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[Giveaway] Win A Copy of “Alien River of Pain” From Titan Books

Just a moment ago, I shared an exclusive excerpt of the new Alien novel from Titan Books. Now I’m offering you a chance to win one of your own. Entering is simple. Comment on here and tell me why you deserve to win. Enter twice by getting on Twitter and following and tweeting at me with the hashtag #AlienRiverofPain telling me why you deserve to win, make sure to include Titan Books in there too.

It’s super simple: if you do both make sure to include your twitter tag in your comment!

Winners will be decided on December 5th. So you best get tweeting. I’ve got two copies, so double the chances to win!


When Ellen Ripley finally returned to Earth, she learned that the planet LV-426–the planet from Alien–has been colonized. This novel will reveal for the first time the fate of the colonists, of the Colonial Marines who accompanied them, and how there came to be one survivor: the girl known as Newt.



  • Linda

    I love those big headed killing machines and their face sucking friends. I have been a fan since the first movie and have read as many of the books as I can find. I also enjoy Christopher Golden’s writing so this should be a killer book. My Twitter is


  • Optiluiz

    The original Alien is one of my favourite sci fi and horror movies of all time! I have it, and all the sequels on dvd as well! This would make a great fit in the collection ^^


  • Matt

    I’ve read the Foster Alien trilogy adaptations and the two (is there more?) recent Titan releases but since going to College I A)Have no money and B) No access to a library. So my access to the Alien books are greatly diminished and well, these novels are so much fun to read

  • Daffyd

    I’d love to win a copy of this book, I’ve never really been a big reader but this sounds great to me and I’d love the chance to read it!
    I tweeted too my tag is @dai_vader
    Thanks also shared!

  • Screenphile

    I deserve to win because I am old enough to remember what a paperback actually feels like (though I’d prefer an ebook:)

  • I’ve been obsessed with the Alien movies & their universe since I was a child. I deserve to win because I’m a huge, life-long fan & a voracious reader.

  • g4torturedsoul

    My GF is a huge Alien fan, this would be an awesome addition to the xenomorph fleece throw I got her for xmas!

  • Rob

    I need something cool to read while trying to keep quiet in the ventilation shafts at night. That’s when they mostly come out… mostly…

  • Darkness69

    I love Giger’s design so much that I’m writing my PhD thesis under the title “Cognitive semiotics in art: Visual symbolism and metaphors in the work of H.R. Giger” – help me by adding a reference on my list (showing the legacy of his masterpiece). 🙂


    • Vicente Garcia

      Goddamn, give it to him!

      • Darkness69

        Thank you – I’m a she, btw. =)

  • been a fan of Giger as well as Alien for quite some years now, it would be a very nice addition..

  • Stephanie Giardina

    I deserve to win this book because if I would rather sacrifice my own head to a face hugger, allow it to implant an alien into my body, & watch it come bursting out of my chest than not read this book.
    Twitter: @stephh_giardina

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