And only one is actually good, with the rest ranging from watchable, to downright garbage. For a horror lover, Zombie doesn’t seem to get how expansive, and important the genre can be. Zombie wallows in stuff that only ever wants to be the lowest common denominator. Is he even capable of a psychological horror flick for example? Does he understand you can scare people without blood? That subtly is a thing?

    Maybe just stick to music now.

  • Munchie


  • Munchie

    Now that I’ve got that out of me…I was blown away by Lords of Salem. Thought Corpses sucked, never bothered to see Rejects or the Halloween remakes but I decided to check out Salem one night when I was bored…Man. What a movie. His best work in my opinion. I’m a big fan of Fulci and to me it’s one big love letter to the man.

    • Necro

      ‘Salem’ was good!

    • Fred Hopkins

      I thought Bords of Salem was a stupid movie.

  • Christopher Nickerson

    Hold up there, The Hidden? Sorry, Zombie is a hack and would destroy the film. The Hidden is great it I could see Zombie’s take now. Two aliens arrive in a trailer park full of white trash, and the only way the good alien can stop the bad alien is to torture it with Sheri Moon Zombie’s “acting.” you should be banned from writing for even suggesting Zombie white trashify somebody else’s work again

  • Bloodkry

    Like we need Zombie to turn every one of these film into having low life redneck/white trash characters, poor dialogue, nothing but straight foul language, giving a complete pointless background storyline which include adding his wife(who can’t act) remake. Sure, let’s go with that.

  • J Jett

    i love THE BEAST MUST DIE! it’s one of the most interesting, original werewolf movies ever. i love how it was a fun mystery as to who was or wasn’t the werewolf in question.

  • Jay Bennett

    still waiting on Werewolf Women from the SS

    • James Allard

      And here it is. I would much, much rather see RZ do original stuff.

  • fannypack aficionado

    Here’s my list of films I’d like for Zombie to remake:

    • Matheus Martins

      Thats mean.

      • Saturn

        Not really, I think he’d do an awesome job remaking

    • Meisha’s Taint

      You made be laugh so loud my dogs got scared. Well done. This is the only list Zombie could tackle with success

  • Necro

    Honestly and I know I’m going to get crushed for my opinion, but I’d like to see him do ‘Hellraiser’. It’s right up his alley; grimy, dirty, satanic, twisted characters and story. Plus I’d like to see his ‘version’ of ‘Pinhead’ and some ‘cenobites’. Imo

    • Jay Bennett

      The real question: who will he cast Sheri Moon as?

      • Necro

        Hopefully he wouldn’t! I’m a big fan of his, but I’d really like to see him do something without her, I mean why can’t she just do shit behind the scenes like set decorator or costume designer cuz I know she has an affinity for clothing.

      • Meisha’s Taint

        She’s casted as the one that’s going to make the movie unwatchable

    • marshally

      I was thinking Raw Head Rex

      • Necro

        Yeah I could see that, I would like to see him do a ‘monster’ film or a ‘body Horror’ film.

    • Saturn

      His version of Pinhead would probably have dildos instead of pins.

  • Hack Snyder

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! It’s a flawed film that could probably be remade into something better but Rob Zombie would strip out all of the interesting Celtic stuff and turn it into one of his terrible redneck fuckfests.

    • Necro

      Yeah I was a little surprised when I got to that one to.

    • Saturn

      Personally I don’t find H3 to be flawed at all.
      It’s arguably the best of the entire franchise.

      • Hack Snyder

        I really like Season of the Witch but its ending is nonsense. Why did the robot replica of the love interest help Tom Atkins destroy Silver Shamrock? Why did she wait until the end of the film to attack him?

        • Saturn

          Well, you know, women……

          • Hack Snyder


  • Hack Snyder

    Rob Zombie is one hit wonder who has spent his entire career ripping off The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 1 and 2. Tobe Hooper was a flawed director who had more misses than hits but Zombie will never come close to matching him.

  • sixfeetdownsouth

    I would like to see him remake “Willard”.
    His style is perfect for a story about a lonely loser and his rat friends. I imagine it would be gritty and greasy awesomeness.

  • Emiliano Ranzani

    The only movie I’d like Rob Zombie to remake is Tobe Hooper’s “The Funhouse”: it just has all the stuff he seems to like (a carnival, a freak-show, lurid characters, a deformed murderer and all that)

    • Frank Bautista

      Was going to list that one. Would fit Zombie like a glove!

      Zombie is best with “trashy horror”. Stuff like that, Eaten Alive would be a great choice for him.

      I liked Lords of Salem… up to until the music video ending. Zombie actually made a slow creeping movie with great horror imagery (stylistic, yet subdued and down to earth), then shit the bed with an MTV music video ending. If Zombie could do more of the majority of that movie and not resort to cramming a music video montage into it, I’d be more open to see him doing other movies. But that seems to be a part of who he is, so I doubt he can restrain himself because of that.

    • James Allard

      Good call and for all the right reasons.

  • I’d love to see him take on something like Willard.

  • marshally

    The Hidden was a good choice, I also think he could do justice to something from H.P. Lovecraft

  • Matheus Martins

    I would love to see Rob direct a monster movie, the creepy dirt style his movies have would be perfect for a gory monster movie, especially you know…. a zombie movie? talking about doing justice for his name.

  • dukeblues

    I loved Zombies Halloween movies. For the f**k of me I don’t get why people had a problem with his Halloweens. And that is coming from a guy who loves the Halloween franchise (minus H20 and Resurrection, which were pure teeny bopper shit). His film making is gritty, realistic and raw. What’s not to love? His choice of music and sound are great, his camera angles are great. Count me in. Brian Bertino and Rob Zombie can make some scary ass movies. None of this dumb ass “creative kill” bullshit that appeals to the lowest common denominator (high school aged boys who just want to see stuff blown up.)

    • Meisha’s Taint

      Because he shit on everything that made Halloween great. It’s almost as if he never even saw the film it’s fucking atrocious. I will watch ANY Halloween and love it minus Zombie’s dog shit disguised as a movie

    • Saturn

      His first Halloween movie I enjoy.
      His second is a turd.

      • dukeblues

        I thought his second Halloween was brilliant. It was scary and realistic. I don’t need my Michael Myers to wear a mask 24/7. I enjoyed seeing where Michael Was for a year (or two depending on which version you watch). I like my horror movies to have at least a few characters that are a little deeper than a run of the mill slasher garbage like Scream, My Bloody Valentine, etc. Sheriff Bracket was great, Annie was great too. It felt more like a drama than a typical horror movie. Loved it

        • Saturn

          Opinions are of course subjective, so if the movie worked for you? Great.
          I just didn’t like how he basically turned much loved characters from the original movies and turned them into a bunch of cunts you didn’t give a damn about.

  • Baron Von Marlon

    The Purge.
    Would love to see him turn an entire city into a madhouse.
    Story about bad guys on a killing spree, instead of normal people trying to survive.
    But there’s also a gang of maniac cops on the loose.
    Bit like characters from Devil’s Rejects during a purge.

    • James Allard

      A group that decides that the Purge doesn’t go far enough, and just goes full blown batshit anarchist? I can hear Sid Haig now… yeah.

    • Meisha’s Taint

      That would be a step down even for him

  • Fabio Alex


    • gabriel

      WRONG. Yes.

      • Meisha’s Taint

        RIGHT. NO!

    • Gd

      nope,still No.

  • gabriel

    These are all great choices, the vampire one seems the most interesting. But WITHOUT SMZ for once. She’s not that good.

    • James Allard

      She has at least two things I can think of that would make her worth watching.
      *sigh* yes, that is sexist, and I knew it before I wrote it, but when actual actresses that have serious, hardcore chops don’t get work but RZ’s wife’s tits get more screen time… that is really sexist.
      Or.. how about she dumps the little girl voice and stays dressed? If she has any talent at all, then let us see it.

    • Saturn

      TBH I don’t mind Sherri as an actress, she’s no Meryl Streep but she’s fine as an actress.
      Although, and yeah I get it, is it necessary for her to be in EVERY single RZ movie?

  • sailor monsoon

    My three:
    The funhouse
    Prince of darkness
    Maximum overdrive

    • Hack Snyder

      “The funhouse”
      Perfectly fits Rob Zombie’s style. Although I doubt he would bring anything new or interesting to the table. He would probably make the exact same film but with more swearing, gore and nudity and I don’t think those things would drastically improve it.
      “Prince of darkness”
      Fuck no, he would turn it into a big dumb music video. He needs to stay far, FAR away from John Carpenter’s filmography. Prince of Darkness is the one classic John Carpenter film I wouldn’t mind seeing remade but it would have to be done by a talented filmmaker who’s good at making dreamlike horror.
      “Maximum overdrive”
      I don’t think you can make that coke-fueled mess into a genuinely good film. The basic concept is too silly.

      • sailor monsoon

        I think the idea of electronics turning against mankind is a fun premise.
        It’s not a great one but there’s something there for zombie to work with

        • Hack Snyder

          Yeah but it’s about killer trucks and that’s pretty silly. Maybe you could turn it into a good horror comedy but I don’t think you could turn it into a good serious horror film.

          • sailor monsoon

            Oh no
            There’s nothing serious about it but there’s definitely a fun popcorn quality to it

  • Calavera

    I kinda want to see a super hero movie directed by Rob! That’d be pretty amazing. Something like Venom or Logan. I know that he probably won’t reach the depth of the Logan movie with his style but some anti hero would be really great. Rob is friends with James Gunn and had cameos in both Guardians of the Galaxy movies, so it’d be fun seeing him direct some R rated non MCU origin story of one of the characters.

  • Kalavale

    I would like to see RZ remake every Adam Sandler movie starring Adam Sandler and Sheri Moon. That would be the destroyer of the universe

    • James Allard

      This. OMG. This. (repeat)

    • Saturn

      Or Rob Zombie’s “Freddy Got Fingered 2″…..

    • Hack Snyder

      I like the way you think. Imagine his remake of Jack and Jill.

  • Graham Dalrymple

    I actually really enjoyed some of his movies,but his Halloween’s were indefensible.demystifying Micheal,giving him a grounded background etc killed it for me.that being said,id love to see zombie remake funhouse or count yorga,think that cud be insane.a seventies vampire flick by rob zombie?? All abooooardddddd…..

    • Meisha’s Taint

      See now Funhouse makes a lot of sense for Zombie…..

      I like the way you think kid

  • sliceanddice

    Of all the people you could pick to remake these movies…. next up…. 5 movies Eli Roth should remake. That, said…. i thank you very much for putting new movies on my radar. lots I’ve not seen here. AND i absolutely love season of the witch.

    • Saturn

      All 5 movies mentioned are pretty good.
      The Beast Must Die would be a good one to remake, as it’s a little dated now (not that that’s a bad thing) and it would be interesting to see a modern spin on it.
      It’s in my top 5 werewolf movies – I love it to pieces.

  • Meisha’s Taint

    Halloween 3???????

    Hasn’t he done enough damage to the Halloween franchise ??????

  • Bloodspatta

    None of these films would be suited to Zombie. He makes redneck horror. He’s a one trick pony.

  • Saturn

    In regards to The Thing being a remake – it really wasn’t.
    It was a 2nd adaptation based on Who Goes There?
    Hell, if BD keep telling us not to judge this years IT on the “original” tv version – claiming “it’s not a remake” then they should know the same about The Thing.

  • Gd

    you should be fired for even daring to put the words rob zombie and remake together again, and on top of that sugest he messes with yet another halloween..the one with the most original plot,which also is filled with children..i mean..what the fuck is wrong with you.

  • Big Boss Rogers

    I like Rob Zombies music and film! I’m a lil pissed T-Rex never got made hopefully he revives that project!

  • Mark Lepine

    I wouldn’t mind seeing him update the Phantom of the Paradise.

  • Thank God someone else loves Rob Zombie! Cool list.

  • Justin Anthony

    Monster Squad.

    • Travis_Bickle


      • Justin Anthony

        Lmao it was a joke.

  • 0Father0Satan0Sun

    Can nostalgic people stop begging for more remake and another and another and another and another?! Oh my motherfucking god, just fucking stop!!! QUIT BEGGING FOR FUCKING SHIT!!!!!!!!!

    • Baron Von Marlon

      Yo, dawg! I heard you like remakes…

  • Colin Christian

    I’m not a fan of Zombie’s movie work,except Lords of Salem,which is not only his best film,I think it’s one of the best horror movies in the last 10 years,it’s creepy,visually gorgeous and has a story that I love,and would really like to see more of the same. He can keep his hillbilly stuff, we need more Mozart,naked old witches and a cast of characters I actually care about,Salem rocks big time,I LOVE that movie!

  • jurgmandr

    I liked Devil’s rejects. Can’t really say I liked any of his other films to watch them more than once and some like 31/Halloween II were dogshit.

  • David Pollison

    After 31 I don’t want to see him direct anything else!

    • Tor from Yucca Flats

      well enjoy 32 it obviously was a sequel hook ending

  • Jerome Radosh

    70’s aesthetic is something he does in all of his films. So if a film actually called for that it would not be a challenge for him. He should change things up a bit. Far too many of his characters have that long hair, dirty hippie, too cool for the room, counter culter look.
    Every director has a something that they use often but they should not let that limit them. Because if they do then they become too predictable and that can be boring.
    But to each their own.

  • ryan

    Set Hostel in 1975 after the last of the troops have returned from Viet Nam. A group of Chinese tourists along with a young S. Korean man they met while traveling to Las Vegas meet a some American girls and guys who tell them of the fabled Kittin’ Klub. The cleanest Legal brothel in the U.S. with the finest weed and LSD, and no American cops for 50 miles around. Tagline: They’ve found the American dream… From which they will not awake! Hunters would mostly be disgruntled Veterans with special appearances by Hunter S. Thompson, Gene Simmons, Marcia Brady, and Dick Cavet!

    Maybe also, The Brood. I can’t shake the feeling that Rob Zombie’s Deadly Spawn could also be pretty cool.

  • oh_riginal

    Nice to see Trick or Treat get a shout. That’s a movie that really needs more love, cause it’s an awesome-yet-somewhat-forgotten 80s gem.

    If Rob Zombie remade it, I’d actually support the hell out of it. Even if it didn’t turn out good, it could bring the original back to the surface, even if only briefly.

    I’m not usually one to suggest casting based only on looks, but Iwan Rheon resembles the original protagonist quite a bit. Not sure who would be ideal for the Sammi Curr role.

  • jryd69

    I’d like to see him redo HELL HOUSE. Movie from the 70’s with Roddy McDowell from a story by Richard Matheson.

  • Shawn Gordon

    I can totally agree with these choices, it would be great to see Rob’s interpretation of these movies.

  • UnsafeSafeSpace

    I really don’t understand the appeal of his movies. I’ve watched most of them and they are just terrible on every level to me. I couldn’t even finish Lords of Salem I thought it was so bad. I guess I’m missing out.

  • TheMostInterestingManintheMidw

    Lords of Salem is his best film. I just wanted to stop to say that. Also, a huge biker film fan so that would suit him perfectly.

    • Smarmy Bastid

      Respect. I like that movie that much more after learning about all the problems he had with it.

  • The Namer of Stupid Idiots

    imagine if Rob Zombie directed Stephen King’s IT?

  • HalesTales

    I think the remake we deserve and Rob would helm perfectly is a I Drink Your Blood. The trailer for that movie is one of my all time favorites, but I found the movie underwhelming. Though Rob could really have some fun with the 70s atmosphere, crazy drug-tripping hippies infected with rabies, and a bunch of kills.

  • Toadie T

    Deliverance – if they ever decide to do a remake/reboot of it.. and knowing the trend of Hollywood, they probably will.

  • HorrorFreak

    Some I think that would suit his style are Eaten Alive, Mark of the Devil, The Car, The Legend of Boggy Creek, Race With the Devil, and Helter Skelter.

    The Last House on the Left or I Spit on Your Grave would’ve suited him a lot more than Halloween I think (though I still do enjoy his Halloween films). They should’ve had him remake one of them instead.

  • Batcat

    Rob Zombie has no nuance and depth. He has not really evolved as a filmmaker. I don’t think any of these titles would be interesting if directed by him. He’s all style and no substance.

    For The Beast Must Die, for example, a film like that needs a good cast AND a director who can handle characters. I always liked that film, despite the cheezy werewolf design(it’s a dog, that’s all) but it still remains one of the better werewolf films of the period.

    The Hidden worked because it was able to mix humor and a breakneck pace not unlike the first Terminator film. Those don’t fit him well at all.

    Trick Or Treat is a possibility, but that’s also so ingrained with the 1980s, the decade that was the golden age of metal, that I think a remake would be pointless.

    Count Yorga is another one that works so well on it’s own, a remake isn’t necessary. I could see one but with an especially clever filmmaker that understood that film’s humor. Also, you would need someone to match the charm and wit of the late Robert Quarry and that’s tough.

    If we want to talk about a horror filmmaker would make an interesting remake, Del Toro is the one to discuss. He understands what makes a monster tick.

    • Evan3

      Your first sentence says it all. I’m willing to give filmmakers that appear to have sincere affection multiple chances, but I’ve never seen it from Zombie. He falls deeper into self-parody with each film, seeming to care more about a cool shot and putting his wife at the center of the film than making a film itself.

      Also, can GDT do an erotic film? His movies always come off as pretty sex-less to me.

    • Matheus Martins

      ”He’s all style and no substance”

      Perfect description. He has potential to do great. But it seens like he doesn’t even try to reach that potential.

  • Evan3

    “Just think what he could do with the concept of the possessed stripper.” now THAT is a scary thought.

  • Lord Trigon

    Saw the title and just had to see the comments. ^_^

  • tyler

    CANDYMAN! please.

  • Evan3

    Rob Zombie doing American Beauty… Dead rose petals cover the pale body of the stripper in front of Kevin Spacey… She takes to the pole. The other snaggle-toothed, scraggly haired men disappear. It is just Spacey and the stripper, bathing in a tub of dead roses.

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