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Regal Wants More Money for Movies You Really Want To See

Regal Wants More Money for Movies You Really Want To See

Regal Entertainment Group has a plan in place to make up for lost revenue, and it’s going to hit you harder in your movie-going wallet/purse when it comes to buying a ticket to more popular films.

The dynamic pricing experiment is on the way in 2018, and it’s going to be up to you to make sure this does not become the norm.

First off, what exactly is dynamic pricing?

Well, it basically shifts the price of a ticket based on how in-demand it is. Admission would no longer be one firm dollar amount. Instead, you may find yourself dropping a few more bucks to see something like Star Wars or the latest effort in the respective Marvel or DC Universes than you would for something smaller in scale. By that same token, if there’s a movie not doing so well at the box office, Regal may drop the ticket price at the box office for it, in order to encourage you to come out and give it a look.

Working with Atom Tickets LLC, Regal is aiming to boost their receipts after reporting a 12% drop in revenue from the previous year and seeing their shares fall 21% as the second-largest theater chain in the U.S. (AMC, #1 on the list, has fallen 58%).

But how did we get here? Why did attendance drop off the table so swiftly? Could it be a poor slate across the board from the studios, filled with more sequels, more reboots and more uninteresting fare that has kept people away? Or could it be that the theater-going experience has become such a hassle for those of us who actually are willing to spend money on a number of movies that interest us, what with the talking and the texting and the constant shine of light from a phone being used someplace, that we don’t want to even bother anymore? I’d argue it’s a mixture of both, if we really want to look at the major factors that have contributed to the attendance problem theaters are facing.

But neither studios nor theaters are looking in the mirror to find a proper solution, to make better movies to prompt you to go out or to improve the experience you get when you do buy a ticket. Instead, their plan, at least in the example of Regal, is to milk more from those of you still willing to go.

Regal is aiming to test dynamic pricing in enough markets where they can statistically determine the success or failure of this experiment, and I’d highly suggest doing what you can to send the right message that this is a bad idea.

After all, different prices for different movies is only the beginning, and I’d turn to Disney World of all places to prove why the slippery slope argument is more than just a hypothetical.

Not too long ago, Disney Parks introduced dynamic pricing. They began altering their admission prices based on when crowds might be more likely to appear at places like the Magic Kingdom. So, if you wanted to check out the Magic Kingdom on a Saturday in the middle of June, you’d wind up paying a higher price for your day than if you happened to have a Wednesday to spare in the middle of September.

Oh, Disney is doing fine business-wise, and you can bet they are cleaning up with their dynamic pricing – something Regal is aiming to duplicate… but is it beneficial to the consumer?

Apply this principle to going to the movies. It: Chapter 2 is scheduled to hit theaters on September 6, 2019, after the first installment did quite well for Warner Bros. Regal now knows they have a bonafide hit coming to their venues. They also know everyone wants to see it as soon as they possibly can. What do they then do? They make sure you’re paying a premium for prime showtimes during opening weekend, in order to be among the first to see it. Oh, sure… If you want to wait until the following Tuesday to catch the film in the afternoon, you can do so at a decent price, but they’re jacking up what you’re plunking down for a ticket for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Do you have the willpower to hold out? Or are movies your drug and Regal is going to cash in on your inability to just say no?

Your desire to see certain movies shouldn’t be punished. It should be respected.

Let Regal know that.



  • Sky Commander

    Hahaha fuck off with that bullshit regal

  • James

    And that will be the point I go to non regal cinemas.

  • This is frustrating because I think there is a version of this that could work. The concept of paying less to go see an indie film over the next Marvel thingy makes sense. However, jacking the price up even more than average because a film is in high demand? Not so much.

  • pablitonizer

    wtf? I believe different prices for flms is pretty suicidal…however, in another countries you have different prices regarding the day of the week. E.g. in Argentina, weekends have the regular price but Tuesdays and wednesdays is half priced to boost people into the movie theatres during weekdays

  • Brett Lovejoy

    I don’t have a Regal Cinema I ever frequent in the area thankfully, but that’s a guaranteed way to further lose revenue. Bravo, Regal.

  • jasonlives1986

    I used to goto the movies 2 or 3 times a week.

    I’ve been once all year long.

    Superhero movies have become their own genre and I’m not interested in that genre anymore.

    10 plus big budget superhero movies a year for more than a decade now is just straight fatigue. No thanks.

    • J Jett

      yeah, but it’s not like superhero movies are the ONLY films being shown at theaters (but i understand your point regarding superhero movie fatigue).

    • steeler74386

      Same here can’t afford it only one I’m looking forward to is (non horror) is wonder (I like Julia Roberts and Owen Wilson)

  • Necro

    Yeah ok what a great idea to fuck us more! Do they ever think about the $8.00 for a large drink and $7.00 for a large popcorn that they charge?! Not to mention $4.00 for a box of candy that has 10 pieces in it! Now they know why people sneak shit in. Personally I NEVER do opening weekend for any film, especially in the evening, too many ignorant people. It’s no wonder people pirate shit with firesticks and whatnot! This is a terrible idea and they’ll see a drop on big films for opening weekends once people see what’s going on.

    • J Jett

      same here Necro. i ONLY go to matinees and even then it’s incredibly rare that i actually go out to the theater. i did back when there were movies/franchises i loved (the UNDERWORLD films or certain horror movies, etc.) but these days i hardly ever go to the theater to see a film and i almost never will pay Regal’s fucked up prices.

      • Necro

        Yep! When I treat my wife to dinner and a movie, I spend more at the fucking theater!

  • Travis_Bickle

    AMC all the way now! Dynamic pricing my ass.

  • john

    If this is applied in the reverse (cheaper for lower budgeted, less popular films) I’m basically fine with it. Spielberg predicted this years ago.

    Frankly, it’s more fair– to the consumer and the producers. Why does something that cost $20 mil to make cost the same as something that cost $250 million to make?

    That said, living in LA, I go to Arclights pretty much exclusively– or the Citywalk AMC IMAX for choice movies.

  • Creepshow

    Have fun getting bent-over for the next Annabelle or Oujia. Ahahaha suckers!

  • JLC

    I wonder if that will effect movie pass on these “premium” movies or if it will still work.

    • Grant Hayes

      Movie pass will likely still work just not for whole ticket. if the ticket price exceeds 11.99 you’ll have an outstanding balance you’ll have to pay out of pocket. Atleast that’s how it works with imax and 3d, I would assume it’ll carry over.

  • Scott Wolf

    You know what screw the movie company and screw the movie theater there are ways to watch movies without paying over Price It’s called streaming it’s called Netflix it’s called DirecTV it’s called Others movie theaters are obsolete very soon so if they keep raising the price is only ones are going to hurt are themselves and they could tell you right now Hollywood needs a wake-up call because I’m tired of actors getting paid more money and real hard-working Americans

  • DJV1985

    I’m gonna make a prediction on this but I do think Disney and their future streaming platform will become their go to for releasing films. I know what you might be thinking but I do have this strange feeling that they’ll start releasing films and maybe not their biggies like Marvel, Star Wars etc. but they’ll start putting out films on there to skip over the cinemas.

    On the subject of the article above – Screw that!

  • Grant Hayes

    I’m not sure exactly but dynamic pricing can’t really be helping the theater that much. As somone who works for the company I can tell you that virtually none of the ticket sales go to regal/amc etc. That’s why concessions are so overpriced. Maybe this deal would change that but In doubt it. I know regal in particular is planning to experiment alot in the coming year and if I had to guess it would be equal parts to increase revenue and compete with and who just recently became the biggest chain in the country by buying out carmike

  • J Jett

    i despise Regal Cinemas. their “discount” matinee prices are double what AMC Theaters matinee prices are which is fucking ridiculous. at AMC, a matinee ticket is $6.92 whereas at Regal a matinee ticket is $12.18. fuck that.
    AMC theaters (at least where i live) are also cleaner/nicer theaters compared to Regal’s. there are only 1 or 2 franchises that i love enough to go see at Regal (if it’s playing there) otherwise i will wait until the movie has come out on DVD or until it comes up online (or cross my fingers hoping it will be playing at an AMC theater).

    • Creepshow

      Resident Evil & Underworld?

      • J Jett

        YES!! lol. seriously those were 2 of the franchises that i would begrudgingly (thanx to douche bag Regal) pay the rip off matinee prices for at Regal! since both those franchises are over, i have almost no reason to go out to theaters (ESPECIALLY if it’s a film playing at Regal).

        • Creepshow

          I had no prior knowledge of this, honest. Just a wild-ass guess. 🙂

          • J Jett

            well you know me too well! LOL. 🙂

        • disqus_uPh3WDxbQy

          Someone else loves Resident Evil and Underworld as much as me? Well hot damn… lol

          • J Jett

            disqus, YES! we fans of RES EVIL & UNDERWORLD must stick together! 🙂

  • Justin McGill

    Aside from it being different from film to film.. but isn’t this the same concept already applied to “matinee” screenings? I don’t like they can say you pay more for movie X over movie Y but theaters have often done this for earlier screenings.

  • Munchie Strikes Back

    Pennywise is a homasexshul.

    • J Jett

      you upvoted your own comment? LOL.

      • Munchie Strikes Back

        damn right i did 😉

        and i didn’t say that like it was a bad thing. he just strikes me as such.

        • J Jett

          right on.

    • Travis_Bickle

      You are the only person to upvote this worthless comment huh? Not shocking.

      • Munchie Strikes Back

        My gramma eats applesauce through a straw.

        • Travis_Bickle

          You forgot to upvote this one. You should make a second profile so it’s less obvious.

          • Munchie Strikes Back

            You seem to think I was trying to hide the fact that I upvoted myself. I do it regularly, and I want the world to know. Now go get your shine box.

          • Travis_Bickle

            Didn’t upvote this one either huh?

          • Munchie Strikes Back

            There ya go.

          • Travis_Bickle

            Look I helped you be lame.

  • Monkeymanbob

    Going to the flicks needs to be better value for money – would be interesting to see attendance figures for the UK & US and I wonder if the re-introduction of a short or B-movie prior to the main feature would be a puller. Though with some movies now running 3hrs you’d spend the best part of a day in there.

  • Pikachu

    Lol guess ppl gonna be waitin, this is gonna fail so hard.

  • Coty Reynolds

    Ticket prices are one thing, but you might want to look into concession prices for one of the real big issues, spending $40+ dollars on a few snacks, plus the tickets is absolutely ridiculous.

    • $40 plus on some of the absolute cheapest types of food you can possibly serve. Soda is literally a few pennies for a giant cup. Popcorn costs pennies as well. In some cases, the bucket/cup cost more than is invested in the actual food contained in it.

  • No Nose Nosferatu

    Cant wait for this mess to blow up in Regal’s faces…

    And studios wonder why people are downloading movies and waiting for Blu-Ray/Redbox…

  • 1EyeJack

    Speaking for myself, the reason why I hardly ever go see a movie in the theater (in Southern California) these days is the price of a ticket. A matinee costs $12.00, and an evening show $17.00 unless it’s in 3D, in which case the price of admission is $21.00. No such thing as cheap entertainment I guess.

  • Mike Messina

    Price gouging at it’s finest………..Lets overcharge for a product and then attempt to charge more due to the masses rejecting your overcharged product to begin with………..

  • Nick Blackford

    Part of me wonders why we shouldn’t pay more for something that has cost more to make. But then I think that’s not my choice, so ticket prices should really stay the same despite the content. A longer book doesn’t necessarily cost more, so why should a movie with a higher budget?

  • BW

    This is what NBA and Sports has done for years charged more for games to go see Lebron or Kobe. I think I will just go to another theater…sadly Regal was my favorite theater but now they have put a bad taste in my mouth.

  • Necro

    Yeah it’s truly ridiculous the prices they charge!

  • Lord Elric

    And don’t forget the dull mess that passes for projection, these days.

    No thanks, Regal. You are becoming the Blockbuster of the movie world. Enjoy your slide down the ladder.

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