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Why ‘Child’s Play’ is the Greatest Horror Movie Franchise of All

Why ‘Child’s Play’ is the Greatest Horror Movie Franchise of All

There is no doubt that Chucky (or Charles Lee Ray, if you want to get technical) sits on the pantheon of iconic cinema killers we absolutely can’t get enough of. Along with Michael Myers, Freddy Krueger, Leatherface, Jason Voorhees, Hannibal Lecter and many others, Chucky is a character that will never stay dormant for too long.

Thus we have this October’s Cult of Chucky, the seventh installment in the Child’s Play franchise.

With six films released, one on the way and the potential for many more doll slasher adventures to come, it’s time to give this franchise its due. Child’s Play is the best horror franchise of all time. There. It was said, and it will not be taken back.

These films have a secret weapon that similar killer-centric franchises don’t, and that secret weapon goes by the name of Don Mancini, who has long been the captain of the ship. It’s incredibly unusual for a horror franchise to have one creative mind behind each film in some way. Wes Craven was in and out of the Nightmare on Elm Street movies, John Carpenter parted ways with the Halloween flicks early on, and other franchises similarly change hands behind the camera, sometimes with each individual sequel.

This can lead to a standalone nature to the films that make up many of the various horror franchises we love. The movies don’t always necessarily grow on previous work or evolve in any significant way. They can end up being basic retellings of the same story, only through the lens of a different director.

This is not the case with the Child’s Play saga.

Don Mancini has managed to be behind the camera on every single adventure of his killer doll. He’s received solo writing credit on each installment except for the first 1988 feature, which he has stated was rewritten in parts to change it from a psychological horror flick to more of the cut and dry, good vs. evil movie it became. He’s been there from the beginning pushing Chucky through the original trilogy of films, which concluded in 1991 with Child’s Play 3 and then he was behind the reinvention of his franchise with 1998’s Bride of Chucky, directed by Ronny Yu.

From there, Mancini took full control of the ship by writing and directing every following feature – Seed of Chucky, Curse of Chucky, and the upcoming Cult of ChuckyMancini’s voice being present in each film has made it a unique horror franchise in that there is no rehashing of stories. Each movie genuinely grows and builds upon the last. When Mancini sits down to carve out a new Chucky screenplay, he sits with the memory and history of each film behind him – and it shows.

Mancini’s long-standing presence in the franchise is also what helps the Chucky films to have what all the best horror flicks have – character. The horror movies that stick with us are the ones that present us with characters so well developed and eerily relatable that they worm their way into our brains and never leave. Think of Norman Bates from the original Psycho or Jack Torrance from The Shining. Unfortunately, character can be missing from a lot of our favorite horror franchises. Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees and others are always fun and interesting to watch, but the characters around them are usually interchangeable from film to film, there to serve the purpose of providing our villain with something to do…. or, rather, someone to kill.

There are of course exceptions to the rule, like Jamie Lee Curtis in Halloween or any of the characters making up the ensemble of the original Nightmare on Elm Street, but those characterizations and the various emotional developments don’t typically last over multiple films. It can happen here and there (think Heather Langenkamp reprising her role in the Nightmare franchise), but we are typically stuck with characters inside a 90-minute feature that don’t particularly stand out or have memorable emotional arcs to go on.

The Child’s Play films, again, are different. Mancini is a lover of the horror genre and he understands that the tales that stick with us are the ones with characters that take residence in our mind and refuse to leave. 

This October’s Cult of Chucky sees the return of Andy Barclay (Alex Vincent), the original boy to be tortured by Chucky in Child’s Play in 1988. We’ve already seen the character through the original three films develop, and he made a cameo appearance in Curse of Chucky in 2013. This sort of consistency is what helps give each of these films gravity.

We’ve seen Andy live out a child’s nightmare when he faced off against a killer toy in 1988, and then we saw him live the horror of believing something happened that all those around him told him wasn’t real in 1990 (Child’s Play 2). Now he’s an adult and Barclay carries with him the weight of years and events we have been witness to.

Also returning in Cult of Chucky is Fiona Dourif. The wheelchair-bound heroine from 2013’s Curse of Chucky is back in the newest feature, now residing in an insane asylum facing the same roadblocks Andy did years ago after facing off with Chucky.

This sort of characterization and development is what helps the Child’s Play franchise stand out and have more weight than its competitors. Even Chucky has evolved as a character through the various films. Sure, he still wants to grab the nearest knife and indulge in some good old-fashioned slicing and dicing, but we’ve seen actor Brad Dourif be forced to move beyond the screaming and one-liners and express real emotion through Chucky. Through six films we’ve seen our favorite killer doll became a husband and a father. A lot of it was played for laughs in Bride of Chucky and Seed, but that doesn’t make it any less relevant to who the character is now.

Another unique benefit to this franchise remaining under the rule of original creator Mancini and never going through the full reboot or remake treatment is that it stands as a fascinating chronicle of a filmmaker’s career and evolution as a creator.

Mancini has expressed himself as an artist almost exclusively through the Child’s Play films. He is credited with writing one other movie under a different name, and he has worked on television shows like “Tales From the Crypt,” “Hannibal,” and “Channel Zero.” Other than that, it’s been all Chucky, all the time.

While some might see working with the same character for twenty-nine years as a chore or a grind, Mancini is clearly as passionate about the franchise as ever. Each film may have DNA from the previous flicks, but Chucky is always being reinvented in some way. Since Mancini hasn’t gone outside the franchise too often, we’ve been able to watch him play with various genres and themes that interest him at different points through the tales of Chucky.

His using the franchise as a platform to express his various interests as a filmmaker is what has led to the subversive and comedic Bride of Chucky and the wacky, off the wall farce that was Seed of Chucky, as well as the toned down, psychological horror of Curse of Chucky. Mancini has taken his character down so many different alleys that one is hopeful that his continued interest in making sequels will mean just as many surprises to come as have been laid out for audiences before.

Saying Child’s Play is the best horror franchise is not a knock against what are some absolutely amazing pieces of art by other filmmakers within various other horror sagas. It’s merely a recognition of a franchise that perhaps doesn’t get enough credit for doing what almost no other horror franchise has been able to do. Cult of Chucky lands this October not as an attempt to cash in on a marketable name or a bid to reboot or retell the same story we’ve already seen, but rather as the next chapter in a long-running novel of horror that has made many of us both gasp and laugh, sometimes in the same movie.

The franchise remains one epic saga, making it something truly special for horror fans.

Cult Of Chucky image courtesy of Universal



  • jasonlives1986

    I’ll give it props for continuality. The first 3 are great.

    The next two were shit.

    Curse was a great surprise.

    With the return of tiffany I have low expectations the next one.

    • Bla Blah

      She was in the Cult as well. And Tiffany isn’t the issue. The tone is. Getting rid of the comedy and keeping her is a just fine thing to do. Imagine the bride of chucky as a straight horror movie. Tiffany is already dark and demented, and that was when the films were a comedy. Now? I cant wait to see what shes up to.

      • jasonlives1986

        Post credits don’t matter to me. She had no play in the plot. These movies ate about chucky. Not some manson family type shit

        • J Jett

          you’ll probably enjoy CULT then. it’s pretty much only Chucky (i won’t spoil anything for you) in the film. Tiffany (sort of Tiffany) does make an appearance but it’s extremely brief and has no relevance to the storyline of CULT.

          • Archer

            Not true, Tiffany plays a bigger role in CULT. And it has relevance to the storyline.

          • J Jett

            Tiffany (the actual doll itself) has maybe 1 minute (IF that) of screen time in the film and that’s IF it’s even Tiffany (i’m trying not to spoil things). please show me where i’m wrong. jasonlives was annoyed that BRIDE and SEED spent much of it’s focus on other NON-Chucky dolls. CULT is basically 99.99999% about Chucky. no?

          • Archer

            I doubt the point of the conversation was the actual doll, J. Jennifer Tilly is Tiffany in a human body. Even her name in the movie is Tiffany Valentine.

        • Bla Blah

          …..Tiffany’s scene isn’t post credits…. Its literally the final scenes of the movie BEFORE the credits.

          • jasonlives1986

            Maybe in the copy you saw.

          • Bla Blah

            Watch the movie again. There isn’t even a break in flow between the court house scene and the officer being killed by Tiffany in the backseat which then leads to the mail room scene which then leads to the Andy scene which then leads to the credits. I do believe the only scene that occurred after the credits was the Andy scene and that was only during the showings of the film at the early screenings.
            Tiffanys scene isn’t a post credit scene.
            And she does have a play in the plot. Her actions of helping chucky are obviously was getting all this started.

  • Don Peterson

    I’m a big fan of the franchise except for Seed. Maybe I’ll have to rewatch it soon, been a while.

  • Wes Draven

    Child’s Play 2 is my favorite slasher film of all-time. I love it to death. 1 was good. 3 was decent. Bride was good. Seed and Curse, I hated.

    • Travis_Bickle

      Eat DIRT Tommy!!!

  • astronauta69

    it’s a good franchise but i prefer Evil Dead

  • fannypack aficionado

    Agree to disagree, but I can barely get through any CP movies beyond the first one. How can anyone consider this the best horror franchise, especially over the Evil Dead series?

    • James

      Or Friday the 13th…or nightmare on elm street….



  • Bart Crowe

    It’s a good franchise but best of all time seems a little much but I love your passion.

  • cat

    I love all of them and I want Chucky to be my bf

  • bd2999

    Good to see folks enjoying things, but it is not the best at all IMO. Bride and Seed of Chucky are trash. The first three movies and cult were varying degrees of enjoyable but it lost its way pretty badly.

    It honestly suffered the same things that other slasher movies did, although took a turn. Jumping the shark with more comedy than purely goofy situations. Ignoring that the movies are about a killer doll etc.

    • DoopGremlin

      Where is this hate for Bride coming from?

      • bd2999

        It is not a good movie. It tries to play the comedy and self aware card and in my view fails utterly.

        • DoopGremlin

          Eh, can’t pleases ’em all I guess. To me its a natural progression for the series. Its slick, its funny and its subversive.

          • bd2999

            Or dials the camp factor to 11, makes numerous unfunny jokes and turns the series towards a humor and campiness that takes it away from what made the first two films work.

          • DoopGremlin

            Like I said…can’t please ’em all. The franchise was already stale by 3…Bride was the shot in the arm it needed.

  • Daniel

    I read “best” and my initial reaction was to say “no way!” but then I read the article and really thought about it and I think that the OP has a point. While it’s had it’s ups and downs, Chucky has something that no other series has and it’s the vision an passion from the single creator. While I didn’t enjoy Bride or Seed, the series made a killer come-back with the last one and if the new one is as good as that, it’s a wrap!

  • The chicken man

    I love them all, except Seed, which is unwatchable IMO. #1, #2, and Curse are tops for me.

  • James

    Some good points but in my opinion the first two were great and the rest were garbage.

  • Cali-Chainsaw

    This is a good list but I still say the Texas Chainsaw Massacare is my favorite movie franchise! It’s just so random which is why I love it!

    • Brandon MisterJuicy Alexander

      im with you on TCM being amazing.

      ….however, what is random about it? those are some of the most formulaic, by the numbers horror films ever made.

  • OneSun ThaDon

    Cult of chucky is one of the worst movies ive ever seen!!!!even seed of chucky is a much better film.after a great curse of chucky film don mancini ruins his own franchise with cult he should of ended it at curse of chucky.

    • Seed of Chucky is one of the worst movies I have ever seen… Ever.


      Um ok… Cult was awesome.

      • OneSun ThaDon

        cuz your an idiot that probably loves terrible movies.cult of chucky was seed of chucky all over again.curse of chucky was excellent meaning don mancini should of ended it there instead of milking the franchise cuz he`s going broke .you saying cult is awesome just shows how much of a moron youy really are.

        • MYKEE WATTZ

          You’ve failed at life. There’s nothing I can say that will make it any better for you. Keep crying like the little b itch you are.

          • Alex

            On the upside you can clearly tell this guy is an idiot by how he types.

  • Whoa, whoa, whoa. Child’s Play might be somewhere in the Top 20, but calling it the best is a major exaggeration, especially when three out of the seven were bad.

    • 0Father0Satan0Sun

      My thought, exactly. I only have seen the first one but I’ve heard everything after that is weak so that doesn’t make the franchise the ‘greatest horror movie franchise’.

      • Ocelot006 .

        You heard? Well now you also just heard that it the best horror franchise ever. So….now what do you do?

        • The series, at one point, fell so low that it was the butt-end of the slasher genre. It even nearly crossed over with Leprechaun, and didn’t regain its legitimacy until just four years ago with Curse of Chucky. Even now, Don Mancini is thinking about ruining it again by putting Chucky in space.

          I’m sorry, but Child’s Play is hardly the “Greatest Horror Movie Franchise of All”.

          • Ocelot006 .

            What was this low point?

          • The entire decade before Curse? When Chucky was the butt-end of every joke? Not to mention that, when Leprechaun is considered your equal, you know you may need to course correct your franchise.

          • Ocelot006 .

            Yeah, it had one fuck up out of what is now seven films. You’re acting like they pumped out Seed Of Chucky annually for ten years.

          • Well, Seed was a major fuck-up. Regardless of your own opinions, it was hardly the work of “one fuck-up” that damaged the franchises opinion in the eyes of both the horror community and the general public, but rather an entire string of poor decision making. Child’s Play 3 was the first film in the series’ downward spiral. And while the self-aware comedy of Bride of Chucky was viewed as a breath of fresh air at the time of its release, it did more harm than good in the long run in addition to Seed, that turned Chucky into the laughing stock of the horror franchise for over a decade.

            In that time, the only ones seen as “good” were the first two, the series nearly crossed over with Leprechaun (along with other defunct projects), Don Mancini tried to get a serious reboot out in theatres in 2011 but couldn’t do so, and the series was ultimately degraded to direct-to-video status. There’s a reason another sequel wasn’t made until 2013, and even then they had to falsely market it as “ignoring the events of Bride and Seed” (a la Halloween H20).

            It wasn’t until Curse of Chucky that the series got its reputation back but, even now, Don Mancini is seriously considering making Chucky-In-Space. Before Cult, he also considered doing a movie with Chucky on a train. I really hope this return to form for the series lasts, but there is a real possibility it might not.

            Really, there is no way this can remotely be considered the pinnacle of horror movie franchises, because it simply isn’t.

          • Ocelot006 .

            I don’t recall any consideration for a crossover with Leprechaun ever nor do I ever recall a time when the series was damaged in the eyes of the horror community. People certainly weren’t positive about Seed but from there the fix was clear and the next film fixed it all up.

      • Child’s Play 2, Curse of Chucky, and possibly Cult of Chucky are worth watching. The other three are not.

  • DukeStKing

    Never cared for the franchise. And I believe that all started with the actual look of the doll. There’s a fine line between creepy and dorky.

  • EnergyDrinkHigh

    I didn’t watch horror movies when I was a kid. I saw a Child’s Play poster in a video store when it came out (I was 8 at the time) and Chucky gave me nightmares for years.

    Now it’s by far my favourite horror franchise with Child’s Play 2 being my favourite movie of all time. I don’t think I could objectively call it the best, but I’ll always choose a Chucky movie over any other series.

    Oh, and I was naughty and downloaded the leaked Unrated Cult of Chucky. It was a lot of fun, definitely ain’t your grandmother’s Chucky film, but I had a blast!

    • My favorite franchise is Phantasm. I bitched for over a decade about getting a new movie and could barely contain myself when I caught wind of Ravager. Someone went around posting a link to a leaked version of it before it came out and, sure it was hard, but most people ignored that guy.

      When you pay to see a movie, you’re making sure that your money is going to the right people and, in supporting them, you’re helping them out. Odds of getting another film rely pretty heavily on how much that movie rakes in.

      Just like I’d never pirate a Phantasm movie, if your favorite franchise is Child’s Play, buy the new movie or wait for it to come out on Netflix. Don’t be a dick.

      • EnergyDrinkHigh

        While I generally agree, I’ve already pre-ordered the Blu Ray. They’ll get my money, I just couldn’t risk the spoilers. Spoilers completely ruin a movie for me. I’ve already seen a few, so I’m glad I did it.

        • Blake Ranking

          Yes, I pirated it also to beat spoilers, but I will definitely be buying the Blu-Ray.

      • Creepshow

        You’re a level headed deputy, Winston.

        • Thank you! I just want everyone to have themselves a big 40 and just party.

      • Unfortunately, sometimes I need to pirate some movies because they’re not released in Portugal.
        But if I have opportunity, I watch I the theater.

  • Trav

    This article is gonna take a lot of heat, but I think it makes some great points. The Child’s Play franchise is really unique. Even though this Cult Of Chucky is the 7th film in the franchise, it still feels more fresh than the Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday The 13th, or Halloween franchises. That’s because Mancini hasn’t been afraid to genuinely try new things and take this franchise in a different direction when it needs it. Even if I didn’t like Bride of Chucky or Seed of Chucky, I respect Mancini big-time for trying something new, and putting effort into making that idea work. None of the Child’s play movies feel like a lazy cash-grab. All the movies in this franchise feel like there was real passion and effort behind the movies and ideas to make them good. The same cannot be said for some of the other horror franchises I listed above. I think these are some of the main reasons that while other horror franchises feel a little tired at this point, The Child’s Play franchise still seems fresh, and still has a lot left in the tank.

    • Necro

      Well said Trav! While my friend and I were watching ‘Cult of Chucky’ yesterday we were discussing this franchise and how far it has come in terms of pretty much everything you said.

      • Trav

        Thanks! How was the new one? I’m waiting until it comes out on DVD, and I can’t wait to check it out!

        • Necro

          Really cool! I personally liked it. I’ll put it to you like this; you said you respect Mancini for not being afraid to try something new, well he definitely did something new in this one. Hence the name of the film. I don’t think I’m spoiling or giving anything away by saying that much. While I think you’ll like it, I won’t guarantee it. I never try to predict someone else’s opinion.

          • Trav

            Glad to hear it was good, and thank you for not spoiling anything. I look forward to seeing it when it comes out soon!

        • MYKEE WATTZ

          Its pretty awesome. I enjoyed it better than curse.

  • Ocelot006 .

    All that and not one mention of Tom Holland who created the character of Chucky as we know him.

  • 0Father0Satan0Sun

    I actually do not believe with this article. I’ve heard everything after “Child’s Play” is weak and your argument is invalid.

    • sblast13

      “I’ve heard everything after “Child’s Play” is weak”

      “…I’ve heard…”

      Maybe you should actually SEE them for yourself rather than going off what others have said.

    • Christopher Nickerson

      Only “weak” entry is Seed of Chucky shih was too meta for its own good and is pretty much unwatchable

      • Lo Pan’s High Cuisine

        Seed rocked! 3 was iffy, but all the other films are great popcorn fare.


      Watch it and have your own real opinion. Wtf?

    • Hans

      “do not believe with this article”

      I refuse to listen to a guy that doesn’t even know how to write.

  • Kyle Ord

    Totally agree

  • J Jett

    the guy who plays Andy is a really terrible actor but i liked both CURSE & CULT. i like that in CULT they wrote Fiona’s character to behave very differently than she did in CURSE (very similar-ish to her DIRK GENTLY’S….character which is awesome!).

    • Necro

      Yeah I just watched ‘Cult’ yesterday J and really enjoyed it! I was kind of confused at first but then I caught on.

      • J Jett

        i have to admit both CURSE & CULT have great cinematography/visuals. what i didn’t like about CULT (i don’t know if this has been a plot point since the first film or not) but (without spoiling anything) it’s now written to where there will never EVER be a way to permanently stop Chucky. they can just do what they do in CULT (voila!) and these films will unnecessarily go on for forever.

        • Necro

          Yeah that’s true! Almost hitting that ‘unstoppable’ notion like we saw with ‘Michael’ and ‘Jason’ in their later films.

        • MYKEE WATTZ

          Im sure they’ll think of something

  • Necro

    Well considering the way ‘Cult of Chucky’ ends……..expect more films. I actually quite enjoyed it, it’s definitely way different from the other installments I’ll say that much.
    I love the ‘Child’s Play’ franchise, but I personally wouldn’t say it’s the “best”, I do however like the continuity with Mancini and Dourif and how there’s no bullshit remake, no prequel or origin story after seven films now. Now every sequel isn’t all that, but it at least deserves that much respect!

    • Brandon MisterJuicy Alexander

      “curse” was sort of an origin story, to be fair.

      • disqus_JGr7FxyRat

        How so?

        • Brandon MisterJuicy Alexander

          well, it explains what CLR was doing directly before the events of the first film, explains exactly what he was like as a person, and details his personal life before becoming a killer doll….

          so yeah.

          • disqus_JGr7FxyRat

            It didn’t do anything more than Bride of Chucky by revealing his history with Tiffany.

          • Brandon MisterJuicy Alexander

            now go argue with somebody else.

          • disqus_JGr7FxyRat

            Why are you so butthurt?

  • DoopGremlin

    I have to mostly agree. I may like individual films in others franchises more, but the Chucky films are the most consistantly entertaining and fresh from film to film.
    I don’t give a shit what purists say about Seed. Its fucking hilarious.
    I’ve always considered 3 the weakest.

    • Brandon MisterJuicy Alexander

      agree on all counts.
      i was 11, saw 3 in the theater. even then, i knew that that film was bullshit.
      to me, its the only film in the series that completely misses the mark 100%.

      • DoopGremlin

        I don’t hate 3. It has great moments…but its the least engaging of the series.

  • Matheus Martins


    A classic franchise… but greatest? not even close.

  • Alex

    I get why people don’t like Seed of Chucky, but if you give it a chance it’s actually hilarious by itself.

    • Graham

      I was not a fan the first time I watched it, but I recently rewatched the series to get ready for the new one and was really surprised by how much I enjoyed Seed a second time around. It really is quite funny.

      • Alex

        I had the exact same experience. I saw it once and hated it. I watched it again dreading what I was about to go into and just found myself really enjoying it much to my surprise. It is absolutely the black sheep of the Chucky movies but Mancini was going for a different thing and I think he was largely successful even if a lot of others weren’t on board.

  • WOLF

    Said nobody ever.

    I like some the films, but it’s really hard to see Chucky as any type of real threat. As a character, Chucky is below Freddy, Michael, Jason and Leatherface in my book.

  • Bill Semi Liar

    Greatest “coached or managed” movie franchise, maybe. I still rate Child’s Play 3 higher than Seed.And like ALL classic horror movies, it will never die.

  • Upsetwith7days

    Can you stick to news, and not opinion pieces? And this is someone who agrees with you.

    • Wes Draven

      Bloody Disgusting isn’t simply a news site, it’s a blog site at the heart of it, built specifically for opinion pieces.

  • Rohan

    I’m waiting for Joy Ride 4…

  • Alex

    I believe this whole article was a typo people. I think he meant to say “Why Halloween is the greatest horror franchise of all”.

    • J Jett

      um….RESURRECTION and the whole mind-numbingly awful Thorn cult bs…..enough said.

      • Barry El Beardo

        Aw man, I took my friends to see Resurrection on Halloween at the cinema and I was so fucking embarrassed.

  • Mike Lawrence

    Love this series!
    Seed of Chucky was embarrassingly bad, but every other entry has had its place in the series and been entertaining.
    Bringing back Tiffany and Andy in this latest instalment is an exciting added bonus for the fans. Looking forward to seeing it and hopefully more sequels to come!

  • Just because the writing is solid and the sequels aren’t filled with continuity doesn’t make Chucky the greatest franchise of all time. You would have been better off crowning Mancini as the most loyal director in a horror series, but disregarding how bad part 3 was, how bad Seed was, and how had Curse was, is laughable. Sure everyone is allowed to have opinions, but with that many mixed bag sequels Chucky cannot be the best horror franchise made. I would give it to Nightmare, Friday being a runner up.

    • Lo Pan’s High Cuisine

      You are correct about 3. However, even taking personal opinion into consideration, I still have to think yours is laughable. Seed and Curse are worlds apart, but both absolutely rock!

      • Both are fun, but they aren’t best Franchise material.

  • Joshua

    It’s definitely my favorite. It’s both hilarious and terrifying at the same time. Can’t wait to get the new collection.

  • Troy Saling

    Nice opinion…but definitely not the popular one.

  • Brandon MisterJuicy Alexander

    *looks at the comments*
    *outraged that somebody has a different opinion than me*


    *burns house down*

  • Jonathan Larsson

    Comparatively, I’d say yes. Yes it is.

    Friday the 13th, Saw and Nightmare on Elm Street might have the most installments and the biggest box office numbers, but the issue they have is making some awful, tacky and forgettable sequels.

    Child’s Play, even with its biggest duds, always manages to retain a memorable quality. A lot of this is owed to Brad Dourif, whose show-stealing performance is the one thing that has stayed consistent across all the movies.

    • Max H

      I’ll agree about Brad Dourif. He’s the consistent stand out in the franchise.

  • Luca Vasto

    agree I ADORE this franchise and is very terrible the treatment that was reserved to it for some years now. SHAME ON UNIVERSAL CRAP PICTURES.
    I pray that Child’s play franchise be bought by another company.
    But NOT Universal, these morons never trust or respect for this great franchise

  • Papa_spoosh

    I LOVE chucky but don’t agree. Because it ventures into full on comedy in bride and seed, it doesn’t benefit from having a singular voice throughout. It doesn’t FEEL like it has one singular voice throughout. based on what your saying, phantasm would be the best horror franchise. It has Don Coscarelli involved in all films, the villain builds continuously and the films are not just rehashes of each other. I wouldn’t say either franchise come anywhere close to the Evil Dead franchise.

  • The first two movies were good and then only Curse of Chucky was fine.
    I watched Cult of Chucky and in my opinion is maybe the worst movie in the all franchise, full of bad death scenes, horrible plot, awful cast and very poor. Only Fiona Dourif, Brad Dourif and Alex Vincent are fine.

    • marklola12 .

      I agree it was just bad the new one, tbh they should have not made anymore after the 2nd one

  • SpaceManSpliffz .

    i respectfully disagree. if it wasn’t for this crowd, horror would not exist as we know it today:

    • Saturn

      That was one long night of gang-bang action for the Wolf Man, and all because he wanted to prove that he had ‘nards.

      • SpaceManSpliffz .

        wolfman’s got nards? i spec it’d be good to kick em’, say in a creepy old mansion setting

    • Batcat

      The Frankenstein series in particular. They managed a level of depth and sophistication that went beyond mere jump scares and gimmicks. Several of these films are not just among the greatest horror films but among the greatest films in any genre.

      It’s like a bad joke to compare Child’s Play to any of those featured above.

  • disqus_k39rnaVe8B

    Sometimes this site is really dumb.

  • Meisha’s Taint



    I literally just watched Cult of Chucky. It was awesome and the end CREDITS had me jumping for joy! The film was everything I wanted besides a remake of the first. Mancini proved me wrong, this time.

    • OneSun ThaDon

      you must be lying to yourself that movie was terrible and you know it

      • J Jett

        i too thought CULT was a fun/decent movie.

    • Nicolas Caiveau

      I was so glad to see **** again in the post credit scene ! Hope she & Andy will have a more important role in Chucky 8.

  • horrormaker

    I think the franchise should die. I liked the first one: two and three were undesirable: Bride was good; Seed, I can’t think of the right words for an opinion on this one: Curse–for me (I liked the back story) it was the way it was filmed. As viewers, we were treated like we didn’t know Chucky was alive. We would see him sit in the back ground, pan away, come back with him gone. HOLY COW, HE CAN WALK! we know this; this is the sixth film. Curse was flawed majorly. One scene, she is stabbing the doll, stuffing is coming out–no blood. Now with Cult, (haven’t seen it yet, waiting for netfilx next month) I am glad to see Andy back. I did wish they would conclude the issue between them, however, I believe this should be the last film.

    • Nicolas Caiveau

      Spoiler : It is NOT the last film.

  • tyler

    As much as I hate to say it, I was quite disappointed with Cult. There wasn’t much to love or remember in this one like the 6 installments before it. Jennifer Tilly really just looked like she is over this in every scene she did. I have already bought my DVD copy and won’t cancel my order because I will always support Chucky… till death do us part!

  • Richard

    Its definately personal opinion because everyone has a different reason for who they put in the top spot. I do give don mancini credit for not selling out his creation like so many others did, and while we wait 10 years for a new jason, freddy, or michael..Chucky keeps coming back for more. Im definitely looking forward to the new film so thank you for writing an article that served the purpose of getting me hyped at the right time!

  • marklola12 .

    load of shit only the first 2 movies were good the rest were horrid

    • elgatoblanco

      absolutely, this.

    • turk

      Actually, I’d say the first two and then the latest one are pretty good.

  • Nicolas Caiveau

    Finally saw it, an excellent sequel ! I hope Chucky 8 will come sooner than 4 years.

  • I Write Monsters

    All right, now I have to catch up on this.

  • Dylan Summers

    I do enjoy Chucky for what it is but let’s be honest. It’s easy to win best horror franchise title purely for the fact it’s THE ONLY ONE that hasn’t been screwed up with remakes/erased continuity etc which all the other franchises have. So far Scream is the only other one that can claim that title but I don’t think it’ll be long until we get Scream 5 with an all new cast and standalone ‘reboot’ story etc.

    • turk

      Technically, Scream was remade. Or at least reimagined. But I’d forgive you for not wanting to watch that terrible MTV series.

      • Dylan Summers

        Yeah I don’t count the TV show. Just like the Friday the 13th, Elm Street and Poltergeist shows I can imagine Scream: The Series will be forgotten in time and nothing outside the movie series will be acknowledged.

  • Max H

    Chucky is a cool cat, and I dig the franchise. But, best horror franchise of all time is a stretch. Like, a Stretch Armstrong stretch. Just because Mancini has been on board for the entire ride doesn’t mean parts of the ride weren’t horrible. The franchise isn’t even great and certainly not the GOAT.

  • Flu-Like Symptoms

    Child’s Play (or whatever they actually call the franchise now) has the most loyal director, but that doesn’t make it the best of all time. Chucky is amusing in small doses, but I’d trade three new films of his for a one new Friday/Halloween every 5 years or so.

  • I have been longing for any horror franchise film to give me the anticipated excitement and sheer joy that the originals and early sequels gave me. Curse, and especially Cult, have delivered on that in abundance. I cannot remember the last time that a film made me literally jump for joy and salivate for the next installment. The care, love, and heart that was put into these last two sequels is tangible. You really feel the gratitude and appreciation for the fans who are rewarded for their loyalty with spectacular storytelling. They listen to their followers and deliver what they want and then some. Keeping any series fresh is extremely difficult, but Don seems to do it with ease. I also cannot remember the last time that I have wanted to watch any movie multiple times in a row after just recently viewing. These last two sequels, and I’m sure the future chapters as well, feel like a huge, warm hug of thanks, the likes of which I have never felt from any other horror franchise.

    Now, if you will excuse me, I need to go watch them, again!

  • Bryant Low

    A good thoughtful and passionate appreciation of the series. Thanks,

  • Kristoffer Groves

    Just watched Cult last night, and it did not disappoint. It might be the best in the franchise. Tonally, it was in the middle between the serious films (1, 2, 3, 6) and the sillier entries (4, 5), and i think Mancini got it perfect this time.

    • turk

      It was much better than I was expecting. But I do have a serious problem with the ending. Did they run out of budget? It was so abrupt.

      • Kristoffer Groves

        Yeah, i was expecting Andy to go Rambo on everybody and kill all the dolls, but he turned out to be pretty ineffectual. I did kinda dig the downer ending though. Not every movie has to have a happy ending.

  • Jason Downs

    I completely agree. Another horror franchise that is comparable is Phantasm. Don Coscarelli has been there as a creator (writer, at least, and often the director) since day one. It is a single timeline with the same group of characters. And it has continued for FORTY years.

  • bastardjackyll

    Cult ruined a lot of the goodwill that Curse earned.

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