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Horror Classics Will Be Showing All Month at a Regal Cinemas Theater Near You!

Happy October to all you horror fans out there!  The time is here where we take the spotlight for a whole month.  This is the time when we all start receiving those random phone calls and text messages from people we normally don’t hear from, looking for movie recommendations.  Well, I have a huge recommendation for you.  Regal Cinemas will be showing classic horror films all month long as part of the 7th annual Horrorfest!

An event that has run for the past 6 years out of Wichita, Kansas, by horror enthusiast/filmmaker Leif Jonker, Horrorfest has now been taken to new heights with Regal Cinemas.  When the Wichita local theater and host of Horrorfest was bought out by Regal Cinemas, things were looking bleak for the film festival.  Jonker fought hard to keep it going and eventually wrestled Regal into submission.  In fact, Regal was so impressed, they decided to pick up Horrorfest 2017 nationwide and will be extending it to 41 other theaters.

This year’s Horrorfest will be featuring the Synapse Films’ 4K restoration of Suspiria and a slew of other classics, such as FrightNight, Pet Sematary, The Dead Zone, The Monster Squad, Videodrome, King Kong, The Shining, Jaws, Cat People, Them! and A Nightmare on Elm Street. All movies will be showing as double features on Monday and Tuesday nights every week this month, starting tonight with the big kick-off of Suspiria.  This writer had the pleasure of viewing the 4K restoration of this film in the theaters, per a previous piece I wrote, and let me tell you that it’s worth it.  If you were worried that it wasn’t going to be shown near you, you can rest a little easier now and check the lineup of theaters for tomorrow night.  And for $5 per movie you really can’t go wrong!

Click here for full details and the lineup of participating theaters!



  • John Connor


    Why only 41 theaters in the country?
    Why are none of them near me?

    • scryberwitch

      I know right!?!?!?!?

    • PacMan Cereal

      Same here in Minneapolis!

  • Harry Manback

    Everywhere in Florida, except for Tampa? this BLOOOOOOWWSSSS

  • JoeInTheBox

    Friggin hell. First time I’m hearing about this and the closest theater to me is 2 hours away in rush hour traffic. I’ve been dying to see the 4K Suspiria print.

  • I saw the new Victor Crowley movie last night, and it was 100% worth it.

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