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Can We Please Give Ben Daniels an Emmy Nomination for “The Exorcist”?

Can We Please Give Ben Daniels an Emmy Nomination for “The Exorcist”?

Daniels deserves a nomination for this past Friday night’s episode alone.

It’s no secret that major awards ceremonies rarely spread any love to the horror genre. Notoriously, the Academy Awards have honored horror movies on only a small handful of occasions, while the Emmy Awards similarly pay little attention to the genre – despite horror being hotter than ever on the small screen for the last several years.

Go figure.

Sure, mainstream series’ like “The Walking Dead” and “American Horror Story” have found themselves on the Emmy radar, but you’d be hard pressed to find other horror series’ that have had the same luck over the years. Can you believe, for example, that Mads Mikkelsen was *never* nominated for his performance in “Hannibal”?!

Another actor who has thus far been snubbed at the Emmys? Ben Daniels, whose character on “The Exorcist” has been one of the best on the small screen since the series debuted on FOX last year. And in the now-running Season 2, Daniels continues to deliver a powerhouse performance that commands attention.

You need only look to a select few scenes from Season 2 to see why Daniels deserves an Emmy nomination for the role of Marcus Keane, an exorcist haunted by both his own past and the terrifying work he’s dedicated himself to.

In the episode prior to this past Friday night’s, “There But for the Grace of God, Go I,” Keane almost literally bared his soul to a new love interest; Daniels’ monologue, recounting the character’s past and digging deep into the daily horrors that torment him, displayed some of the finest acting work I’ve seen on the small screen all year.

Keane is a man haunted, and you feel that pain in his every word and facial expression.

Daniels once again delivered a powerful, gripping performance in the most recent episode of “The Exorcist,” titled “Darling Nikki.” The centerpiece of the episode was Marcus trying to provoke a response from the demon that has wormed itself into Andy; sitting across from him on the couch, Marcus pushed and taunted Andy in the hopes that the demon would make a mistake and show itself. The scene may have appeared, on the surface, to be a conversation between two men, but Daniels and John Cho brilliantly sold it for what it really was: a verbal sparring session between man and demon.

“The Exorcist” is currently the scariest show on TV, but what makes it all work is just how strong the acting is. And as one of the series’ two titular characters, it’s Ben Daniels who is unquestionably shining brightest, consistently developing Marcus Keane into the most compelling character on horror television right now.

Here’s hoping the Emmys can break past their surface level dismissal of the horror genre and see the brilliance of what Ben Daniels has brought to the screen this year.

He has damn sure earned that nomination.



  • SupernaturalCat

    I caught up on season 2 over this past weekend …good stuff! Much like IFC’s Stan Against Evil (a comedy/horror series often maligned as being an Ash vs Evil Dead knockoff, which it is most definitely not) it felt like a small eternity had passed between Exorcist’s first season and this new one–my recollection of its first season was that it had surpassed my expectations, and season 2 is as well. The actor playing the younger, less experienced priest reminds me of the actor who plays the author who transforms into the antichrist at the end of the movie, Lost Souls (Winona Ryder)

    And we’re still awaiting Outcast’s second season via Cinemax.

    • Simon Allen

      Outcast’s second season is a major disappointment .
      I actually gave up about half way through because it just became so pedestrian .

      • SupernaturalCat

        That’s unfortunate, as my wife and I enjoyed Outcast’s first season …the preacher character is a hoot. We’d always wondered why the second season was aired in European countries, but not in the states(?) Supposedly it’s coming up this winter. We’ve gone back to revisit its first season in anticipation of the second.

        • Simon Allen

          Maybe you will have a different opinion .
          Please give it a go yourself and don’t just take my word for it .

        • J Jett

          Cat, i’m not sure if we’ve discussed OUTCAST before but just a heads up…season 2 ends on a pretty big cliffhanger (NO storylines are wrapped up) and unfortunately from what i understand the show was cancelled. so no season 3. it’s so irritating because things were getting very interesting towards the end of season 2. i would have loved to have seen what happened after the season 2 finale.

        • J Jett

          and you didn’t hear/read this from me but season 2 is online/on torrent sites (it has been for maybe 6 months or so)….but again, you didn’t read/hear that from me. 🙂

      • Saturn

        Damn, I didn’t even know season 2 had aired yet.

        ***edit*** seems it aired over here in Europe months ago, totally missed the damn thing.

        • Simon Allen

          Yeah it snuck out without much of a fanfare ……it was commissioned for 2 series before it started (more or less) and i have a feeling if they hadn’t have done that we would have never have seen season 2 because it doesn’t seem to have got much of a following .

  • Daucus Karota

    Agreed! That particular scene was the show’s best to date. Without needing any gore or special effects.

  • dukeblues

    Season one was better

    • J Jett

      dukeblues, even though i am enjoying season 2 i definitely 100% agree w/ you that season 1 was better (same thing for me with STRANGER THINGS).

    • Travis_Bickle

      Fully disagree! Season 2 is amazing. Season 1 was good…but this story is better. The characters are more compelling. IMO

  • Simon Allen

    Yes indeed he is a fine actor and his performance deserves recognition as does the entire series …If AHS can constantly get nominated (well it used too) there is no reason why this shouldn’t .

  • sliceanddice

    Absolutely. Did lady gaga not win an emmy for that sack of shit she did? this guy is a genuine talent.

  • J Jett

    i agree Ben should at least get a nomination for best actor on a tv show. he’s been flawless right from the very first ep of season 1. i did like his performance in the most recent EXORCIST ep but i think he’s given more noteworthy performances in season 1.
    i definitely did love the scene posted above with Marcus questioning/trying to piss off Andy. it was a great scene in an other average/decent ep (the ep was good but it was not anywhere as ‘”amazing” as the show’s creator claimed it was going to be IMO).

  • Travis_Bickle

    Him and Tomas should get emmy nominations. They are absolutely amazing this season.

  • Vincent Kane

    Agreed. Lost all interest in the show though.

  • James

    Daniels is a superb actor and easily the reason I keep coming back to the show.

  • FeministFriendly

    Are there any Black people on this TV show?

    Maybe they’ll let a Black person win an emmy one day.

    • FeministFriendly

      For something other then playing victim.

      • jonvon

        you are the only one playing a victim that I can see

      • Saturn

        Ha – next you’ll be demanding black people can vote!
        Crazy talk……..


    • Simon Allen

      If you watched it you would know that one of the major characters is black yes .
      And I guess you missed Regina King and Viola Davis and countless others winning theirs .

    • Saturn

      There are 3 main Priests – 1 of them is black, and he is in the middle of an investigation at the moment, and along with our 2 other Priests is an important player in the series.

  • Sinead Moore

    Im loveing the new exorcist series its fabulous. Please make another keep it going ……

  • Mikeq1

    I agree Daniels is doing amazing work as Keane. Both he and Alfonso Herrera as Tomas are great together. This is one of the top shows currently on right now.

  • Mamet006

    Emmy’s rarely pay attention to horror….no American Horror Story and Walking Dead are too mainstream to count. What? There’s no winning is there.

  • Nachita Buznez

    Great article. I’ve been a fan of Daniels since Beautiful Thing. Also thought he was amazing in State Within.

  • Chandra Shon Gibson

    I so appreciate someone else recognizing the greatness of this show and acting. This is like the best show on TV regardless of it’s genre. But I think so many people are missing out because of the shows title.

  • Vinnytee forelife

    Because these Award shows have become the Political Liberal Award shows. One reason I don’t watch any award shows. How many actors whose performances has gone to waste and not recognized. How about the Actors on Hannibal and the show. What about Eva Greene in Penny Dreadful. She was spectacular but Cookie in Empire won. Are you kidding?!!! This year in Taboo one of the finest acting jobs by an actor turned in by Tom Hardy. Not even a whisper about him but This and us collects winners. Give it a break already !!!

  • Brad Tyler

    Agreed! This show is so awesome and I really did not think it would be, but it’s pure quality. I really hope we get further seasons. Great acting, writing, directing etc etc

  • delta2326

    Totally agree with this. He is superb! That monologue on the boat was just heartbreaking.

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