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Blackest Rainbow To Release New Andrew Liles Album ‘The Maleficent Monster And Other Macabre Stories’ (Exclusive)

We’re excited to bring you exclusive news that UK independent record label Blackest Rainbow will be releasing The Maleficent Monster And Other Macabre Stories, the new solo album from avant grade composer Andrew Liles. The 40-minute album covers a vast amount of ground including austere orchestral pieces, voodoo drums, torture porn, possession, cheesy 80′s soundtracks, Giallo, 70′s synths, mellotrons, flutes, piano and much much more.

To celebrate this announcement, we have two tracks from the album for you to stream below as well as the exclusive artwork reveal, which was done by Graham Humphreys, who did the artwork for the upcoming Death Waltz City Of The Living Dead reissue (see here).

There will be two editions, each released on colored 180-gram vinyl, one limited to 150 (black glove and silver blade swirl) and the other 350 (slime green and blood splatter). Pre-orders for this album will be going up this Friday at a random time, so keep an eye out on Blackest Rainbow Records’ Bandcamp to snag your copy. Make sure to follow Blackest Rainbow Records on Twitter as they’ll be announcing the pre-order!

Andrew Liles comments:

I love horror movies. Good and bad. All kinds of horror movies. It started when I was about 11, I watched a lot of ‘video nasties’ in the early 80’s with the advent of the VHS. I have been watching them ever since, and to this day I probably watch at least two horror movies a week. I find obscure Italian movies on YouTube which are topped up with an unhealthy diet of more mainstream films on DVD. I love them. So, the wonderful world of horror cinema has inspired my forthcoming release.

With this new L.P. (part of my ‘Monster’ series of releases) I wanted to recreate the atmospheres and compositions of some of the great horror soundtracks in my own inimitable style.

The music used in horror in my estimation is some of the best ever created, who can ever forget Mike Oldfield’s timeless master piece ‘Tubular Bells’ used in The Exorcist or the beautiful metronomic simplicity of Halloween by John Carpenter. Venture further and you find wonderful music, avant garde abstract sounds and the claustrophobic works of Krzysztof Penderecki. The unhinged folk of the Wicker Man and the unnerving modern compositions by Donald Rubinstein in Martin. There is an amazing wealth of fascinating and varied music used in horror film by some of the best composers to ever grace this planet. This album is my homage to those amazing composers and my favourite films.




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