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10 Fun Facts You May Not Know About ‘Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers’

I may catch hell for this, but Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers is in no way as bad as some make it out to be, and quite frankly speaking, one of the better installments in the franchise series. Personally, I rank The Return a close second to Season of the Witch – another one I constantly get shit on for loving way too much but that’s another bag of dicks for another day – with of course the original two Halloween films tied for that top spot. However, this is all just my own little worthless, humble opinion and I surely expect for many to disagree, which is exactly how this should work. The wide world of the interwebs would be incredibly boring if we all agreed on everything, now wouldn’t it my fellow Pilgrims?

Because of my weird obsession along with the sacred blood oath I’ve taken to defend this movie until peace on Earth commences, and with the glorious awakening of fall that this installment so beautifully catches in the opening credits, I figured what better way to officially kick off the Halloween season with a few fun facts on Halloween 4. Hey, you’ll most likely be watching it several times courtesy of AMC’s Fearfest, and who knows, maybe you’ll learn something new and see the film through a new set of peelers!

10. Halloween 4 screenwriter Alan B. McElroy penned the entire script in under eleven days, just in time before the 1988 Writers Guild of America strike took effect- the longest recorded strike in WGA history lasting 155 days. McElroy also has a cameo in the film, serving as one of the state troopers at the ambulance crash site seen below on the right.

Image via Patti Pauley/ Bloody Disgusting

9. Melissa Joan Hart of “Sabrina the Teenage Witch” fame auditioned for the role of Jamie but was ultimately beat out by newcomer Danielle Harris who made her big screen debut in Halloween 4. Had Hart been chosen, Clarissa would have had a whole more explaining to do.

Image via Fanpop

8. Speaking of debut roles, Ellie Cornell who plays Jamie’s foster sister Rachel Carruthers, was also the actress’s first acting credit. Cornell also auditioned for another role that same year in a fellow little infamous horror franchise you may have heard of. Ellie had eyed and auditioned for Alice Johnson in A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master, but was beat out by Lisa Wilcox.

7. Vincent’s Drugstore, which served as Brady’s after school job and THE go-to-place in Haddonfield for the hippest Halloween costumes, was also used in Stephen King’s The Stand miniseries in 1994 and The Sandlot the previous year; making the mom and pop market sort of a historical filming location for awesome childhood films. Yes, The Stand television event is totally a childhood relic to me.

Image via Headhunters Horrorhouse

6. Dennis Etchison, who had written novelizations of Carpenter’s Halloween classics, originally wrote the first script for Halloween 4 in conjunction with Debra Hill and John Carpenter. The unused story placed Halloween 4 ten years after the events in Halloween II placing focus on Tommy Doyle and Lindsay Wallace in a sort of Footloosestyle plot where Halloween is banned from Haddonfield. Of course, that doesn’t stop from Michael Myers showing up and showing the townsfolk what a real Halloween Havoc looks like- take that WCW.

However, of course, Carpenter and Hill left the project over differences with the studios and Etchison’s script never came to be.

5. In Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Myers, we got to see that adult version, and kind of creepy, Tommy Doyle. However, we never fully got an adult Lindsay Wallace like we may have seen in The Return. Not only was she the main character in Etchison’s unused script, turns out Rachel’s friend Lindsay who drove the trio to Vincent’s Drug was actually supposed to be revealed later in the film to be that Lindsay Wallace, and initially had more scenes written for the character but was cut for budget reasons. Well, technically it is her, the film just doesn’t acknowledge it and I’m sticking to that story.

Image via Fandom

4. In the schoolhouse scene when you see Jamie and Dr. Loomis scurrying up the stairs, there’s an awesome albeit a bit fuzzy shot of a paper cutout of Michael Myers on one of the classroom doors of the second floor. * I really tried to get a good shot for you readers. Unfortunately, I’m a much better rambler than a photographer.

Image via Patti Pauley/ Bloody Disgusting

3. Sheriff Meeker was originally supposed to die in the film via Man vs. Myers in a combat battle in the basement of the Meeker residence. The struggle would have resulted in a knocked over furnace engulfing the house in flames, which in turn put Jamie and Rachel on the rooftop. However, the effects deemed too much for the film’s budget and were cut and Meeker’s screen life saved in the process.

Image via Heard County

2. If you’ve seen Halloween 4 at least 100 times like I have, you know of what I speak when it comes to the scene that sticks out like a sore thumb with that blond-haired Michael Myers in the schoolhouse. That one little scene, in particular, is the one shot of George P. Wilbur in a backup “Ben Tramer” Myers mask that was leftover from the Halloween II film. Several stories have made the rounds giving an explanation for the California fun in the sun Myers, however, the one that rings the most truth is that it was simply a mistake from the crew and budget restraints didn’t allow for a reshoot. This is all according to Gorezone magazine via the January 1988 issue.

Image via Jack’s Attic

1. There’s a long lost deleted opening scene rumored to have been shot but never finished for Halloween 4 that explains Loomis’ rescue and survival of the hospital fire at the end of Halloween II by being blasted out of the building. It’s also said to contain a shot where Loomis attempts to stop the firemen from extinguishing Michael by yelling at the men, “Let him burn!”

I would pay all the money in the world to see that ladies and gents. Ok, that’s an exaggeration, maybe $20; and $20 well spent I’d say.

Maybe you knew some of this stuff, or perhaps you caught some new knowledge of the underrated Halloween installment today! Either way, let’s discuss below if you have some more trivia tidbits regarding the night he came home….again!

Image via Compass International



  • jackie

    I LOVE Halloween 4 the Alamo Drafthouse in Kansas City did a special 35MM screening of Halloween 4 last weekend and it rocked! The roof top scene was so awesome on the big screen in a packed theatre!
    Rachel is one of my all time favorite final girls!

  • Michael Voorhees

    11. It’s underrated as fuck and ppl are salty because it didn’t continue in the anthology route

    • On the contrary, people are more salty because Halloween III didn’t have Michael Myers, despite it being a great film. Really, I haven’t seen one person complain because Michael Myers was in it.

      • Michael Voorhees

        lmao, Halloween 3 is not a great film even as a standalone

        • That’s your opinion. Aside from the lack of Michael Myers, most fans don’t seem to feel the same way.

    • IWC-3PO

      I think a lot of hate comes from people upset because they couldn’t get JL Curtis to return. I was perfectly happy with the new characters myself.

  • DukeStKing

    It just doesn’t feel like the same town is all. That’s what throws it off for me.

    • Homeless Joe

      I agree. The town and the town folks just did not feel like they were part of part one and two. It just felt off. They made part 4 and 5 felt like small town country bumpkins.

  • sliceanddice

    Love season of thew witch

  • Eddie Barsh

    Terrible movie. 4,5, and 6 are pathetic and are a disgrace to the GREATNESS of the original Michael Myers that was displayed magically in part 1 and even to a somewhat lesser degree in part 2. The mask was terrible in part 4, there was too much comedy, it didn’t have the dark and eerie tone of the original. The pace was uneven. The characters were somewhat dorky (especially the 2 cops) George P Wilbur just flat out didn’t understand Michael Myers and his mentality or movements like Nick Castle did. The true storyline is 1,2 and H20

    • Eddie Barsh

      The music was awful too! the opening sucked. Part 2 made the correct choice in nearly emulating the opening of part 1 which is among many things that made part 1 great. We also didn’t see the same POV and over the shoudler shots like we did in 1&2 .. Everything about 4,5,6 was a disaster and of course the incredibly stupid thorn curse which is an abomination

      • dukeblues

        The music was actually pretty great. I am guessing you’re an H20 fan? Now THAT’s bad music.

        • Homeless Joe

          I thought the music was pretty good too. However, I cannot stand H20’s music, with that late 90’s soundtrack dating the film, oooh those days when they used to sell soundtracks to the films, lol. AND then also you have that loud, jarring, bombastic orchestral music. The beauty of the first two films is the score, it helped build the atmosphere and tension.

      • Eddie Barsh

        No I wouldn’t say I’m a fan of H20. I like some scenes and certain aspects of what they were trying to do in H20. It was an OK film. Wasn’t terrible wasn’t great. It had potential to be the best sequel of them all but it didn’t deliver for various reasons. It has its moments tho in certain scenes

    • Chase LeValley

      No, just no.

      • Eddie Barsh

        Uhm, yes. There are SOME weird fans out there who actually like 4,5,6 which are the “thorn curse” movies but the general consensus among most TRUE dedicated Halloween fans and movie makers is that 4,5,6 are an abomination and never happened. That is a fact not an opinion. Not only did John Carpenter disapprove of the thorn storyline but also other filmmakers hated it and ignored it. H20 ignores 4,5,6 and the new Halloween film coming is going to continue after the 78 version and ignore 4,5,6 also. So I’m pretty sure everybody obviously hates it also. Seems like nobody wants to touch the thorn storyline but continually chase after recapturing the magic and style of the first 2 films

        • Chase LeValley

          First, what even is a “true” fan these days? Answer: there’s no such thing. The fact that you’re so insecure that you have to insult someone who likes something you don’t is very childish. And as for those “facts” you stated, those are actually opinions. You’re obviously very dedicated to the first movie, which is fine. But you’re coming off as a gigantic closed-minded dumbass. You need to calm down and come to the realization that others are going to have different opinions than you. The fact you’re so defensive shows how insecure you are about that. It’s sad really. You have some growing up to do and I wish you the best of luck with that. Probably won’t even work out for you.

  • Carnage

    Halloween 4 is one of my favorites. Part 5 is crap and part 6 was nothing to really write home about. The mask in 5 is above and beyond the worst in the series. That opening in part 4 is probably the best opening in all of them. It gives it that creepy fall atmosphere.

  • The Night King

    Bottom line – Halloween 1 and 2 had a unique look and feel that was very Carpenter. They had their own music and Carpenter’s own unique style. With the sequels starting with four, all of that was ignored. The films became slick and glossy with orchestra type music and zero effort was made to recapture Carpenters style. The story became more corny soap opera than anything.It’s very hard to explain in words but Halloween 1 and 2 were pure Carpenter. Halloween 4 and after were pure Hollywood.

    • Eddie Barsh

      Yessss! Exactly, I feel like casual horror fans like 4,5,6 and true authentic Carpenter/Halloween fans love 1&2 although Dino made part 2 he clearly emulated carpenters style and vision to make an exact carbon copy of Halloween while using a mostly different cast & crew

  • Necro

    I mean I liked it for what it was, part 5 now was garbage.

    • dukeblues

      Part 5 is not nearly as bad as H20 and Rez. Take the dumbass cops out of it and a different actress for Tina, and its pretty solid.

      • Necro

        Yeah garbage is a little harsh in describing part 5, not one of my favorites, but far from garbage. More like disappointed with it.

  • Soup Sandwich

    I always thought it was hilarious how they made sure to get the question of “how did Michael and Dr. Loomis survive getting burnt to a crisp?” out of the way in the first few minutes with one line of dialogue. “Both of them nearly burned to death.” Bwahaha. That and smearing some latex on Donald Pleasence’s face. As for how Michael can see after having both eyes shot out? Ehhhh…let’s just forget that happened. It’s ridiculous, but I’d rather them just say “fuck it” instead of giving some terrible/complex explanation. It’s almost as if John Carpenter was trying really hard to prevent Michael Myers from returning for a sequel. By the end of Halloween II, he was blind and burnt up worse than Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru in Star Wars. Try to bring him back after that! Seven years later…”both of them nearly burned to death!”

  • jackmeat

    whoever you are, you wrote a nice article and I am sorry it took you 100 viewings to do so. The movie was not good. And anyone liking the third one obviously is smoking crack

    • whoops, we have an idiot in here. continue jacking off your meat, cunt.

  • Shayne Wolf

    Harts claim to fame is Clarissa amd also nice wcw shout out player.

  • Selina x

    This film holds a special place for me. I make no apologies for my love of this sequel. Halloween 4 is simply too much fun to not enjoy countless times. I love the film. I have enjoyed many a Harris performance but Tosh and Jamie are my faves! I made sure She knew it at Frighfest here in Olde England when I told Her what Part 4 meant to me as a kid in the days I frequented the big box video stores here called Channel 5 (Not the crappy TV network!). She was gracious and we spoke of Her love of Donald, Urban Legend (as a Goth girl who loved Her character we bonded over a discussion on corsets! Swoon!) and Her regret at not being a part of H6.
    Halloween 4 is bloody awesome and still watch regularly with other pilgrims after we have gathered the saints at the river. A true 80’s classic. X

  • Selina x

    I loved Howarth’s music too and Ellie is one of my all time fave final girls…right up until the scissors in 5 at any rate! Cracking finale too.
    I simply fucking love this film. So what if certain liberties are taken in the canon! Its a blast from start to bloody finish. X

  • dukeblues

    Easily one of the best sequels in the franchise. It could be my favorite Halloween film. The opening 5 minutes could not be better. Don’t apologize for loving this movie, its infinitely better than H20 and Resurrection.

  • Will Coors

    I honestly loved this sequel. I think it really captures the essence of the original in certain parts. I believe it’s one of the best horror movie sequels ever made to be honest. They did a good job and I wish a lot more of it was brought over Into the 5th film. Rachel deserved more screen time and could of put up way more of a fight before dying. Anyway, that’s part 5 and I personally love part 4. I even wish Halloween 2018 would use the Jamie character as Laurie’s daughter but I get they are doing their own thing. I would LOVE to see that other opening scene by the way!!!!

  • WOLF

    I don’t think it’s as disliked as the author states. The mask was poor, but I like the movie. I’d say it’s the 3rd best.

  • Flu-Like Symptoms

    I’ve never really known this installment to get routinely shit on. Contrarily, in most fans’ top ten list it’s always either right near the top or at the very least in the top half. Part 5 is the one I know to be the sequel a lot of people didn’t care for.

    • spidergod91

      Part 5 is actually just considered simply poor, 6 is universally agreed to be trash.

  • Halloween 4 isn’t at all bad, though most of the sequels after Halloween II aren’t that good. Season of the Witch is great as its own thing, and arguments can be made for Halloween 4, Halloween H20, and the remake. That’s about it. Like Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Halloween is famous mainly for its first two films and isn’t great as an overall franchise. This is my ranking:

    The bad:
    10. Halloween II (2009)
    9. Halloween 5
    8. Halloween: Resurrection
    7. Halloween 6

    The medicore:
    6. Halloween (2007) – I liked what Rob Zombie was going for with a realistic Michael, but the execution was bad
    5. Halloween 4 – Leaning good, but not great. A lot of problems

    4. Halloween H20

    3. Halloween III: Season of the Witch – But not really a Halloween film
    2. Halloween II (1981)
    1. Halloween (1979)

    • dukeblues

      Loved Zombie’s movie’s. As you said, he made a realistic Michael. H20’s Michael may be the worst (along with Resurrection.) I thought Brad Dourif’s acting in H2 was superb.

      I gotta say though, H6 Michael (same as H4, George Wilbur) could be the best Michael.

      As for the upcoming Halloween movie, one of the problems I have with sequels is when the killer is cleanly shaved. Its a little thing, but one reason why I loved H2 was Zombie’s Michael had a full beard. I just can’t see Michael Myers ever taking the time to shave. I hope the new film pay’s attention to details like this.

      • Jesse Bickers

        That wasn’t so much attention to detail but rather RZ intending on Michael looking like that. That’s why Zombie called it a “reimagining” and not a remake, because his characters were white trash and not suburbanites like they should have been.

        And you’re nuts, Brad Loree from Resurrection is one of the best Michael’s in the entire series. He moved liked The Shape and took his notes straight from Nick Castle—and did a bang-up job! Too bad we can’t say the same for the movie.

      • I definitely agree that H20 Michael was a bit ridiculous. Just look at his mask, lol

      • spidergod91

        I actually liked Resurrection’s mask & the high collar. Horrible movie but it was almost worth it for the priceless look on Busta’s face when Michael effortlessly stops his stick.

    • spidergod91

      I would rate them…
      H1 = Strongly great
      H2 = Great
      H3 = Very good
      H4 = Great
      H5 = Good
      H6 (theatrical) = poor
      H6 (producer’s cut) = Good
      H20 = Good
      R = Bad
      Zombie’sH1 = meh
      Zombie’sH1 = meh

    • ShadowInc

      Pretty spot on . Though, on some level, I liked Zombie’s HALLOWEEN 2 (for it’s weird spots) slightly better than Zombie’s HALLOWEEN 1. But as far as Halloween movies I love, there is only the 1st, and 2nd originals.

    • IWC-3PO

      H20 seemed more like a Scream inspired cash-in than a Halloween movie to me.

      • Eddie Barsh

        That’s because some of the same ppl who made Scream made H20

      • Yeah. Although I liked H20 (though it was nothing amazing), it’s like I mentioned – After Halloween II, the quality in the franchise dropped. Arguments can be made for Halloween 4, Halloween H20, and the 2007 remake, but even those films are divisive. A lot of fans (including myself) liked Season of the Witch, but you have to ignore Halloween III in the title.

      • The Drucifer

        H20 has such a great ending thought. I love the last little bit when Laurie finally gets her peace.

      • Saturn

        Perhaps so, but without the original Halloween?
        No Scream.

        Nothing wrong with taking influences from those who you’ve influenced.
        As long as it’s done well and with mutual respect.

  • John Quinn

    I think a lot more people love this movie then you realize Patti. I’m glad you wrote this. It is clearly one of the best.
    Rewatch Part 2 sometime. It isn’t as good as you remember it. In fact, it’s pretty lousy.

  • Always loved the intro of Halloween 4

    • CalUni

      Me too, so atmospheric.

  • CalUni

    Great article! A massive fan of 4 myself and watch it every year. Some fun facts I didn’t know, especially the Lindsey reveal! (ur lack thereof in this case)!

  • Yeah, Halloween 4 was my introduction to the franchise in ’88 as I was too young to see the older ones. It led me back to watch them and I’ve been a fan ever since.

    I always thought the opening titles of H4 were the aftermath of what happened in H3 (loosely and only in my mind). Learned a few new things here, great article.

  • spidergod91

    Very happy they let Meeker live to the end of this one, him blasting the shit out of Michael with that Spas-12 is easily one of the most epic slasher endings out there.
    That first slug he fires you see impact Myer’s belly and hit the ground behind him.

    • ShadowInc

      You would think his brains, and gut would be spalttering out with all those high impact hits.

  • “We tried something different but it flopped so HE’S BACK!”

  • spidergod91

    The podcasters over a junk food cinema had a great episode praising H4 –

  • John C. Gritton

    One of the better sequels, for sure. Would be on par with H2 if they would have just gotten that damn mask right. The H4 mask is the most laughable in the series. Even worse than the H5 abomination. Hell, at least they TRIED. Great defense of the movie.

  • Nick Ekspie

    Who the fuck doesn’t like halloween 4????

    • ShadowInc

      Rob Zombie.

    • IWC-3PO

      Jamie Lee Curtis.

    • Eddie Barsh

      Uhm, everybody ? Lmao

      • Nick Ekspie

        Not true, it’s probably the closest to the original for me. I still think it’s a better follow-up to the original than II

        • drew

          Lol seriously! H4 blows!

          • Nick Ekspie

            Nah. H2 was too violent to be a true sequel to the og imo. H4 had atmosphere and i liked the concept more

        • Saturn

          I agree – Halloween 4 is the best of the “Myers” sequels, whereas the best Halloween (aside from the original) is Season Of The Witch.

          • Nick Ekspie

            I sort of view Season of The Witch as a completely separate movie even though its under the same banner so i never really considered comparing it to the others. It’s definitely got a better story than all the sequels but i still don’t know if i like it better. I got a soft spot for campy slasher flicks

          • Saturn

            Yup, most of the best slashers are set at camps.

      • The One and Only

        I’ve always been under the impression that H4 has had a pretty big following, and love from the horror community in general. Notables in the industry as Wes Craven, Kevin Williamson, and Quintin Tarentino were big fans of Myers’ return.

  • Rez

    Halloween 4 was good but not even close to Halloween 3……H3 is a classic that is so over looked. Believe me the first 2 are some the best horror movies ever but 3 is a gem that some fans shit on.

    • Eddie Barsh

      I agree Halloween 3 is a great great film !!

  • Jack

    yes! This is a fantastic film!

  • Bloodspatta

    Halloween 4 is awesome. Definitely one of the “good” sequels.

  • Chriztian Wennersten

    I can not believe anyone would hate on a movie starring Danielle “Jamie” Harris.
    I’m a little late to the party but actually saw 4-5 for the first time like ten years ago.
    Since then I’ve seen them a lot.
    Jamie steals every frame and I can still hear her “Nooo” in my head when she enters the prison just to find out Michael is alive. The feeling she put into one simple little word like “no” capturing her fear and pain from the reveal. Not many adult actors/actresses have come close to that.
    Then of course when Jamie is older and another actress play her the movie magic is completely gone but that is another story.
    4-5 are my favorites and to me they are just one long movie.

    • macguffin54

      Met DH at a horror convention (just before the remake befell mankind). I found her to be stuck-up and stand-off-ish, like she was too good to speak to people. (I don’t think she liked me asking her opinion of the remake before it came out, but I wanted her opinion, so tough.)

      • ScaryLarryV

        ive heard this about her through many people.

  • Charles Dibiasi

    Okay, here’s a fun fact for you for Halloween 4 about Vincent’s Drug Store that you left out of your article. The Lady in White used that location as well albeit for a small glance, and to further prove this, in Halloween 4 you can see the mask worn by Frankie in TLIW in the house of the Carruthers right by the front door inside the Carruthers house. Funnily enough that when you watch the credits for Lady in White it says it was filmed in NY, yet Vincents Drug Store is in Utah.
    or maybe vice versa. Have fun looking for that little easter egg, not hard to spot, but interesting none the less.

  • Will Coors

    I would of loved to see the Lindsay Wallace story in the film, wish they went in that direction.

  • Halloween_Vic

    I love this movie so much and honestly part 5 also lol. I will say #6 seems pretty interesting, I really like that concept tbh.

  • Alexander Howlin

    I personally really liked H4. Considering the fact that horror sequels have a tendency of being disappointing, this one is an exception. The intro is amazing, and sets the atmosphere for the entire film. There are even some genuinely scary scenes, as well as two or three really brutal kills. This was a great list; I always suspected that the Lindsey that we saw briefly was the same Lindsey from the first film, just 10 years older. I just have one question: in H20, we see some newspaper clippings about Laurie Strode (the sole “Halloween Massacre Survivor”) dying in a car crash, but we know by now that she faked her death and started a new life. Does that mean that H4 actually happened in that continuity, and Laurie gave up her daughter to go into hiding??

  • Adrienne Santiago

    I always wondered if that was The Lindsay Wallace… And don’t worry, I too, love this installment. My favorite is, that everyone loves to hate, isThe Curse of Michael Myers.. how about that adorable Paul Rudd as Tommy?? Lol

    • Troy Saling

      One of the most underrated in the franchise. loved H6. From the quick cuts, to the halloween radio show, to the hospital massacre – deserves a second chance.

      • Adrienne Santiago

        I couldn’t agree more. Aside from Zombie’s remake, part 6 really kicks up the gore, as well. Plus, it had that beautiful scene with trick r treater dressed as an angel, while blood dripped from the tree, and she kept saying it’s “raining red;” it still gives me this chills.

  • drew

    H4 is a god awful movie. There are only 3 Halloween movies that matter. 1,2 and 3. PERIOD.

    • The Almighty Foust

      I don’t give a shit what any stuck up, elitist “mathematicians” try to sell me, 2+2 =7 PERIOD. (See the problem with that, Drew?)

  • maddocmonster

    Halloween 4 is the best of the direct sequels to the Myers Storyline. It’s the only one that captured the suspense of what The Shape is all about. The rest, with the exception of H20, were just made to try to capitalize on the monetary gain that the original & H4 produced. The epic return of Donald Pleasence in arguably what is his most iconic role, is reason alone to love this film but the fact that he captures the essence of what made his character so good in the original, just makes on-screen magic in every scene he is in. The opening credits scenes are the best ones yet of the entire series as it really displays a Halloween vibe to it.
    I don’t understand the hate to what is the closest sequel that resembles the original to date!

  • pablitonizer

    One of my favorite openings next to the original Halloween opening, H2, H3, H20 and even H5. The rest are crap…

  • Brian McNatt

    Great opening, and I love the parts with Loomis at the gas station and with the weird preacher guy, but eh… H4 isn’t bad to me, so much as just being really bland, especially when put in the context of the excellence that came before and the weirdness that came afterward. Hearing that it was written that quickly helps it all make so much more sense.

  • Fufv rur45

    The sequels 4,5,and the producers cut 6 are so under rated. Everything after was garbage. I’ve got the novelization of 4 , but haven’t read it yet.The third one was good on its own merits. It was a failed anthology series idea. They’re good films and I’ve no idea why people give you shit. They’re head and shoulders above anything produced now.

  • John Master

    Halloween 4 is a great movie. I have always felt like this movie has a real genuine creepy vibe and the suspense that builds is what makes it. The grainy and gloomy look to the film really helps tell the story with Myers lurking in the shadows with the fog. Modern filmmakers could learn a lot about storytelling from this movie.

  • Reece Catlin

    I love H4, too bad we can’t get any never before seen video.

  • Jeff Hersheway

    That blonde scene almost ruins it, but I LOVED this movie as a kid. This one and the original Halloween were the only two in the franchise that gave me nightmares. When he appears in Jamie’s room like a monster under the bed at the beginning? Chills.

  • MrX13

    Halloween 4 was always a creepy movie that worked out. It was a lot better than the movies that followed.

  • Darcy Williams

    I liked part 4. I was a nice continuation to part 2. I love season of the witch. It very underated becuase it in the film series. If i was by it’s self it would be fine. I didn’t like part 5 becuase they killed off Rachael which made no sense to me.

    • umaneo

      I can’t remember where I heard it but they weren’t going to pay the actress properly and her role was cut down and the character. Oh Gd then we got that awful Tina…

    • H5 director Dominique Otherin Girard made an awful lot of bizarre choices for that latter sequel(which introduced The Man In Black) that more hurt than finished product than helped it(such as bumping off Rachel,and switching what was originally supposed to be the middle of the film[Man In Black’s attack on the police station] and transforming it into the film’s confusing finale).

  • JosephPattisall

    Thank you for this article, part 4 is my favorite.

  • No Nose Nosferatu

    I love chapters 1-4 and H20. The rest of the films are okay but narratively lack any logical sense or narrative cohesion.

  • Trav

    I think you’d be surprised how many people, including myself, actually like this movie. It has it’s flaws, but it’s a very solid sequel, and it seems most agree on that. It’s Halloween 5 that seems to be recognized by most as when the franchise started to go downhill.

  • El_Fez

    While it is nowhere near as terrible as Halloween “Trick or treat, mutherfucker” Seven, Halloween IV is still pretty fucking awful. The shockingly steep drop in quality after III never fails to astound me, and I like Jason Takes Manhattan.

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